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Genoa: the sights of the Italian town

Interesting places and attractions in Genoa

The beautiful city of Genoa, which is comfortably located in the north of Italy, on the coast of the Ligurian Sea, is one of the largest ports in the country, the capital of the province of the same name and the region of Liguria. This is an important economic, cultural and scientific center, which is visited annually by thousands of travelers. And although many trips are connected with business visits, many tourists go to the capital of Liguria to relax and see the local sights.

But Genoa is something to be proud of! This beautiful port city with a rich and glorious history is known for its numerous attractions, including luxurious palaces and cathedrals, picturesque parks and high castles, as well as many other interesting places that every tourist should go to.

D’Alberthis Castle

Traveling around Genoa is impossible to imagine without visiting one of the most interesting places in the city — D’Alberthis Castle. For a long time, this castle, shrouded in numerous secrets and legends, belonged to the sea captain Enrico D’Albertis. Today it houses the Museum of the Cultures of the World, which presents unique exhibits telling about the life and life of the disappeared peoples of America, Africa and Oceania.

In addition, the castle, built on the high hill of Montegalleto, is considered an excellent viewing platform. From here you can admire the city and its picturesque surroundings.

Cathedral of San Lorenzo

The magnificent Cathedral of San Lorenzo is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Genoa, a place where every tourist should definitely go. This delightful temple was founded in honor of the martyr Lawrence and named after him. The most interesting part of the external decoration of the cathedral is its facade with three portals. You can watch them for hours, studying skillfully made bas-reliefs of lions and images of Jesus Christ, which were created by talented hands of French masters.

No less beautiful is the interior of the temple, which is decorated with numerous murals and sculpture compositions. A curious detail is the bomb, which in 1941 fell on the cathedral, but did not explode. Today, it is considered a symbol of God’s power, which has preserved the temple.

Of particular interest to tourists is the treasury of the cathedral — Tezoro. Now it contains several hundred exhibits, including spiritual shrines, historical relics and other valuable artifacts. So, it is here that the cup from which Jesus Christ drank and the dish on which the head of John the Baptist was given was kept. Among other valuable artifacts:

  • the statue of St. Lawrence with the holy relics;
  • the cross of Zaccaria, adorned with a scattering of precious stones and pieces of wood, where Jesus Christ was crucified;
  • ceremonial ark of the XV century.

Church Il-Gesu

Every tourist who travels around Genoa should definitely visit the famous Il-Gesu church at least once. Built in the XVI century. she is a true work of art. And we are talking not so much about the external decoration of the temple, which has an interesting facade, but about its rich interiors.

The premises of Il-Gesu, lavishly lined with gold leaf, are known for the fact that their main decorations are the works of Rubens, one of which is located in the chapel and the other above the altar. Also in the church you can see the works of Michelangelo, Andrea del Pozo and many other outstanding artists.

Red Palace

The Red Palace is one of the most spectacular sights of Genoa, for which one day is worth checking out. It was built in the second half of the 17th century. Now this magnificent palace is one of the most beautiful monuments of architecture in the city.

The Red Palace is also famous for the fact that today the largest art gallery is located within its walls, where you can see the works of famous Italian masters. The most impressive works among them belong to the tassels of Albrecht Dürer, Mattia Preti, Guercino. You can watch the paintings of these outstanding artists all day long, enjoying perfect strokes and a rich play of colors.

Royal Palace

Another attraction of Genoa, where you definitely need to go during a self-guided tour of the city, is the famous Royal Palace. It was erected by representatives of the rich Balbi family, who were from Italy. Palace in the nineteenth century. turned into the official residence of the royal dynasty of Savoy. Now it is considered the only architectural complex in the city that managed to preserve its original appearance and decoration from the XVII century.

The Royal Palace impresses with its luxurious halls, which are decorated with huge crystal chandeliers, antique furniture, and unique objects of art. The most beautiful rooms of the building are the Ballroom and the Throne Rooms, as well as the Hall of Mirrors.

Special attention in the palace deserves a hanging garden of exotic plants. Graceful paths paved in the shape of animal figures decorate it. Be sure to visit this complex, you can walk around the whole day!

Via garibaldi

In every major city there is a street, which is his heart, a place where his whole life is concentrated. In Paris it’s the Champs Élysées, in Barcelona it’s La Rambla, and in Genoa it’s Via Garibaldi.

For many centuries, it is considered the most picturesque street of the city, the immortal symbol of aristocracy and an invaluable architectural monument, which is protected by UNESCO. This is a place where thousands of tourists come every day to enjoy the magnificent architecture, which is mainly represented by palace complexes.

It is on Via Garibaldi that the most elegant and pompous palaces of the city are located, which impress with their graceful facades decorated with beautiful frescoes, sculptures and bas-reliefs. The most beautiful among the palaces:

  • Palazzo Pallavicini Cambiazo;
  • Palazzo Lercari Parodi;
  • Palazzo Gambaro.

To see all the palaces of Via Garibaldi, you need to spend a few days. However, as experienced tourists say, the impressions received are worth the time spent.

La lanterna

No port can do without a lighthouse that illuminates the path of ships entering the harbor. The role of such a guiding star in Genoa for more than 900 years has been the lighthouse of La Lantern. It was built at the beginning of XII century.

La Lanterna is considered one of the oldest lighthouses in the world and an integral symbol of the city. On it, as well as on the blue surface of the Ligurian Sea, you can watch all day long, enjoying the enchanted play of the light of its lanterns.

Villa Durazzo Pallavicini

It is a mistake to assume that the main attractions of Genoa are concentrated in the center of the city. Many interesting places are located in the vicinity of the capital of Liguria. Among such attractions, where you should definitely go while traveling through the expanses of Italy, is the luxurious Villa Durazzo Pallavicini. She is known for her wonderful garden in the English style. It is interesting because it demonstrates a lot of theatrical activities. The garden is decorated with sculptures that form the scene from which you can recreate a real play.

Another attraction of the villa is the park, in which there are picturesque ponds, architectural compositions, and an extensive grotto, which is often called Dante’s Purgatory. After passing through the covered walkways, you can get to the mysterious underground lake, which many tourists associate with Paradise.

Also visit the Villa Durazzo Pallavicini is also because of its walls is the Archaeological Museum. It contains thousands of various exhibits found in Europe, Africa and Asia. You can watch the sights of the villa all day long, enjoying the fragrant aromas of plants growing in its beautiful garden. This is the place to come to relax and soul and body.

Church of St. Donat

The church of St. Donat is often called the true pearl of the Ligurian capital. The temple, built at the beginning of XII century, is considered the oldest building in the city and one of the most beautiful examples of Romanesque architecture in the entire region. The main distinctive feature of the cathedral is the octagonal bell tower, decorated with a serrated frieze.

Also, the church of St. Donat is interesting from the standpoint of studying fine arts. Numerous masterpieces are kept in the walls of the temple, among which are the works of the “Mother of God” by Nicolo da Voltri and the “Saint Joseph” by Domenico Piola.

The sights of Genoa and its surroundings are so colorful and diverse that it’s unlikely to see them all in one day. However, this is not a reason to postpone a trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, because for every tourist he is able to give a lot of vivid impressions and positive emotions.

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