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Cuba: the sights of such distant and close islands

Cuba: Paradise sights and exotic Caribbean islands

Fantastic landscapes, romantic vacations, turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea, caressing sand of endless beaches attract tourists to the island of Cuba as much as the historical sights of Rome. Ardent rhythms of salsa, rumba create a carefree atmosphere on the streets of resort towns. The doors of luxury hotels open before tourists, and hospitable people provide comfortable accommodation for all visitors.

At the same time, Cuba is very compact, and if desired, any tourist can arrange an active and informative vacation, moving from city to city.

Beach resort Varadero

The center of tourists in Cuba is the city of Varadero, and this is not accidental. The city is located on a small peninsula near the capital. Rest on the island, washed by the clear waters of the Atlantic, allows you to get an unforgettable experience, a charge of cheerfulness. The development of international tourism began in the 30s of the XX century. The rich American businessman Dupont took a fancy to this place, bought out almost the entire territory and built a posh villa by the ocean. For a very long time, the resort was considered elite, only wealthy citizens from Europe and America rested here. But after the Cuban revolution, all the estates were nationalized, and ordinary people had the opportunity to relax on the cozy beaches of Varadero and enjoy the warm sea waters.

Exotic beach area extends over 20 km, and UNESCO recognized Varadero beach as one of the cleanest in the world. Tourists get here everything you can dream of:

  • night dance clubs;
  • golf courses and other sports activities;
  • deep sea fishing;
  • jungle trekking and waterfalls;
  • walks through the caves and other equally interesting entertainment.

The flow of tourists at Varadero airport is so impressive that the number of guests arriving every day is second only to Havana. In addition to clean and comfortable beaches, the city of Varadero is famous for other interesting places to visit: the city park, the mansion of the founder of the city, the cave.

Guam Village

There are almost no Indians left in Cuba, but in a small provincial village located near Varadero (Matanzas province), the original inhabitants of the peninsula once settled. The village is located on 12 islands, which are connected by bridges. A beautiful quiet place surrounded by mango groves and mirror waters of a local lake. It is inhabited by a few Indians who live in their huts, moving through the water in a canoe. In the protected area you can see interesting compositions, they show the unique life of the aborigines. Not only Cubans, but also tourists coming to the village, it is interesting to dive for the coral, or you can swim in the crystal clear water.

Bakunagua bridge

Part of the highway from Havana to Varadero enters a huge structure, which is the pride of the locals and is an engineering achievement of Cuban specialists. On one of the highest bridges there is a playground, specially equipped so that tourists can see the picturesque landscapes of the Varadero environs. The bridge is 315 meters long and 110 meters high and is striking in its grace; the bridge rests on thin columns. Delightful view opens to the eyes of travelers. It is noteworthy that the structure, supported by 40 strong graceful columns, complements the beautiful landscape: mountain peaks, palm trees, forever blue sky. The bridge significantly shortens the way from Varadero to the capital of the Republic of Cuba and is of interest not only among tourists, it is visited by all newlyweds.

Reserve Varaikakos

In their programs for tourists, the guides of Varadero necessarily include a walk through the conservation area, where exotic Cuba is represented by rare exhibits of Cuban nature, such as the oldest oldest resident — a cactus, whose age is estimated at several centuries. Here everything is provided for the most demanding tourists, in the park you can visit the cleanest beaches, Mangon lagoon, mysterious caves and archaeological monuments. History says that the locals have been using these Varadero caves for several thousand years.

Caves in Cuba

In Cuba, you can see interesting archaeological values, there are a lot of them here, and they have existed for 40 thousand years. The cave kingdom attracts and attracts tourists with its uniqueness and mystery.

Ambrosio Cave

In the province of Mantasas there is an ecological reserve — Varadero National Park, where you can visit this unique cave. Inquisitive and indefatigable in their search, archaeologists relatively recently discovered Indian sketches of the solar calendar. Once runaway slaves took refuge in this grotto, they conducted cult rituals, tell about it wall paintings, figures of Africans. The cave is considered a national monument, tourists can get into it by making a pre-order.

Bellamar Cave

It is located very close to Varadero, and it can be reached very quickly, even if there are not so many days planned for traveling on the peninsula. Visitors are stunned by rare magic stones. The spacious hall of the cave is a natural creation, it strikes with walls dotted with the magic shimmer of multi-colored crystals. The cave is huge (its length is about 3 km), but for tourists the route is 300 m.

Saturno Cave

Previously, runaway slaves also hid in this cave. The brutal war of 1895 forced the use of natural shelter near the resort of Varadero to assist the wounded during armed clashes. The uniqueness of the cave lies in the fact that here the underground river forms a lake. The purest clear fresh water is illuminated by the sun and spotlights. In the fabulous atmosphere of a cave with numerous stalactites and stalagmites, lovers of underwater adventures can make their dreams come true and plunge into the equally fabulous world of the underwater kingdom.

Traveling to Cuba, tourists find many interesting sights throughout the country, but no one will miss the opportunity to visit the most interesting places.

Havana — the heart of Cuba

Despite the fact that Cuba is mainly of natural interest for tourists, the guests of Cuba, tired of the sea beaches and the scorching sun, devote a considerable part of their time to cultural walks through the streets of Havana, rightly called the open-air museum. Tourists find particular attraction in visiting the central part of the city and the old district. Experts were surprised to find that Old Havana has 900 structures of architectural and historical value. The harbor is guarded by 4 ancient fortresses: Castillo del Morro and La Cabana — from the east, San Salvador de la Punta and La Real Fuersa — from the west. Numerous museums in the city will also be interesting.

The Vedado district is the heart of the island’s capital, the city of Havana. For many years, this area has been closed for construction, so that the survey of the coast is open. Now the territory admires fashionable buildings, and the embankment street unites the most prestigious areas. The proximity of the sea allows all locals and tourists to breathe in the fresh evening air while walking along the colorful embankment.

Hemingway Museum

Traveling around the world, Hemingway once settled in the town of Fink Vihia — quite far from the city center. An interesting fact: it was here that he wrote the famous story The Old Man and the Sea. A cozy chic house in which the writer lived for a long time, is visited by millions of tourists.

In the house-museum you can look at the interesting trophies of the writer, brought by him after traveling through the African jungle, memorable items, photos of children. Books are still kept in the house — more than 9 thousand copies. The house of Ernest Hemingway was opened in 1962, everything that the writer used during his lifetime was left intact and preserved. Visitors are not allowed to enter the premises to protect things, but everyone is allowed to look at the furniture through the open windows.

Fortress of La Fuers

Many sights in the territory of original Havana (and the whole of Cuba), like this fortress, were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A lot of fascinating can be seen on the eastern territory of the capital of Cuba. Tourists consider the ancient monolithic fortress to be an interesting object to visit. This is one of the oldest structures in America. As in many ancient cities, the fortress once served as a defense against pirate invasions. Now it attracts tourists with a unique embodiment of engineering and architectural thought. The marble coat of arms adorning the facade is guarded as the ancient heritage of architects. On the territory of the monument of architecture is the Maritime Museum, here the collection of archaeological finds found in the depths of the sea near the fortress is presented to tourists.

Mysterious Cuba with a heroic past welcomes guests every day, where you can go to any home hospitable, loving idle and measured life of Cubans, and you can feel all the delights of local color in any city.

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