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Costa Brava: the sights of one of the best resorts in Spain

Attractions «stern coast» of the Costa Brava

Warm clear sea, azure sky and the coast, surrounded by greenery … It is difficult to believe that someone considered this picturesque corner of Spain a stern and wild coast. And after all exactly so is translated from Catalan «costa brava». Now this strip of the Mediterranean coast, located in the north-east of the country, is among the seven best Spanish resorts. But this was not always the case: tourism in the region began to develop rapidly half a century ago. In many ways, this contributed to the stable and mild maritime climate of the Costa Brava. The local landscapes look impressive too: snow-white beaches framing the turquoise expanse, fancy cliffs overgrown with fir and pine trees.

Holt Salvador Dali

It is not surprising that such a controversial place as the Costa Brava presented the world with an eccentric but undoubtedly talented artist Salvador Dali. The master of surrealism was born in the small town of Figueres. Here he, being already sick and a lonely old man, spent the last years of his life. Locals tremblingly cherish the memory of a brilliant countryman.

One of the main attractions of Figueres — the theater-museum of Salvador Dali. Part of the museum complex — a terracotta building, vaguely reminiscent of a medieval castle.

Its walls are decorated with large golden crumbs made of bread. The structure is crowned with giant chicken eggs and gold Oscar statuettes. The central place in the architectural composition is given to the Galatea tower, dedicated to the wife and muse of the artist.

Another attraction of the museum complex is the old theater with a geodesic dome. An impressive structure made of steel and glass is the work of the architect Emilio Perez Piñero. It was under the dome, which became a symbol of pop art, that Dali’s body was buried. Surprises await visitors inside the museum, because the artist was a master of hoaxes and illusions. The collection gathered here includes 4 thousand works of Dali. And these are not only pictures, but also photographs, sculptures, holograms, jewelry.

What else is worth seeing in Figueres?

  • “TV Obelisk” by Wolf Fostel;
  • city ​​garden theater;
  • Catalan Toy Museum;
  • collection of watches by Martin Amiel;
  • Emporda Museum of Technology;
  • monument to the philosopher Francescu Puzolska;
  • the sculpture of Dali «The Memory of Newton»;
  • St. Peter’s Church.

38 km from Figueres, on the Costa Brava, is the village of Port Lligat. This place is famous for the fact that from 1930 to 1982 Gala and Salvador Dali lived here. For half a century, the couple bought up local fishing huts, building their fabulous maze dwelling. In the house-museum of Dali, much seems outlandish and original, and at the same time completely in keeping with the spirit of the artist and his wife.

The complete opposite of the “nest for two” is the Poubol castle. The medieval fortress, noticeably dilapidated over the millennium, Dali bought and presented to his wife in 1969. Together with Salvador, Emil Pinot worked on the restoration of the castle. In the future, Gala loved to spend time here separately from her husband. In 1982, when she died, the artist ordered that she be buried in the castle crypt. Two years later, there was a fire in the building, during which Dali suffered severe burns. Subsequently, to restore the interior of the castle was only partially.

Where to visit Lloret de Mar?

Lloret de Mar is the most visited resort of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea and the largest tourist center of the Costa Brava. Vacationers here are attracted to the cleanest sandy beaches and comfortable hotels. The advantage of Lloret de Mar is also a prime location. By car you can get from the capital of Spain to the resort in an hour. Not far from here and France — only 90 km. Among other things, the municipality is interesting and attractions:

In Lloret de Mar is one of the most beautiful castles in Spain — Sant Joan. The citadel was built in the 11th century and was used as intended until the 18th century. Despite the huge number of tests — earthquakes, storms, shelling, the fortress is perfectly preserved. Now it has a museum. Since the castle is located on the top of a cliff, it offers a beautiful view of the resort and the sea.

The attraction of Lloret de Mar is the gothic church of San Roma, built in 1522. In the Golden Age of Piracy, when the coast of Spain was regularly attacked by sea robbers, the religious building served as not only a house of prayer, but also a refuge. At the beginning of the 20th century, the church was reconstructed by Bonaventure Conil-y-Montobio. The architect brought to the shrine the Byzantine and Arabian motifs, elements of Art Nouveau.

The high rank of the «national treasure of Catalonia» was awarded to the Gardens of Saint Clotilde. The place of interest is in Fenals — an elite area of ​​the city. The landscape gardening complex in the Renaissance style appeared almost a century ago thanks to the architect Nikolaou Rubier-i-Tuduri. The garden performed by Barcelona became a wonderful example of the harmonious combination of creations created by man and nature.

In Spain, the mass of places where you can have fun and interesting time with children. One of them, the Dwarfs Park, is located in the suburb of Lloret de Mar. Fabulous underground dwellers are everywhere in the entertainment center: they look from the roof, look out of the well, saw firewood in the forest and just live everyday life in Gnome Town.

In the park there are swings, merry-go-rounds, water rides, there is a cafe with a children’s menu and a special picnic area.

What else to see in the Costa Brava? Be sure to go to the Museum of cats, created at the beginning of the zero years by people from Russia Alexander Gvozdev and Vera Novoselova. The symbol of Lloret de Mar is the statue of Donna Mariner in Cala Banis bay. The female figure, created by sculptor Ernesto Maragal, depicts the sailor’s wife, escorting her husband to a long journey. The modernist cemetery of Lloret de Mar is considered to be a kind of open-air museum. Contrary to the traditional notions of burial sites, this is not at all a dull and scary place, but a green park with beautiful crypts and mausoleums.

Spanish Mediterranean Castles

Spain can be safely called the country of castles. The increased concentration of fortresses in a relatively small area is explained by the fact that the Pyrenean Christians for nearly 700 years conquered these lands from the Arabs. The period of endless wars, called the Reconquista, ended in Spain in the 15th century. However, there are in the Costa Brava and more ancient attractions, such as the ancient fortress of Roses.

Here you can look at the remains of Greek and Roman dwellings, the ruins of a Benedictine monastery, visit the archaeological museum.

Traveling to the interesting places of the Costa Brava, it is worth visiting in Tossa de Mar. The city is famous not so much for its beaches, as for its medieval historical center. The local fortress is called Vila Velha. To look at the castle, tourists climb the serpentine road on foot or by train. At the top of the hill are the Tossa Lighthouse and the Museum of Navigation. The symbol of the fortress is the Tower of the Moors. The magnificent castle of the 9th century is located in the unique village of Peralada.

These are not all the sights with which the Costa Brava is rich, so the rest will fly here unnoticed — every day you can visit a new place that will leave vivid impressions in your memory.

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