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Excursion to Nong Nooch Garden and Ramayana Water Park

Excursion to Nong Nooch Garden and Ramayana Water Park

This is a fairly new excursion program, which appeared only in 2017, but has already attracted many tourists. As part of the tour you are invited to visit at once 2 famous sights of Pattaya! So, they will gather everyone in the morning, and then they will go to the tropical garden Nong Nooch. Amazing place is considered one of the most beautiful in the city, and quite deserved.

What will be waiting for you? Sightseeing tour, in which you will see a huge number of orchids and other rare plants. By the way, some roots are sold. The group will be brought to the colorful pond where you can take pictures for memory.

Kids love to visit the sculpture park, which is built from flower pots. There’s nothing there: elephants, knock-tukas, beautiful arches, bridges … And there are so many tropical trees, bamboos and palms here that it seems to some tourists that they are in the jungle. It is with such scenic paths that you will be led to the “Regular French Garden”.

We are talking about the main attractions of an amazing place. Here you will admire a copy of Stonehenge, and it is surprisingly accurate. In addition, there are several more buildings in the classical style, thanks to which this place has become unique.

On the territory of the garden as a whole is enough curious. For example, you can visit the mini-zoo and admire the exhibition of unique cars. And here there are very beautiful ponds with fish. Also in the garden is an elephant show, and it is considered to be one of the best in the country!

Huge animals play football and draw pictures. Sometimes tourists are offered to talk with them, but you can always refuse: everything is entirely voluntary. In addition, an awesome national show is waiting for you right there. It means dancing in folk costumes, staged Thai boxing and stylized fights.

The second part of the program is the Ramayana water park. It is not very far from the tropical garden, so that such a tour became possible. The water park is open from 12:30 and until 18:00. By the way, the Ramayana in the present is one of the largest parks in Southeast Asia!

The complex is unique in that a huge number of its water rides have no analogues in principle. For adults there are no restrictions. As for children, there are moments associated with growth (from 91 to 120 cm), so tickets for them are cheaper. However, even the smallest child will still find something to entertain. The main thing is not to forget to bring a swimsuit, towel and tanning products!

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