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Flower Festival in Thailand — holiday features, photos, reviews

Flower Festival in Thailand — the legend and features of the holiday


In early February, when frosts reign in our latitudes, the nature of Thailand delights with its beauty and variety of flowers growing there. And in February, Thais and guests of the kingdom hurry to visit Chiang Mai, the city where one of the most colorful festivals in the world is held, compared to the Japanese festival of cherry blossoms — the festival of flowers.

© Flower decorated Buddha image.

Why in February, you will be surprised? The answer is simple. The climate of Thailand is different from ours, and in February there just ends the cool season and starts hot. So it is at this time that thousands of tropical flowers bloom throughout the kingdom. And in order to supplement the exotic beauty with flowers from the temperate belt, gardeners plant them in advance and provide them with additional care.

The legend of the Thai Flower Festival

The city of Chiang Mai, translated as «many flowers», has always been famous for its abundance and variety of colors.

© The city of Thailand’s northern capital, immersed in flowers, is Chiang Mai.

According to legend, it was long ago called the «Rose of the North.» And in the city always grew the most beautiful flowers in the whole kingdom. Therefore, it is even surprising that the famous flower festival in Thailand appeared only recently. For the first time the festival was held in 1977, and then the local authorities did not even plan to make this event annual.

But the festival was a great success, so since then in early February, thousands of tourists have been traveling to Chiang Mai to take part in this amazing celebration.

Modern festival of colors

Now the festival of flowers — includes the following stages:

  1. Selection of the most beautiful girl on the holiday;
  2. Concerts and entertainment;
  3. All sorts of color contests;
  4. The parade of flowers passing through the city center and its historical part;
  5. Exhibitions and sales of plants for the garden, indoor plants and other ornamental crops.

The festival usually lasts three days, from Friday to Sunday. At the time of its holding overlap all the main streets, and a long procession of parade participants stops moving almost throughout the city center. But Thai drivers do not complain, because on this day the provincial northern town is transformed, becoming a real tropical paradise.

© Festival procession in the streets of Chiang Mai.

All recreational activities begin in the early morning and end at midnight. Every tourist can freely photograph a procession, or even join the crowd of men, women and children marching around the city, dressed up with garlands of fresh flowers. Therefore, at this time the city is crowded with guests who book hotel rooms a few weeks before the festival to spend these three days in the realm of flowers, buying up floral wreaths and decorations, and having fun with the locals.

© Festival procession in the streets of Chiang Mai.

Flower arrangements made up by local gardeners are striking in their diversity. The most popular motifs are various mythical creatures, geometric patterns, plant and animal ornaments, images of Buddha and the King of Thailand.

As for the flowers themselves, more than 200 varieties of them can be found at the festival. Asters, orchids, roses, lilies and carnations of incredible colors become more and more refined and unusual every year.

© Flower arrangements by local gardeners. © Flower image of a mythical creature. © Gorgeous flower Buddha. © Flowers that can be found on the shelves.

Beauty contest

But, despite all the variety of flower arrangements, which are full of flower festival in Thailand, a beauty contest is still a peculiar highlight of the festival. Each participant puts on a traditional Thai costume, which, as a rule, is sewn specially for this event, and adorns itself with tropical flowers.

© On the girls exquisite handmade costumes.

Judges who give one of the girls the opportunity to gain title «Miss Flower Festival», become the viewers themselves. Judging takes place on the second day of the festival, from lunch until night. During the competition, guests are offered tasty cheap food and beer.

© Young participants of the beauty contest.

As you can see, the holiday vividly demonstrates the talents of Thai gardeners and the love of all local residents for the flowers that accompany all the tragic and happy moments in their lives. Thai Flower Festival will not leave indifferent any tourist who came to admire the exotic of this tropical kingdom.

Useful information about the festival of flowers

  • The opening of the festival begins on Saturday morning at 8:00;
  • The parade route is built from the east of the city, along Charoen Muang Street, crossing the Nawarat Bridge to the railway station;
  • During the procession the parade often stops, giving tourists the opportunity to take pictures, enjoy the diversity, beauty and splendor of the holiday.

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