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Disneyland (Dream World) in Bangkok: photos, prices, map

Disneyland in Bangkok: review, prices and reviews

Like many capitals of the world, Bangkok attracts tourists with its Disneyland, the country’s largest amusement park — Dream World Bangkok, Thai Dream Park.


There is no time for boredom for children and even adults. You will plunge into the magical world: pleasant music, picturesque scenery, unusual compositions of flowers and plants, sculptures of famous characters, clowns and live fairy-tale heroes, attractions create a cheerful atmosphere of the park.

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Park territory

Thai family amusement park in Bangkok is huge, visitors barely have a day to go around it and take part in all 45 attractions and ride on 15 different roundabouts installed in the park. It is impossible to get lost here — the park is equipped with bright and funny signs. The territory of the park is conditionally divided into four zones:

Dream World Plaza

The main area is considered the Dream World Plaza — Dream Park Square, it begins at the very entrance. Exact replicas of world-famous buildings sheltered here: the Leaning Tower and the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Pyramid of Cheops, Ankor Wat, the famous temple complex in Cambodia.

The “Dream World Plaza” is held daily in the Dream World Plaza, on weekends and public holidays — at 12.30, 14.30, 16.30, on weekdays — at 14.30. In your eyes will be played exciting scenes of Hollywood action movies.

The most popular entertainment events: colorful processions, carnivals, festivals, performances with the participation of the heroes of favorite fairy tales take place in the Dream World Plaza.

Tired of many attractions, and hungry, here you can sit in numerous cafes. And for lovers of performances with exotic animals visit Animal show.

▣ Animal show at Dream Park.

The show takes place on weekdays at 12.00 and 14.00, on weekends and holidays — at 12.00, 14.00, 15.15.

Dream garden

Dream Garden — Garden of Dreams. A visit to this zone will bring a lot of delight and pleasant experiences to both children and adults. Children will be more pleased with the variety of attractions, and the attention of adults will be drawn to landscape design: alleys of fountains, cascades of waterfalls, oddly trimmed trees and bushes, fabulous flower arrangements, original design of the lake and much more.

The Garden of Love, one of the corners of the Dream Garden, will stir up romantic feelings in your soul. In the Garden of Dreams, you can take a walk, take a ride on a walking train or admire the garden from the cable car. Visit the show The colors of the World — “Colors of the World”, held daily at 15.45.

Fantasy land

Fantasy land — “The Land of Fantasies”, in this park zone children’s fantasies really come to life. That only is the extreme attraction Hurricane (Hurricane or Tornado), breathtaking among the most insatiable thrill-seekers. And in the House of the Giant you will be able to feel yourself as a tiny little man, having the opportunity to examine and touch all the objects and clothes of the giant while he sleeps. In this area is located the house of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty Castle, the carriage of Cinderella.

▣ But be careful, do not wake the giant.

Animal lovers will be attracted by Uncle Tom’s farm. On the Farm you can feed the birds, sheep, goats, visit the Dog House. In this house live small puppies of the smallest breeds. Children can pet and play with them.

▣ «Snow City» in Disneyland.

The opportunity to plunge into the winter atmosphere, you will receive by visiting the «Snow City», Snow Town. To visit Santa Claus, to play snowballs from artificial snow, to roll on a sled from a hill — and all this in the midst of tropical heat. Here you will be given appropriate clothing and rubber boots.

Adventure land

For lovers of thrills and the most courageous guests of the park — the fourth zone, Adventure land (Country of Adventure). Here is the largest number of exciting rides: “roller coaster” (length -1300m, descent speed -85 km / h), descent along the Grand Canyon river, “Viking boat”, “carpet-plane”. In the «room of fear» you can try to catch the ghost. Adventure lovers will appreciate the attraction-journey into space.

▣ Roller coaster.

Water rides are of great interest, which is not surprising, given the local climate. Be prepared to get wet. But do not worry, clothes dry in 15-20 minutes, and bags can be left at the entrance.

Thai Disneyland also has its own small water park, you should take care of a bathing suit and towel in advance.

Each of the rides has its own animator, it helps visitors, provides musical accompaniment, podzadorivaet participants.

Cost of attendance

The entrance ticket to Disneyland will cost you 180 baht if you plan to pay for the rides on-site. Prices for rides from 40 to 80 baht.

▣ Queue at the box office.

Buying an entrance ticket, you can immediately pay for the desired attractions for you. Ticket price for the whole day, taking into account all the attractions — 800 baht. In order not to stand in line, it is possible to pre-order the all-inclusive package from Dream World. For only 1000 baht you will get unlimited access to all attractions, the price includes lunch and transfer. For children there is a 25% discount.

Official website: www.dreamworld.co.th
Dream World phone: +66 2 577 8666 (from 8.00 — 18.00).

Working hours

The park is open daily, from Monday to Friday: from 10.00 to 17.00, on Saturday and Sunday: from 10.00 to 19.00. Come to the park better in the morning. Please note that after 4 pm entrance tickets are no longer for sale.

The closure of Disneyland, accompanied by a procession of fairy-tale characters through the entire park. Do not miss this exciting procession.

How to get there

Dream Park is located in the suburb of Bangkok, 10 km north of Don Muang Airport. Getting to it is easy. Planning a time to leave the park, it is worth considering the presence of traffic jams.

▣ Before entering it, you need to go to the local free shuttle (runs every 10 minutes).

The easiest way is to book an excursion to the Dream World park at the travel agency. The price includes transfer to and from. If you are traveling by company, it will be profitable to get there by taxi. The car will cost 200-300 baht.

Route from Bangkok

On your own you can get comfortable air-conditioned buses. From the North Bus Station in Bangkok (Mo Chit) there is a bus number 188, from Victory Monument — bus number 538. Ticket price 35 baht, go about an hour.

Dream World location map can help on the road.

Very convenient to take advantage of the special offer Dream World — full admission ticket. You organize a transfer from any pre-agreed point.

You may be interested

  • The park organized riding on the fabulously decorated elephants. If you want to admire the park from the height of bird flight, the cable car will give you this opportunity.
  • Be sure to take a camera with you. There are various installations for photographing everywhere. There are over 200 such specially equipped places in Dream World.
  • In different corners of the park lotteries are constantly played, games-competitions are held. As prizes — huge toys.
  • In addition, the territory of the cultural center of Van Tai. Here you can get acquainted with local folk art, crafts, Thai national costume, architecture. You can purchase your favorite products craftsmen.
  • On the territory of Disneyland, a local bazaar, several shops, souvenir shops are located comfortably.
  • You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices in catering points. And they are here for every taste: a cafe, a restaurant, mobile washbasins.

When planning a trip to Disneyland, take care of sunblock, a hat or an umbrella.

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