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Golubitskaya: the sights of the village on the Azov Sea

Taman Peninsula: the sights of the village of Golubitskaya

Krasnodar region is a unique place, which is washed by two seas. If you want to get a great tan and plenty to swim in the warm sea, go to the Taman Peninsula. There is a small town — stanitsa Golubitskaya. The mild southern climate of the region gives a lot of sunny days a year, so the shallow Sea of ​​Azov warms up perfectly at the beginning of summer.

The first houses in the village began to be built in 1879, and the settlement quickly grew. Now it is a modern village in which more than 5,000 people live. In the summer, the number of people increases significantly, because tourists come to Golubitskaya from all over the country. They are attracted by the beautiful nature, the salty air of the Azov Sea and the golden sandy beaches. Comfortable conditions and affordable prices make the holiday especially enjoyable.

Holiday features

Arriving in the village of Golubitskaya, you will quickly forget about the hustle and bustle of the big city. The seaside village contributes to a peaceful unhurried rest and recovery. You will not find here huge supermarkets, wide asphalt road and five-star hotels. In the village there are two central streets and many small streets of the private sector.

You can settle at one of the recreation centers, most of which are located right on the seashore or in a private household. There are a lot of offers, so you will definitely find a corner to your taste. In Golubitskaya, it is easy to rent an inexpensive economy class room or move into a posh, well-appointed house, where there is a swimming pool, swing for children and other entertainment in the courtyard.

For shopping, tourists go to the Magnet store located in the center of Golubitskaya and to two local markets where you can buy seasonal fruits and vegetables at an affordable price. Cafe, summer dance venues are concentrated mainly near the sea. Young people like to relax in the Malibu nightclub, older people like to enjoy live music in Meridian. On the southern southern nights, merry ensembles play on the coast of the village and are always lively.

The village has a well-developed infrastructure. There is a post office, several ATMs, pharmacies and a dispensary.

Beaches and excursions

The Sea of ​​Azov is famous for its beaches. In Golubitskaya white-yellow sand mixed with crushed and whole shells. Minerals in them have a healing effect and contribute to the improvement of the body.

Off the coast the sea is clean and shallow, so Golubitskaya is an ideal place for families with children. In addition, the water of the Azov Sea is very useful. It has a lot of iodine, hydrogen sulfide, bromine and other elements of the periodic table. Bathing improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, facilitates the course of many chronic diseases.

When the north wind blows, entertainment for adults begins. In Golubitskaya there is an excellent windsurfing club, where everyone can come to learn how to hold a wave. During the wind, it rises to two meters, creating good conditions for sports.

If you want to see the interesting places that Krasnodar Region and the village of Golubitskaya are rich in, book a tour and visit the sights. The surroundings are fraught with many unique and beautiful places.

  • Not far from the village, where the Cossack Yerik River joins the Akhtezian Liman, beautiful exotic flowers grow for two kilometers. The lotus valley is a favorite tourist destination. There is better to go no earlier than mid-July. It is then that the lotuses bloom. Vacationers are brought into the valley in small boats or boats. During the trip you can enjoy the charming landscapes.
  • Resting in Golubitskaya, be sure to take a trip to the Tizdar mud volcano, famous throughout Krasnodar Krai. It is easy to find it 100 meters from the sea near the village «For the Motherland». Blue Clay Tizdara treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system and has antibacterial properties. On the territory of the mud baths there are small lakes filled with warm mud. They are always a lot of people who came to improve their health. After the treatment procedure, which should last no more than 15 minutes, the gray-blue people tend to plunge into the sea to clear the skin.

You can go to Gelendzhik and watch the animals in the «Safari Park». There are interesting fun for children. Young travelers can watch the exhibits of the maritime museum, explore the bear cave and ride with their parents on the cable car.

Other interesting places

In Golubitskaya there is a place that will appeal to any child. This is a crocodile farm. Coming there on a tour, you can see the bloodthirsty predators, large pythons, caimans. There are also less aggressive animals: lizards, monitor lizards and turtles.

If you want to get a lot of positive emotions, buy a ticket to the house-shifter. There everything is turned upside down, so the interior decoration is interesting to see. In addition, there are obtained original photos.

In the center of the village, not far from the house-shifter, there is a dolphinarium. Seals and dolphins show guests real wonders. After watching the program, take a ride on the Ferris wheel. From its summit you can see the boundless Azov Sea, the village of Golubitsky and the picturesque natural landscapes.

Golubitskaya prepared guests a great entertainment program. There you can do:

  • riding on water rides in the water park with the exotic name «Amazon»;
  • games of pool or volleyball;
  • visiting an equestrian club and exploring local sights on horseback.

Fans of active tourism will find entertainment to their liking. It is easy to experience the incredible feeling of flight. Extreme lovers love to jump from a hill near Golubitskaya and soar in the air, deftly handling a parachute wing. If you are not afraid of heights and are looking for thrills, go paragliding. This is an interesting sport.

For those who are afraid to trust the air element, there is a safer way to see the sights of Golubitskaya from a bird’s-eye view. The village and the Sky Club flying in it offer to make a dizzying trip for everyone on a light aircraft. You can book a short 10-minute flight or fly around on the plane Taman Peninsula.

The tender Sea of ​​Azov will long remain in the memory of tourists who rested in Golubitskaya in the summer. Having been here once, you will definitely return to re-inject the steppe air, saturated with salt, and enjoy the fragrant Krasnodar grapes.

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