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Diving in Pattaya

Diving in Pattaya

When it comes to rest, each of us tries to squeeze the maximum pleasure. Agree, just lying on the beach, swimming or sunbathing is fine, but quickly bored. That is why there are new types of recreation that completely capture the attention of tourists. One of them is diving, which includes a lot of advantages, namely:

  1. a unique type of observation of the underwater world;
  2. fun for the whole family;
  3. improvement of the cardio-systems of the body;
  4. A new kind of entertainment that can turn into a hobby.

Book diving in Pattaya now

If you are interested in this type of recreation, then you should go to the territory of the country that is ready to offer you the most contrasting choice of diving. One of these is considered to be Thailand, and to be more precise, the city of Pattaya. It is here that diving is so popular that not only experienced divers, but also beginners do it. The territory of the resort is designed for a huge audience of travelers and resort visitors, as there are more than enough places for interesting diving in Pattaya.

What time is best for diving?

Due to the very warm tropical climate throughout Pattaya, you can go diving there all year round, the water will always be warm and pleasant. However, if you still choose the best possible time, it is best to go to the resort in the period from November to April. This period is especially loved by divers, as the water temperature is as warm as possible, and the visibility under water is very good. At this time of year, it was possible to view the underwater world well, even at a depth of 22 meters.

From May to October, very often torrential rains reduce visibility under water. However, you can always ask for help from the local population, but they know the places in which there is always great visibility and fascinating views.

What are the diving centers worth visiting in Pattaya?

Each of us guesses that diving is not only interesting, but also quite a serious and dangerous occupation, which must be approached with great responsibility. That is why you should give your preference to those diving centers that have already managed to recommend themselves as high-quality specialists in this field. So that you do not spend extra time searching and analyzing the work of such establishments, we offer you a list of the best diving centers in Pattaya:

1.Adventure Diversand Watersports

This diving center is considered to be the best in Pattaya, as every year it is visited by a huge number of tourists. The staff includes only qualified and trained workers who accompany their clients both on board and under water. The center has all the necessary quality certificates, and also opened its own diving school. The main advantage of this center is the ability to rent equipment, which greatly simplifies costs.


Excellent diving school, headed by two British. In this institution you will be surprised not only by the qualifications of the instructors, but also by the huge double-deck yacht on which

divers go to sea. So besides wonderful adventures under the water, you can organize an unforgettable photo report on the deck of a yacht in the middle of the sea. The only negative — learning exclusively in English.

3.Dive Southeast Asia

There are more than 15 directions in which this center is immersed, so you definitely will not be bored. For members of the club is a special relationship, namely food in the morning, afternoon and evening. Training is conducted in 2 languages ​​- this is English and Thai.

4.Mermaids Dive Center

This school has been functioning since the end of the 20th century, and during this time it managed to gain great popularity. During this time, the number of destinations for diving, and the number of vehicles for the transport of tourists increased. The main feature is the training of disabled divers and additional translation services (for a fee).

Ichthyander is one of the most popular Russian-speaking diving schools in Pattaya. It is here that the largest possible number of domestic travelers spend their time. In addition to ordinary diving, various types of training are conducted on the basis of the school, according to which certificates are issued.

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