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Diving in Pattaya, PADI courses — training for beginners and professionals

Diving in Pattaya, PADI courses — training for beginners and professionals

It is not difficult to understand the desire with your own eyes to see the beauty of the underwater world. But where to start, especially if there is no experience? For such cases, there are special courses in which you will be taught everything, everything will be told and shown. Do not worry: divers are not born!

PADI Open Water Diver

The course is designed for 3 days. It takes place on islands that are located near Pattaya (Semesan and Ko-Chuan, as well as a number of rocks as a guide). The program includes various exercises and theoretical training. In addition, you will also be waiting for 6 dives, including to a depth of 18 meters. You will see a very rich underwater fauna. You will experience incredible adventures! And after completing the course, you will be awarded a certificate from one of the largest local diving organizations: PADI. So then you can reasonably consider yourself to be an experienced diver!

Then you will find a real adventure: a visit to the huge flooded landing ship «Chang.» It lies at a depth of 30 meters, and now just an incredible number of fish and other marine life consider it their home.

What is included in the program?

  1. Theory. They will show you a film specially shot for the participants, in addition, everyone will also be offered the PADI textbook.
  2. Intermediate test papers. We make sure that all enrollees learn the material. At the end there will be final testing.
  3. Acquaintance with the rules of diving, as well as with its culture. Knowledge of basic principles can save you or another person in your team life.
  4. Trips to distant islands. They are booked exactly for us, so there will definitely be no one there. The journey takes about 1.5 hours. The whole event lasts 3 days. And during this time you will be waiting for 6 dives in scenic spots.
  5. Training with scuba diving in the water. You will learn how to handle it and understand how to behave in a variety of situations.
  6. Acquaintance with underwater inhabitants. One of the most enjoyable parts of the program!
  7. Drawing up a logbook. This is a special book of the diver, which brings your experience, describes all the important points.
  8. Presentation of the certificate of international standard. It takes place in a fun and festive atmosphere.
  9. A trip to the far-off Chang island and 3 more dives in amazingly beautiful places. You will be waiting for a trip to the largest of the underwater ships in Asia!
  10. Very tasty lunch, which is prepared directly on the dive boat. Of course, a lot of fresh seafood.
  11. An additional nice bonus is photo and video shooting of both the learning process and all dives. In short, you will have something to remember!

The program schedule may vary. It depends on exactly when you sign up. So this moment should be clarified in advance.

The cost of 35,000 rubles. Book now

If you have any questions, email us in chat or email [email protected]

PADI Advance Open Water Diver Course

This course is intended for those who already have an Open Water Diver certificate from PADI. But we are also happy to accept everyone who has completed basic training in another school. So, you have a great opportunity in just 2 to significantly increase your level! The program is very interesting: you will have to wait 5 dives, which differ in complexity and intensity of what is happening. In addition, you can share experiences with other participants.

Do you like deep sea diving? Then we have great news for you: it will definitely be there! And you will be trained in underwater orientation, which is very important for people who are determined to seriously explore the seas and oceans.

What is waiting for you in the remaining 3 dives? There is already an opportunity to choose what you like best. We can offer a visit to a sunken ship or exploring the night ocean, which always captures. Want to get acquainted with the undercurrents? We also have this option! And still many divers simply adore multi-level diving. In short, the choice is very large!

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate Advanced Open Water Diver. With such a document, almost all programs are opened for you, including quite complex ones. In addition, you will have the opportunity to go to the next step and become a very experienced diver.

The cost of 32,000 rubles. Book now

If you have any questions, email us in chat or email [email protected]

PADI Rescue Diver Course

This course is suitable for PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate holders. Also, those who have successfully completed at least 2 levels of training in another international system of training divers can enroll in the program. However, you need to consider whether it is recognized. That is, it is best to clarify the details before recording.

What gives the course?

During training, you can learn more about the underwater world. In addition, thanks to the program you will have useful skills to help other people. So you will not only learn more about diving, but also how to save your partner, what to do in extreme situations. And it can be useful in diving, and in everyday life.

The whole course is spread over 3-4 days. The schedule is made individually. Upon completion you will be given a certificate. Then you can go through 5 PADI special courses and, thus, achieve everything that an amateur diver can achieve. In the final, you will receive a Master Scuba Diver certificate. The second option is the direction of PADI Diver Master, which is already intended for the training of professionals.

The cost of 36,000 rubles. Book now

If you have any questions, email us in chat or email [email protected]

PADI Divemaster Course

Passing the course can be a very good help on the way to becoming a professional diver. By this time, you are already behind you — a serious experience, a lot of dives, knowledge is also enough. Therefore, the training will be very interesting: nothing obvious, without foundations, only the newest and freshest of the world of diving! Of course, you can’t do without repetition at all, but the accents are placed in the program in such a way that it will be interesting even to be very experienced.

The course provides an opportunity to look at everything through the eyes of a professional. Even if you do not earn a living by it, you will learn much more about what security measures are being taken, what is being done to prevent tragedies. And the presence of such a certificate can seriously change the attitude to you.

The course itself takes from 10 to 15 days. The schedule of classes is made with an individual approach. Initially, you are waiting for an interview with a coach, during which he will understand what you should pay attention to. The certificate gives you the right to participate in the training of trainers. And in any case, it will be a very interesting life experience!

The cost of 80,000 rubles. Book now

What are courses? Padi

What is PADI? This is an abbreviation of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. That is, we are talking about the Professional Association of Instructors in diving (scuba diving). This organization — one of the largest of the world-famous, in which you can learn to dive. Thanks to the Association, standards for scuba diving have emerged.

In addition, PADI prepares and verifies instructors, monitors compliance with safety issues. Particular attention is paid to equipment, the quality of training materials and so on. That is why the PADI Open Water Diver course is considered one of the best and most prestigious of all that an amateur diver can get.

Courses are built on 3 pillars: the theoretical part, classes in the pool, and only then — diving in the open sea. However, everything is served as fun and lively. No stuffy classes and tedious lectures! Classes are taught by people with a very large practice of immersion, who tell everything with examples from their own experience.

The theoretical part is given on a magnificent ship, and the pool is located on the sandy beach of a secluded island, where no one will disturb you. And during the dives themselves, you will not only get new skills, but at the same time discover a wonderful world for yourself, get to know the underwater inhabitants.

How long does the course take?

Classes take from 3 to 10 days. We make the schedule individually for each participant. For example, if you are tired, you can take a break, rest, and then proceed with new forces. We are ready to teach everyone from the age of 10 years. We often come with whole families.

What does a certificate give?

Upon completion of training you will have a certificate that allows you to dive anywhere without an instructor. Often, owners of such a document offer discounts. In addition, for you to open more complex and interesting programs, you can go through a truly exciting adventure!

Each certificate is assigned a unique electronic number. It is very easy to check via the Web. So even if you forget the document at home, you just need to give its number or ask to send this data by e-mail. And thanks to the certificate, you can further develop as a diver, go to advanced programs.

What is waiting for you?

You will see in all its glory the Gulf of Thailand. This is exactly the case when real life surpasses any pictures, the highest quality videos and any stories you like. No wonder people after one dive can no longer stop, so delays! And do not worry: there will always be a qualified Russian-speaking instructor next to you. Everyone can learn to dive, if there are no direct medical contraindications. But we immediately warn about them.

Where to dive?

The waters of Pattaya is ideal for diving, as well as the territory of the adjacent islands. The temperature of the water throughout the year is fairly stable, it varies slightly from +28. and up to +32 degrees Celsius in the warm season and from + 22 to + 25, respectively, in the cold. Killer whales, big sharks or octopuses are not here.

Dive sites (dive sites) are located close to the islands near the resort: Ko Lan, Ko Krok, Ko Rin and others. There are no strong winds at these points, the undercurrents are well studied by our instructors. It is mainly about ebb and flow.

Where exactly will you dive? Much depends on the weather, on what places are now occupied. In addition, there are several military bases near Pattaya, so that the exercises can also affect the plans. Therefore, these moments are best to specify directly when booking.

When is the best time to dive?

In general, diving here, as mentioned above, can be practiced all year round. But the most optimal time is from November to April. During this period, the visibility becomes very good, it can vary from 7 to 15 meters. And if you swim away, then up to 20 meters. In the rainy season (the period from May to October), visibility, for obvious reasons, drops sharply to 5-7 meters. True, it is improving at depth. So the pleasure you get in any case.

How is going to sea?

For these purposes, a ship is specially rented for diving. He has the appropriate equipment and everything you need. As a rule, about 15 people are placed freely. But the size of the group is very different, classes are held with 2-3 divers. After the dive you will have a hearty lunch. It is prepared on the spot.

The underwater world of the Gulf of Siam

The Siam Gulf was loved by many divers because of the amazing beauty of the underwater landscape. There are a lot of soft corals and picturesque sponges. Near the islands are deep faults that most resemble terraces. Boulders, rocks and stones are literally sprinkled with multi-colored corals and anemones. The places infested with underwater life are located at depths from 8 to 15 meters.

Ringed worms, beautiful sea lilies, coral scallops adore to settle in the rocks. A lot of large scaly tridackn, black trepang and sea urchins. Often, divers are blocked by the “curtain” of coral fish. She looks just charming. Before such a spectacle is very difficult to resist!

In general, the Gulf of Siam is surprisingly rich in various living creatures. Angels and huge groupers, moray eels, parrot fish constantly swim in flocks. Minor sharks come up from time to time. They do not pose a danger to humans, but looking at them closely is very interesting.

In the Gulf of Thailand is found a huge number of stingrays. An interesting adventure can be a meeting with a fish-ball. By itself, it is small, but in a sudden collision with what frightened, this representative of the marine fauna is able to swell up to half a meter in diameter, and instantly. Generally in a relatively small area often come across different fish.

It is curious that in the Gulf of Siam there are also such local inhabitants, which are more characteristic of freshwater bodies. A good example is catfish. Also a huge number of turtles swim here.

What do we offer?

You can pay for one dive in a day and look at how much you enjoy. If it is very delayed, it is not a problem to pay extra on the spot. By the way, most people do just that. They say that there is no strength to resist.

Precautionary measures

We are ready to pick up any equipment for your equipment. So the diver’s large size is not a problem. However, alcohol is strictly forbidden, even in small quantities. This is required by safety and we are very strictly monitoring its compliance. For the rest — no problems!

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