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Dolphinarium in Pattaya: photos, prices, hotels nearby, map

Dolphinarium in Pattaya: review, photo, reviews

In 2011, Pattaya Dolphin World and Resort was built in Pattaya, which is now the most popular tourist attraction of this city. By the way, the symbol of Pattaya is the jumping blue dolphin, which contributes to the additional popularity of the entertainment complex.

Dolphinarium swimming pools are in the open air, but since the climate in Thailand is very hot, they have a roof above them and have their own ventilation system.


Dolphinarium in Pattaya is open from 9:00 to 19:00, every 2 hours are submission. Viewing the show for adults will cost 500 baht ($ 14), for children half the price is 250 baht ($ 7).

Grand Dolphin Show

The dolphin show lasts 45 minutes. The program involves two species of animals: pink, belonging to the family of sharp-nosed humpback dolphins living in the Pacific Ocean, and the Iravadia, gray with a rounded face, living in the Gulf of Siam.

During the performance, these marine mammals perform a variety of tricks: they juggle the ball merrily, jump through hoops raised above the water, and chirp out at the command of the coach. The audience is especially delighted with the number when the dolphins try to push the trainer out of the water with them.

Dolphin Therapy

All scientists and physicians have long recognized that swimming with dolphins has a beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person. This is what largely explains the fact that there are always a lot of people who want to talk more closely with these amazing animals.

Dolphinarium in Pattaya provides such an opportunity, of course, for an additional fee. The cost of dolphin therapy is 2500 baht ($ 69).

[quote font = «arial» font_style = «italic»] One person has the opportunity to swim with a dolphin for 2-3 minutes, not more. They enter the pool one by one, the rest are waiting for their turn to come. [/ Quote]

Mammals loudly greet those who decide to swim in their company, and emerging from the water, create the appearance of a kiss on the cheek. Dolphins allow you to pull yourself out of the pool by the tail, dance, arrange a cold shower for everyone nearby.

After co-swimming, the inhabitants of the pool can be fed with fish, which the trainer always has a reserve.

What else to do

In addition to the dolphin shows for tourists there are many other attractions. On the territory of the complex there is a laser shooting gallery, a barge, an amusement-equipped playground. You can also ride horses or quad bikes, climb with insurance on the rock, go fishing in lake water.

The infrastructure of the complex is very carefully thought out. Throughout the day, cafeterias and kiosks are open, where visitors can buy delicious food and flavored beverages at quite cheap prices.

If one of the guests of the dolphinarium did not take the camera with him, do not worry — a photographer works in the dolphinarium. During the time the tourist will swim with dolphins or ride a horse, the pictures will be printed.

How to get there

An entertainment complex in Pattaya is not at all difficult to find: it is located in the Ambassador City Jomtien area, next to the Phoenix Golf Club, literally 15 minutes drive from the central part of the city.

Moving southwards along Sukhumvit, you will need to turn left in front of the Technical College — there will be a pointer to the orchard and the dolphinarium. Only 5 kilometers along the street Na Chom Thian 13 — and the goal is achieved.

But the best way to get to the entertainment complex is to take a taxi. A taxi ride will not only save time — finding the right place will be greatly simplified. Moreover, a taxi in Thailand can not be called an expensive service.

A good solution would be to buy an organized excursion. In this case, transfer and viewing of the show will cost 750 baht ($ 21), but swimming with dolphins will cost 2500 baht ($ 69).

Useful information

In order to serve the pool in Pattaya to allow visitors to share swimming with dolphins, the following conditions must be met:

  • remove any wearable jewelry (rings, chains);
  • nails should be cut short in advance;
  • if the hair is long, then they need to be tied in a bun so that they do not float on the water, or put away under a bathing cap;
  • on the bathing suit should not be metal parts.

It is forbidden to swim in the pool for pregnant women and people who have colds, asthma or have heart disease. Visitors who have taken alcohol are not even allowed to go to the pools where they swim with dolphins.

Making noise in the pool and scaring the inhabitants of the complex is strictly prohibited. For noise and too violent behavior, the guards may be asked to leave the entertainment complex.

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