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Dzhemete: attractions by the sea

Resort village Dzhemete and its attractions

Dzhemete — a cozy resort village in the vicinity of the famous tourist city of Anapa. This quiet corner of a family holiday is located just 5 km from the famous Russian resort, and for many years, not only tourists from different parts of Russia, but also foreign guests have been seeking here. Some of them even believe that noisy Anapa is inferior to Dzhemete according to some tourist criteria, and purposefully stop in a small seaside village, and not in a popular city. It is difficult to say how this statement is true, but one thing is absolutely certain: there are places in Dzhemete that you should definitely look at.

Dzhemete — health resort of Krasnodar region

In Dzhemete seek to get not only for the sake of rest. The village is known primarily for its mineral and mud springs. On the territory of the settlement there are several sanatoriums — «Paratrooper», «Bimlyuk», «Pearl» and others. In the immediate vicinity of the sanatorium, anyone can try useful mineral water. Sources are completely refined, and at the same time it is possible to use the benefits of nature completely free of charge: it is proposed to pay only for a disposable container for liquids. Dzhemetye mineral waters are not inferior in quality and healing properties to popular health drinks, such as Essentuki-17.

In the sanatorium-resort institutions of the village, another method of healing is widely used — mud therapy. Medicinal mud Dzhemete have a diverse composition, which allows their use in the treatment of many diseases. Particularly effective mud therapy for those who have problems with joints and skin. By the way, it’s not necessary to take mud baths in sanatoriums: there is an open mud lake in the village, which you can visit on your own.

Mineral and mud springs, salty sea air, hot dry climate — all this is the best effect on the body. Therefore, Dzhemete is an ideal option for those who wish to improve their health.

Water and everything connected with it

The main attractions of Dzhemete are connected with the water element. First of all, you should visit the wonderful Dzhemetyn beach. The name of the village is not for nothing translated from the Adyghe as «golden sands». Dzhemete beach is one of the best on the Black Sea coast. Even developed in all tourist destinations, Anapa cannot match the quality of the beaches with the Dzhemeti coast. Dzhemete is pleasantly surprised by the variety of beach holidays: you can comfortably sit on a comfortable lounge chair, or you can rent diving equipment, catamarans and jet skis.

In Djemete you can find fun for the whole family. Both adults and children will be satisfied with the Tiki-Tak modern Dzhemetian aquapark — one of the largest not only in Russia, but throughout Europe. This is a water park with an original design and the latest attractions that will not leave anyone indifferent: bright emotions and adrenaline rush to guests are guaranteed. The entertainment center is open from May to October.

There are in Dzhemete and other interesting places related to the water element, where you should definitely go with children:

  • aquarium. Huge aquariums are filled with all kinds of inhabitants of the deep sea, which you will be told in detail by experienced guides;
  • Dolphinarium. Here you can regularly see shows with the participation of dolphins, after which viewers are allowed to swim with these beautiful sea animals. Dolphin therapy will be useful both for adults and children, but communication with dolphins is especially recommended for those who have problems with the nervous system;
  • penguinarium. Here you will be able to observe the life of another amazing animal — the penguins, adjacent to the fur seals. Of course, it will not be possible to touch them, but even through the glass it is very interesting to look at their water games.

A variety of water activities Dzhemete will satisfy even the most tempted tourists in the rest and will leave only the most pleasant memories.

Excursions in Dzhemete

For those who love outdoor activities and cultural entertainment, excursions are organized in Dzhemete. The village itself is small — stretched for 2 km along the sea coast, so sightseeing tours are mainly related to its surroundings. At about 30-40 minutes from Dzhemete, you can find very interesting places where some people go not only with tourist groups, but also on their own.

The most interesting sights in the vicinity of Dzhemete are the Local History Museum (Anapa), the Anapa lighthouse, the Gorgippia open-air museum in Anapa and an African village in the village of Sukko.

The Anapa Museum of Local Lore has collected a huge number of rare artifacts by which almost the entire history of the city can be traced. Here are unique collections of household items, coins, weapons and more. A special place is occupied by the exposition devoted to the Great Patriotic War and the post-war period. By the way, many of the exhibits in this museum used to belong to the citizens themselves, who donated rare items to the museum possession.

Anapa lighthouse — one of the symbols of the city. From here there are amazing views of the resort, the sea and the mountains. The lighthouse especially liked the loving couples, because there’s simply no better place for a romantic date.

Gorgippia is the only museum in Russia based on open excavations. These are the ruins of an ancient city. Here are preserved buildings dating from the 6th century BC. The difference of this sight is that the exhibits here are not hidden from visitors behind the glass walls, therefore, it is especially fascinating to consider them.

In the village of Sukko, which is located about 40 km from Dzhemete, an African village was created especially for tourists. Here you can immerse yourself in the world of Africa: see the folk life, try original dishes and drinks, watch national dances and even take part in the show.

In Dzhemete itself there is also a wonderful place for walks — this is the National Park «Good-natured», where you definitely need to go with your whole family. In it you can get acquainted with the history and culture of the Kuban Cossacks, and then relax in a modern hotel complex.

Numerous sights of Dzhemete and its surroundings annually attract a huge number of tourists. Here they find entertainment for every taste and age, improve health, relax with body and soul. The cozy atmosphere of the village, the lack of fuss and unnecessary noise make Dzhemete one of the best resort areas of Russia.

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