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Don Muang Airport: description, scheme, how to get

Don Muang Airport: how to get there, features

Don Muang Airport (Don Mueang Airport Bangkok) — the second international capital airport in Thailand (IATA: DMK code). Its services are used by tourists for domestic flights, for example, to Phuket, Samui, Krabi.


Ticket prices are much cheaper than the same flights from Suvarnabhumi. AirAsia also operates all of its international flights to neighboring Asian countries from this airport. From here you can fly to Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea.

Location and features of the airport

The airport is located approximately 30 kilometers north of Bangkok’s city center.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the airfield was operated by military aircraft of the Air Force of the Kingdom of Thailand. And from 1914 to 2006, Don Muang received the status of the main air gates of the country. And only with the introduction of the ultra-modern international airport Suvarnabhumi, Don Muang took the second position.

Airport on the map of Bangkok

In 2012, this air port was reconstructed, and today it accepts all domestic flights, international charter, transport airplanes and international budget flights.

The main airlines using Don Muang Airport for flights are:

  1. Nok Air (Nok Air);
  2. Orient Thai (Orient Thai);
  3. One-Two-Go (One-Two-Go);
  4. Air Asia (Air Asia).

Three terminals are equipped here: for international and domestic flights. The airport is serviced by up to 60 airliners per hour. The terminal building itself is small and has a simple layout, it is simply impossible to get lost here.

The arrival hall is located on the ground floor of the Don Muang terminal. According to the signs, we easily find the passport control desk, next to we get luggage. There are few passengers and, accordingly, the queues are small.

The hall housed numerous fast-food outlets, an Internet cafe, a medical center. At currency exchange points, the exchange rate is traditionally unprofitable. It is necessary either to refrain from the exchange, or to exchange the necessary minimum. Here you will find a car rental.

Necessary information can be obtained from the information bureau, here also take free maps and promotional travel brochures. On the second floor of the airport Don Muang housed the offices of the administration. The third floor of the terminal is equipped with a departure hall.

Here you will find traditional check-in counters, a customs control zone. If necessary, without delay, Visa-on-Arrival (Voa) is immediately issued. Passengers can use the waiting room, the VIP lounge is located separately. There are banks, souvenir shops, duty-free shops, Duty Free.

There are racks of travel agencies where you can get all the necessary information for the tourist and order the desired services.

The fourth floor of the building is more like a balcony. Here are the offices of airlines, cafes, restaurants. Tourists who want a tasty and inexpensive meal, prefer The Noodle, Silom Village and Taurus.

If you need to spend the night at the airport, use the hotel located here — Amari Don Muang Airport.

You can also use the services of luggage storage, there are two of them. One is at the Domestic Terminal in the arrival hall and is open from 8.00 to 20.00. The second — in the departure hall, it is round the clock.

Storage of things will cost you only 75 baht per day for one bag.

How to get from the airport to the center of the capital

Bus service

This is an inexpensive and convenient way to get to the desired area of ​​the capital of the state. Only traffic jams during rush hours can be a problem. Buses are usually equipped with air conditioning and individual luggage space. Coach parking is located near the airport. Focus on the overpass, parking is equipped under it.

You don’t have to cross the street, as the buses leaving for Bangkok are from the airport. By the same buses you can get from anywhere in the city to Don Muang Airport.

Many bus routes pass by famous attractions and places popular in the tourist environment. If you know exactly where you need and what you want to see in the capital, choose the appropriate route:

  • Bus number 513 will help you get from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok East Bus Terminal (Eastern bus terminal, Ekamai). East Station is often used by tourists as a starting point for organizing independent travels in Thailand.
  • Bus number 4 will take you to Siom Road.
  • Bus number 13 goes to Sukhumvit Road and further to the final stop — East bus station Ekkimai.
  • Bus number 29 moves to Hua Lumpong train station via Victory Monument, passing close to the largest market of Bangkok Chatuchak (Chatuchak) and Siam Square (Siam Square). At the station, Hua Lumpong, if necessary, you can transfer to the subway, here is a branch of the underground metro Bangkok MRT.
  • Bus number 59 will take you to the main square of the kingdom — Sanam Luang (Sanam Luang). It is here that the Grand Royal Palace and the most famous temples of the capital. The route passes by the Monument of Democracy and the world famous Khaosan Road. It is on this street you will find the most affordable housing, make bargains, meet backpackers from around the world and make new acquaintances.
  • Bus number 10 and bus number 510 go to the southern bus station Sai Tai Mai, passing by Victory Monument.
  • Bus number 538 connects Don Mueang Airport and Victory Monument, a ticket will cost you only 20 baht. The final stop is Rama Hospital.

If your goal is Pattaya, and you prefer to cover a distance of 50 kilometers by land, you need to use the special A1 bus, which leaves from the exit number 6 of Don Muang Airport. Fare — 30 baht, travel time — 20 minutes.

Get on it to the North Bus Terminal of Bangkok, and from there you get a ticket for 100 baht on the nearest bus to Pattaya. The road usually takes about 2.5 hours.

A1 and A2 buses can also be reached at BTS station Mor Chit and MRT station Chatuchak.

Back from Pattaya, it is better to travel by minivan from the bus station on North Street to Victory Monument or Mo Chit bus station, and from there by taxi or bus to Don Muang Airport.

  • Bus number 504 goes to Lumphini Park (Lumpini Park). If necessary, you can exit near the central square of Siam (Siam), or get to the Silom district. Many use this stop to get on the Bangkok BTS Sky Train.
  • Bus number 187 moves along the route: Don Mueang — Din Daeng — Ratwiti — Victory Monument — Charoenkrung — Thanam Sipraya.

When you exit the airport terminal, you will see the location markers of the Don Muang Train Station. It is located opposite, just a few minutes walk through a covered walkway. This is a relatively small station, from 3.10 to 22.15, trains run to Hua Lamphong, the capital of the capital, only 32 trains per day.

The schedule of movement on this branch is often not maintained, so plan your departure in advance.

A ticket to the Hualamphong Train Station, which is in the center of Bangkok, must be purchased at the train station ticket office for just five baht.

Taxi is the most familiar and convenient way for us to get to any point of the kingdom. And if you need to go at night, then a taxi is the only option. You can stop a taxi right on the street, pre-order it on the airport website, or make an order by phone.

Taxi fare from Don Muang from the official site.

You can also go to the departure area, there are always cars pulling up passengers. Be sure to ask to turn on the meter. In addition, you can use the services of ordering a taxi — Public Taxi, the racks of which you will see to the left of the exit from the terminal building.

To speed up the order process, show the recorded name of the desired destination. A trip to the central areas of Bangkok will cost you from 300-400 baht (50 baht — airport tax) and will take about half an hour. The price will depend on the time of day (traffic jams during rush hours will increase the amount) and on whether you will drive on toll roads.

The taxi rank at the airport is to the left of the exit from the terminal.

Pre-order transfer via the Internet is a very convenient service. When ordering, you can specify the brand and capacity of the vehicle. You will be greeted in the arrival hall, will take all the luggage, carried to the car and delivered to any point.

Pretty good service, especially if you are traveling with children and you have a lot of luggage bags. If you know which hotel you want to stay in, you can pre-book a hotel transfer service.

How to get from Suvarnbahumi to Don Muang Airport

Airports are located at a distance of 50 kilometers from each other.

The easiest and most profitable way to get from one airport to another is to use free shuttle bus, equipped with air conditioning.

It runs from 5-00 in the morning to 24.00. From 5.00 to 10.00 buses depart every hour.

From 10.00 to 20.00 — in 40 minutes. And from 20.00 to midnight — again every hour.

The duration of the trip will not exceed 40 minutes. Buses depart from Don Muang Airport from the arrival area (second floor), and to the Suvarnabhumi airport, the shuttle bus arrives at the departure area (fourth floor). Shuttles depart from Suvrnabhumi Airport from exit number 3 and number 2 on the first floor of the terminal. To use the service, you need to have a boarding pass for the flight you flew to Suvarnabhumi with you.

  • Buses number 554 and number 555 will take you in just 34 baht. The transfer will take from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the presence of traffic jams, bus number 555 moves slower.
  • Route minibuses, which are sent as they are filled, will cost you 50 baht, you pay the fare at the entrance to the vehicle. Minibuses run between airports from 6.00 to 17.00, the road takes a little more than one hour.
  • Taxi — from 350 baht per car. The cost will be affected by road downtime and travel on paid sections of the road. Do not forget to negotiate payment before the trip. Demand the inclusion of the counter, and if you agree on a fixed amount — bargain. If you are traveling in a small company, payment can be divided.

Another option is the Bangkok metro. You can get from Suvarnabhumi to the end station of the underground station Mo Chit, and from there, take a taxi in just 100 — 120 baht to Don Muang.

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