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From wooden walls to ruby ​​stars: the history of the Moscow Kremlin

From wooden walls to ruby ​​stars: the history of the Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is not only an outstanding monument of ancient Russian architecture, but also one of the main symbols of our country. Any Russian easily imagines a magnificent ensemble of brick towers, battlements and shining gold domes of the Kremlin cathedrals. However, not everyone knows how much the appearance of the Kremlin has changed over the seven centuries of existence.

For the first time, fortifications of oak logs appeared on this site in 1339. Since then, several centuries have passed, during which the country’s main fortress managed to visit both stone, and wooden, and white, and red. Of course, the rich history of the Kremlin inspired many artists to create historically accurate paintings, thanks to which we can now imagine what our capital looked like two hundred, five hundred, seven hundred years ago. With the help of the best of them, “Easy-Useful” offers to get acquainted with the history of the Moscow fortress closer.

The wooden Kremlin under Ivan Kalita, XIV century Construction of the white stone Kremlin at Dmitry Donskoy, end of the XIV century Brick Kremlin under Ivan III, XV century Red Square under Ivan the Terrible, XVI century The Kremlin at the end of the XVII century. Red brick painted white View of the Kremlin from Moskvoretsky Bridge, beginning of the XIX century At the end of the 19th century, the Moscow Kremlin acquired a modern look.

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