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Excursions to Krabi: where to go, what to see

Excursions to Krabi: where to go, what to see

One of the most beautiful places accessible to tourists with moderate incomes, the province of Krabi in the south of Thailand, offers many interesting excursions where you can have a pleasant and informative time, gaining positive and new impressions.

Rest here is recommended, rather, active and energetic adults, because for families with young children in Thailand you can find more comfortable places. But many believe that the most fascinating excursions in Thailand are in Krabi. And this opinion is justified.

About elephants and movies

Numerous islands of Phi Phi have such picturesque views that film crews come here for more than a decade to shoot amazingly beautiful natural “scenery”. By the way, here you can have a good time and with the kids — the beach and popular excursion routes are quite comfortable.

However, the gentle sea and comfortable beaches can be found in dozens of countries around the world, but where else can you go on a real elephant farm? Such excursions on Krabi suggest the opportunity not only to see this living symbol of Thailand close to you, but also to talk closely with animals — to touch (mutually, the elephants are also happy to see you!), Treat them delicious, ride an elephant along a beautiful route.

Reserve distance

Among the popular entertainment is a trip to the reserved lake Cheo Lao, which lies among the rain jungle in the rift of karst mountains. Amazing wildlife, the magical world of a clear lake, a boat trip, a visit to a coral cave and, very importantly, complete safety. The route goes through places where there are no dangerous animals.

By the way, the lake is located on the territory of the Khao Sok National Park, where there are truly rare animals and there are fantastic views in beautiful places. You can go here only to take pictures against the background of a distant coast, majestic karst towers, waterfalls or even riding an elephant. But this is by no means all that the reserve is attractive for, so it’s advisable to spend at least two days on a trip here in order to visit at least the most interesting places.

On and under water

If Phi Phi is beautiful cinematic, and Khao Sok is fabulous, then Similan Islands is distinguished by its picturesque beauty. The jungles approaching the white beaches and clear bluish water impress even experienced tourists. And there is something to see, both above sea level and below, not for nothing that diving and snorkeling are so popular here, allowing you to feel yourself in a giant aquarium with tropical fish, corals, starfish and other inhabitants of the warm sea.

For a relaxed, but at the same time fascinating holiday, excursions to the islands of Krabi are perfect. Here, tourists are waited by the magnificent beaches of the island of Poda, a delightfully bright underwater world (and without snorkeling!), And for fans of extreme sports and experienced climbers — the caves and cliffs of Pranang beach and Raleigh peninsula.

Admire the beauty of the coastal islands and the sea is best possible on a small cruise along the coast of the Andaman Sea. For greater romance, live music is played right on the ships, which, combined with landscapes, creates another unforgettable impression. Since the trip takes several hours, the program also includes dinner, of course, consisting of local dishes.

Those who want to take a break from the people and the noise of modern civilization can visit the island of Hong with its untouched nature and a small, but extremely cozy beach, located at the mouth of a beautiful bay. It is easy to feel here if not a Robinson, then a hero of an adventure film, and a film with luxurious shots and a happy ending, to see sea eagles, huge monitor lizards, to feed literally from the hands of curious and fearless fish.

And that’s not all that Krabi can boast of. It is difficult to remain indifferent to the bright charms of the local nature and the warm sea, so you just need to come and see.

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