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Elephant Village in Pattaya (Pattaya Elephant Village)

Elephant Village in Pattaya (Pattaya Elephant Village)

Near Pattaya you can have a great time in a unique place where elephants live. These giants are favorably disposed towards humans. They give themselves to feed and touch. They also practice skating on these amazing animals. This farm is called «Elephant Village». The central part of the famous Thai resort is located seven kilometers from it. The Elephant Sanctuary is home to more than thirty animals.

The farm is inhabited by adult elephants, who deservedly rest in it. After many years of work, now their main task is to entertain and ride the guests of the village, which was founded in 1973. The main principle of its existence is self-sufficiency. Funds raised from tourists are sent to feed and treat elephants. Not only adults live in this place. The village has sheltered young elephants, who enjoy great success with the guests of the farm.

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The animals live in the territory of Nong Prue, which is located next to the Siriporno Orchid Farm. Public transport with the main part of the resort is not connected with the elephant village in Pattaya. How to get to her? This can be done by taxi or with an excursion group. The cost of an adult entrance ticket is 650 THB, and a child ticket is 500 THB.

Elephant Village on the map

In this case, the child must be less than one meter in height. Higher children sell adult tickets. For this money, tourists can visit the village and attend a show with the participation of local animals. Hour ride on an elephant will cost 1.2 thousand THB for one person, and three hours of a combined excursion will cost 2 thousand THB. Children up to a meter tall can take advantage of these services for 1 thousand and 1.6 thousand THB.

The program, designed for an hour, consists of a 45-minute walk on an elephant, a visit to a small silk-producing enterprise, and fruit and tea treats. The combined excursion includes a trip on an elephant, a crossing to the other side of the river, riding a cart in which buffaloes are harnessed, and a lunch break in a Thai restaurant.

Elephant Village is open to tourists from half past eight in the morning, and it closes at six o’clock in the evening. Performances take place from half past three to four in the afternoon. In the local store you can buy souvenirs in the form of paintings painted by elephants or statuettes of these animals. Their faeces serve as raw materials for the production of environmentally friendly photo frames.

Representations with elephants

Every day for the guests of the village there is an hour and a half show of elephants, during which the animals are engaged in drawing pictures, spinning a hoop on the trunk, playing darts and dancing. The most courageous tourists elephants do massage. The guest of the village lies on the mat. His back is covered with a rug.

Then the trainer commands, and the animal begins to gently beat the back of the person with the trunk, and its paw gently presses on the mat. The show ends with a grand entrance for elephants wearing beautiful hats and blankets.

Elephant rides

Observing these animals causes genuine interest among the guests of the farm, but it is even more exciting to go riding an elephant. In order to climb it uses a high platform.

An animal is brought to her and the guest of the farm sits in a chair that is on the elephant’s back. It can accommodate two people. For tourists living with fear of heights, such a walk is a real challenge. First, the height itself scares them, and secondly, the movement of an elephant is characterized by wiggling from side to side, there is a fear of falling from the back of the animal.

Each elephant moves accompanied by a driver who leads him on a leash or is on the back of an elephant in front of the traveler. The descent of the animal to the river is an extreme adventure. In the water, an elephant with its trunk is satisfied with a real fountain that sprays the traveler.

Before such a walk, it is better to put things on yourself and go without a camera, as it may well be in the river. If you additionally pay the driver, he will take pictures of you during the trip, and then give a picture in a frame, for the manufacture of which, as mentioned above, the elephant’s feces are used. By tradition, before starting a walk, buy bananas and feed your elephant on the way.

A sea of ​​unforgettable and contradictory impressions

From visiting this place, tourists have a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions that Elephant Village gives them. Pattaya — a resort where this entertainment is included in the mandatory program of stay in this beautiful corner of Thailand. Tourists are very warm to smart and kind animals, unlike coarse drovers.

Some travelers who previously visited Indian Sri Lanka note that elephants are treated with humanity and respect. In the village of Pattaya, they are beaten, forced to perform tricks and roll guests, even if the animal feels unwell or out of sorts.

Under the local “silk factory”, a visit to which is included in the main route, means a small house with a Thai grandmother, imitating the manufacture of this material. Although to see how the silkworm is reborn, it will be interesting to many tourists.

Very memorable swimming with animals. The elephants slightly throw up their riders, drown them with jets of water and effortlessly move on. Children on the farm really like little elephants.

Bananas in adult elephants are eaten with skins, and in small ones, they are eaten only in the form of peeled fruits. If you come to the elephant with a banana with sandpaper, he will be offended and move away from you. The drovers have a passion for money. In the village, you have to pay literally for everything — from feeding fish and birds, to photographing and eating elephants with bananas.

Elephant Village in Pattaya — an ambiguous place. Tourists get the greatest pleasure here from communication with these amazing animals.

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