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Excursion & laquo; Madagascar & raquo; from Pattaya

Excursion «Madagascar» from Pattaya

Tour operators and local travel agencies in Pattaya offer a huge selection of excursions for every taste and budget. Everyone will find something interesting for him: sightseeing tours, historical, gastronomic, entertaining, religious, even erotic.

Someone interesting to wander through the ancient temples and admire the beauty of architecture or landscape, while others prefer a fun entertainment trip. Excursion «Madagascar» from Pattaya is for those who want to make a small fun trip, look at the uninhabited island, go fishing, dance and find new friends, meet new friends.

Madagascar is in Thailand, do not believe reference books

One-day excursion from Pattaya «Madagascar» begins early in the morning and ends in the evening. During the trip, the tourists will visit the islands of Koh Rin and Koh Ped, and on board the ship they will have a rich entertainment program, a bar and fishing. A minivan arrives at the hotel early in the morning for tourists and gathers all the participants.

A small motorboat takes the guests to a large three-deck comfortable white ship. The company ranges from 25 to 40 people. The contingent is completely different — these are families with children, youth fun companies, single tourists or couples in love. No one will feel uncomfortable.

Fun, relaxation and fun day guaranteed to everyone.

At the beginning of the trip, guests are offered a light breakfast and are introduced to the crew. You can sunbathe on the upper deck while moving to Koh Rin Island.

Koh Rin Island

Has everyone seen on TV or on the Internet beaches with turquoise sea, white sand and palm trees on the shore? This is about the island of Ko-Rin. Silence, relaxation, solitude. Although those who wish can not sunbathe, but play volleyball or go diving. Fans of fishing during the whole trip can get enough fish.

This, of course, is self-indulgence, you will not catch a shark or a tuna, but you can easily catch half a bucket of fairly large fish. Fishing rods will be enough for everyone. The bait is also abundant. From the catch of the chef, they will immediately prepare delicious dishes right on the ship.

Lunch is a classic buffet that Russians are used to. Along with the products that the chefs brought with them, you can try fish soup or fried fish from today’s catch. Well, the bar — non-alcoholic, low-alcohol, strong alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee — all included.

Animation program — contests, performances will not leave anyone indifferent. By the way, during the whole excursion the animators constantly work with the children so that they are not bored, and the parents could not follow them all the time.

Ko Ped

Monkey Island. They are here everywhere — monkeys. Small, nimble, agile and very curious. When you go down to the beach, it is better to leave all the small objects (hairpins, trinkets, sunglasses) on board — if the monkey likes something, then it will be impossible to catch up and take away your thing. Monkeys are completely benign, but it’s still not a domestic cat or a hamster. Around 5 pm return to Pattaya and transfer to the hotel.


07:30 +/- 20 minutes — transfer from the hotel

08:30 am sailing. Arrive at Koh Rin Island. Beach volleyball, animation program, diving, fishing, scorkeling, relaxation.

13:00 lunch. Departure to the island of Ko-Ped, foam disco, animation program.

17:00 arrival in Pattaya, hotel transfer

Excursion «Madagascar» is one of the most popular in Pattaya. Fans of noisy companies and new acquaintances find friends, and lovers of quiet secluded relaxation will find a place where you can stay alone and enjoy the clean beaches or sea views. You will not be disappointed!

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