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Flag and emblem of Thailand: photo, history and description

National symbols of Thailand — flag and coat of arms

National flag

The modern flag of Thailand was adopted on September 28, 1917. It is a rectangular canvas with an aspect ratio of 2 to 3. There are five horizontal multicolored stripes on the cloth, each of which has its own meaning. From top to bottom: red stripe, white, blue, white, red. The blue bar is twice as wide as the others. The Thai people associate themselves with the red, their nation as a whole. White is the color of Buddhism as a national religion. Blue — personifies the royal family, the monarchy.

The meaning of the official symbol can be interpreted as follows: the nation and religion are united around the king. The flag of Thailand is named Tong Trirong, which literally translates to the «tricolor flag.»

The story of Tong Trairong

The current view was adopted during the time of the kingdom of Siam. But with the acquisition of a new name and a new form of government by the country — a constitutional monarchy — the flag of Thailand has not changed. It can be judged that the importance of the king and religion for the people still remains weighty. This is evidenced by the portraits of the ruling dynasty, statues of shrines, symbols of the state, found everywhere. In the photo taken on the streets of Thailand, developing canvases are striking — the flag of Thailand, as well as the flags of the king and queen: yellow and blue with the family monograms depicted in the center. Flags also have each of the provinces, army, navy, police.

For the first time the flag of Thailand was officially approved in the XIX century. On the red cloth, the central place was occupied by the chakra, which is important in the religion of Buddhism, and the sacred animal — the white elephant as a symbol of royal power. However, over time, King Rama IV ordered the wheel removed from the cloth, leaving only a large image of a white elephant in the center.

Later, in 1916, the cloth acquired a completely different look and consisted of five bands of two colors. Instead of a blue bar, red was depicted. This option lasted only a year.

National emblem

The modern emblem exists since 1933. It depicts a Hindu demigod — the Garuda bird. The prey of the sacred bird is a snake swarming in the heads of unbelievers. Garuda relieves them from doubt and returns to the path of religion.

This emblem is fundamentally different from the country’s first emblem, which was introduced by King Rama in 1897 under the influence of European heraldry. In the photo of the coat of arms, you see a shield with a trident, above which the Great Victory Crown towers, and on the sides — two heraldic lions holding royal umbrellas. These are symbols of the king — the defender of the nation, the royal dynasty and their dignity.

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