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Denpasar Airport in Bali: description, reviews, photos

Denpasar Airport in Bali: description, reviews, photos

Visit the fabulous place — on about. Bali, many dream. Those lucky ones with whom this dream will soon become a reality should get acquainted with useful information regarding the work of the local airport.

A little history

The airport received the name “Ngurah Rai International Airport” in memory of the deceased local hero And Gusti Ngurah Raya, who fought for Indonesia’s state independence with the Dutch army (died in 1946). Monument to the hero to this day is on the territory of the air station.

In 1931, the first runway was built in Ngurah Rai. At that time it was a military airfield, the construction of which were engaged in the Dutch. He occupied a small area in which there were aircraft hangars and a runway, the length of which was only 700 meters. With the arrival of the 40s, the Japanese captured the airfield.

During the occupation, it was significantly expanded: the Japanese doubled the runway, the airport expanded significantly and flourished, and after a while turned into a civilian. Thirty years later, the authorities decided to expand the airport, having damaged the runway by 1.2 kilometers. Today it is 3000 meters.

Denpasar has experienced many reconstructions in its history. In 2013, a new international terminal earned here, after which the structure for domestic flights was reconstructed.

In 1960, they came to the conclusion that it is necessary to expand the airport and the runway. It extended into the ocean by 1.2 thousand meters. Today its length is three kilometers. Since that time, the Bali air gates have experienced many repairs and renovations. The new international three-story terminal began receiving visitors in 2013. After that, the building was reconstructed for domestic flights.

The rapid growth of passenger air traffic

Bali air gate is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Denpasar (the capital). The airport is a key transportation hub of the island. It is modern, well equipped and equipped, it serves large flows of passengers.

Ngurah Rai International Airport has two terminals — for domestic and international flights. The first is a small structure with a «modest» platform for greeters. But it is here that all sorts of ATMs are located, including the most popular among our compatriots, Citybank, famous for the lowest commissions.

Passenger turnover increases very rapidly. For example, in 2005, it was about 6.5 million people a year, and already in 2011 it was twice as large. Since the number of tourists is steadily increasing, in the next 5-7 years, passenger traffic can exceed 25 million people a year. Not surprisingly, the local authorities decided to build a second airport. It is assumed that it will be located in the north of the country.

Arrival area

Since 2015, many countries have been able to arrive in Bali without a visa within 30 days. Visitors who are going to stay here longer need to apply for a visa upon arrival (VOA-Visa on Arrival). Its cost is 35 US dollars. After receiving it, you can stay for 30 days longer.

Arriving in Bali, you must fill out and submit a tax return during passport control. Often it is issued to passengers still on the plane. But you can take it and fill it up while in the queue for passport control.

There is an arrival zone on the first floor. Employees of hotels with tablets in their hands meet their future customers here. Immediately there are several exchange offices, but to change all the money in them is not worth it, since they offer very unfavorable conditions.

Infrastructure Ngurah Rai International Airport

The terminal for international flights is decorated in the national style. On its territory work:

  • duty free shops;
  • cafeterias and restaurants;
  • small shops;
  • massage rooms;
  • shower.

The recently built terminal is comfortable in all respects — besides the increase in its carrying capacity, it has appeared twenty windows in which to issue visas. Nearby there is a high-speed highway connecting the most popular cities and resorts, such as:

The terminal for domestic flights is much more modest, but even here passengers are provided with very comfortable conditions for waiting for their plane to depart. They work here:

Also at the airport there are:

  • luggage storage;
  • cinema;
  • stalls with souvenirs;
  • playgrounds for games.

Registration of tax-free

For non-residents who have purchased goods for a total amount of more than 500,000 IDR within 30 days and issued a tax-free form at the store, a tax refund service is available at the airport. Presenting a passport, a form and a check at the customs, and going to the counter with the inscription “VAT Refund for Tourists”, customers are returned the sums due to them.

How to get to the hotel and back to the airport

Of course, all passengers need to get from the airport to the place of rest. Most often, tourists initially go to the capital of Bali, the city of Denpasar, or to the city of Kuta, which is the most popular resort among tourists. From the airport, public transport does not go, and therefore there are options such as: friends or acquaintances, taxi and transfer.

Private cabers are not here, and taxi drivers in all directions there is a fixed cost. In order not to “fly in” for a huge amount of money, it is necessary to negotiate with a taxi driver right next to the stand of the order of transport, and even better, use the services of official city services. One of the best in terms of cost and quality is Trans Sarbagita.

This company offers both passenger cars and comfortable buses and minibuses for 15 passengers. It carries out bus transportation from 5 am to 9 pm. Buses go on schedule, route: airport — city bus station.

Almost all hotels offer their guests a return transfer (from the airport and back). Every person traveling to Bali has the opportunity to book a car suitable for him in advance. In this case, the driver with the name plate will wait for him at the airport at the agreed time. Specified at registration cost will remain unchanged, it will not affect the waiting time or a simple car in traffic jams.

Departure from Bali

Sooner or later, but every traveler comes back. The passenger departure area is located on the third floor of the airport. On its territory there are many different cafeterias and shops where you can buy souvenirs you like. It should be borne in mind that the cost of all the products sold here is much more expensive than in ordinary city stores and other establishments, therefore, in order not to spend money «on the wind», it is desirable to make purchases earlier.

In Bali, there is an “interesting” tax in the form of airport tax. Previously, he was paid at the airport before flying to another country. Today the amount of this tax is included in the air ticket price, therefore it is not paid separately. Travelers can expect other, not quite pleasant surprises.

For example, if a tourist is so keen on viewing iconic sights, and there are a huge amount of them here, and have not extended a visa in time, he will have to pay approximately two US dollars for every “overdue” day. Travelers should also have a certain amount of money in order to be able to use such necessary and useful services as storing their belongings in a luggage room, or packing luggage.

All those who are waiting for their flight can use high-quality and free Wi-Fi Internet. For this purpose, there are two well-equipped tables in the departure area of ​​the international terminal. Those who just flew to Bali, but want to quickly connect to the global web, you must purchase and connect a SIM card Simpati. At the airport, it is sold much more expensive, especially if it is purchased on the territory of an international terminal.

The following airlines serve passengers:

  • Garuda Indonesia;
  • Lion air;
  • Singapore Airlines;
  • China Eastern;
  • Korean Air.

The building of Ngurah Rai International Airport is practically buried in a variety of green areas. Boarding is carried out through the corridors, the walls of which are made of glass and decorated with flower arrangements. Fifteen lines passes through baggage, 16 air bridges and about a hundred racks for check-in work.

How long does it take to passport control?

This issue is mainly concerned with those who, looking at the local beauty, arrives at the airport, just before the departure of the aircraft. There is no definite answer to it, since everything depends on the time of arrival and the number of flights. Indeed, even after the reconstruction and opening of many windows for passport control, the queues are still long. As a rule, there are a lot of people during the day, and in the evening, and even more so at night, at the airport, it is almost empty. True, there are not too many open windows and workers.

Other useful information about the services provided

Arriving tourists who are interested in renting a car should get services from Thrifty, Toyota, Hertz. Their representative offices are located both in the international terminal and in the domestic one.

Adjacent to the territory of the terminals is a parking designed for 2 thousand cars. You can leave your transport here for a very different period of time, at least for an hour, at least for a few days.

The airport has many bars, cafes and restaurants. Visitors are offered the most diverse, including national and European cuisine.

Following modern trends, a special waiting room for businessmen and business people is equipped at the airport. Several hotels have conference rooms and meeting rooms. On the territory of the international terminal, in the business class lounge, there is a fax, copier, and Internet access available to businessmen. Also here you can use the services of a secretary.

Do not forget about people with disabilities. To ensure convenient arrival or departure of persons with disabilities, airport staff can order and provide wheelchairs. For their safe and convenient transportation terminals are equipped with elevators and ramps.

Directly in the airport there are no hotels. The nearest hotels are located in the resort town of Kuta. You can book a room immediately upon arrival, going to one of the many racks.

Airport Background:

  • Telephone: +62 (361) 935-10-11
  • Airport website: www.bali-airport.com

General impressions and recommendations

Those who at least once visited the fabulous island of Bali, and, moreover, have been repeatedly, sharing their impressions, enthusiastically expressed not only about exciting holidays, clean beaches and interesting sights. Of course, the majority of our compatriots were impressed by the building of the airport “Ngurah Rai International Airport”, as well as the quality and level of service.

Almost every one of them, when asked whether he would advise those who are going to Bali for the first time, said that it is necessary to be extremely careful, try to do everything on time, not to rush and not be late.

Do not overpay on tickets, taxi drivers and hotel accommodation can be due to the timely booking of necessary services. Many also noted that on the day of departure it is very important to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours earlier. This will save your nerves, health and even money.

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