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Flowers of Thailand: types, photos and description of plants

Flowers of Thailand — exotic and revered

The tropical climate of Thailand creates ideal conditions for a rich exotic flora. Particularly impressive are the flowers of Thailand. They are everywhere: on trees, and on bushes, and on grasses. On the well-kept flower beds all year round one are replaced by others.

The cult of flowers has been created and is constantly maintained in this country. Compositions of them decorate houses, streets, temples, shops, hotels, cafes. It is customary to greet guests in the kingdom with flower garlands, and to decorate food, drinks and clothes with flowers.

Exotic Flowers

The flowers of Thailand are 27,000 species of amazing plants. Many of them can be admired at the annual parade of flowers. This colorful and colorful event takes place on the first weekend of February in the city of Chiang Mai as part of the festival of flowers.

Bougainvillea (lat. Bougainvillea)

This curly shrub is usually used for decorating flower beds near hotels, shops, park areas. His flowers are small, inconspicuous, but framed by a bright bract. Some vines have rarely planted thorns.

The bush blooms profusely all year round. You can admire shades of red, pink, purple, lilac, orange. In our climate zone, bougainvillea is used as a garden kadochny plant or indoor.

Bougainvillea (lat. Bougainvillea)

Heliconia (lat. Heliconia)

Heliconia is a herbaceous plant, distinguished by originality of flowering. Its flowers are multi-tiered spike inflorescences. Their color from pale yellow gradually turns to dark red. Heliconia in Thailand can also be called wild bananas, a crab claw, and a lobster claw.

The names were fixed due to the unusual shape and color range of inflorescences. Designers use a flower and as a kadochny plant for decoration of hotels, shops.

Heliconia is a relative of bananas and strelitzia

Zingiber (Latin Zīngiber)

Zingyber is often used as a flower bed. The bizarre shape of its flower attracts the attention of tourists. Zingyber is ginger known to all. The root of the plant is used in cooking and the pharmaceutical industry.

Ginger (Latin Zingiber)

Mimosa (Latin Mimosa)

Mimosa, another name is touchy. Its leaves are very sensitive, they are rolled up and down by a light touch. This is a herbaceous plant that has nothing to do with our usual mimosa. Flowers tropical mimosa fluffy, delicate. We can admire all shades of pink.

Golden mimosa

Gimenokallis (lat. Hymenocallis)

Gimenokallis is a popular plant in Thailand. It is found everywhere. Due to the unusual and strange shape of a large fragrant flower, it is often used to create lively flower arrangements. Flowers with long narrow petals and large trembling stamens resemble snow-white spiders.

Hymenocallis basket (Hymenocallis calathina)

Caesalpínia (lat. Caesalpínia)

Cesalpinia is found throughout the kingdom and as a cultivated, and as a wild plant. It can be a tree, liana, grass, bush. Caesalpines are rightfully considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers in Thailand. Yellow and red flowers of the plant have a fancy shape.

The inflorescences consist of flowers of different sizes and long funny antennae. Because of the originality of the flower, the plant is called the bird of paradise, the paradise butterfly, or the most beautiful brazilwood.

Caesalpinia — tree, shrub, and sometimes liana

Ellinger (lat. Etlíngera)

Etlingera — a unique plant with large leaves and a large bright red or pink flower, like a torch. It is considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular flowers in Thailand. Etlinger has synonymous names: porcelain rose, fiery lily, emperor’s torch.

Etlingera high, has the same name Torch

Flaming tree

A flaming tree is a huge tree with a beautiful umbrella-shaped crown. During flowering, it is completely covered with orange or bright red large flowers (up to 10 cm in diameter), collected in inflorescences. In the distance, the impression is that the tree is filled with flames.

Delonix Royal Or as it is called the fire tree

Brugmansia (lat. Brugmansia sanguinea)

Brugmansia — a very beautiful plant, for the resemblance of a flower with a musical instrument, received the name «Angel Trumpets». Flowers are large (up to 25 cm), fragrant. There are yellowish or pinkish shades.

Brugmanzii flowers are extremely diverse.

Golden tree or golden rain

Golden tree or golden rain. From a distance, the tree really looks “golden” during the flowering period. Large flowers (5-6 cm in diameter) are collected in long numerous inflorescences of golden-yellow color.

Cassia Tubular — Golden Rain Tree

Magnolia (lat. Magnolia)

Magnolia or banana bush — a dwarf form of magnolia. This is a shrub whose flowers smell like ripe bananas.

Magnolia is one of the most ancient flowering plants.

Allamandra (lat. Allamanda neriifolia)

Allamandra — climbing plant, different fragrant large flowers, reaching a diameter of twelve centimeters. They are located on the tops of the shoots and have a tubular shape. The most common types are yellow, peach, purple.

The most common type

Flowers of Thailand is one of the attractions of the kingdom, here something is constantly blooming. To understand and get acquainted with all kinds of colors in Thailand is not easy. It is also not possible to describe this fragrant variety. Therefore, we confine ourselves to only a small list of flowering plants that you will surely meet in this country.

  • Euphorbia Mill;
  • Urikum;
  • Walking iris;
  • Gilt (considered an antidote for lead poisoning);
  • Kanna (color range is much richer than that of European counterparts);
  • Couroupita;
  • Hibiscus — surprise variety of shapes and colors;
  • Okhna — a plant of Mickey Mouse (similarity with the Disney hero is captured);
  • Strofant pleasant (curly oleander).

Revered flowers

In the culture of Thailand, flowers occupy revered places: spiritual growth, achievement, birth, beauty — symbolizes a blooming flower. Some of them are symbols of the state.

Lottos (lat. Nelumbo)

Lotus is a symbol of purity. You can enjoy the lotus bloom in reservoirs, both natural and artificial. Lotus bloom is a special period in the life of Thais. After all, the flower of this plant is associated with Buddhism. A pure and beautiful lotus flower is born in the muddy, marsh, stagnant waters. Like him, a person born in a vain world, overwhelmed by desires, can also be purified. One has only to sincerely practice the teachings of the Buddha.

Lotus, symbolizing spiritual purity and durability

The image of the lotus is widespread in Buddhist applied arts. He is composed of songs, mentioned in prayers. Tea is prepared from it, incense, used as a raw material in perfumery. Beads are made from lotus seeds. And its root is used in cooking, it is considered a delicacy. But with improper preparation or late collection, it can be poisonous.

Orchid (Latin Orchidáceae)

The orchid is a familiar graceful houseplant, considered a symbol of simplicity and perfection. In Thailand, they grow everywhere in natural conditions. Heat, moisture and light — this is what they need for a violent flowering.

Admire orchids can be infinite

A huge number of these elegant flowers of different colors, sizes and shapes can be admired in the garden of orchids. It is located in Nong Chun Park in Pattaya. And on the island of Phuket, an entire farm is located on 16,000 square meters. Here there are more than 20,000 species. This is not only orchids from Thailand, there are collected specimens from around the world.

Those wishing to remove orchids from Thailand must take care of a certificate confirming that this flower is artificially bred. Wild varieties of plants are prohibited to export. Not allowed to export from the kingdom and the land. They are purchased on the market or in the greenhouse. Plant roots are filled with special fitogel.

Plumeria (lat. Plumeria) from the family kutrovye

Plumeria, it is a frangipani, the national flower of Thailand. This is a flowering tree, on the tops of the shoots which bloom large inflorescences. Frangipani flowers of various shapes and colors. White with yellow center, yellow, red and multicolor — the basic color range of plumeria.

Plumeria (plumeria) — a tropical flowering tree

The tree blooms profusely and continuously. The flower has received world fame due to its fascinating aroma, which can change depending on the time of day. The intensity of the aroma at the beginning of flowering is stronger.

The flower is widely used in perfumery, cosmetics, spa treatments. Plumeria is sometimes called the calling card of Thailand. On advertising brochures and postcards often depict a frangipani flower.

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