Tourists from Phuket, they go for adventures, drive, bright sensations. There is enough «bread and circuses» for every taste and purse. Phuket is famous for its nightlife. The city changes for a holidaymakers begins. There are many nightclubs, you will not have to go far.

Clubs in Phuket are large enough. Of course, mainly for tourists. 8 p.m.

How to attract guests: Thai tricks

You can infrequent meet men in the Thai club. But the Thai girls are the «night butterflies». Although you can try it. Since the nightclubs in Phuket are full of one of them, try to attract guests. There is a way to the institution.

And what about men? It’s a very simple strategy: if you’ve been a win-win strategy. The honey beauty girl thai girl attracts her hair It is easy to communicate.

You can easily negotiate with your child.

There are never a deficit in guests! Especially since most Phuket nightclubs. Clubs are full of visitors. Most of the establishments are located on Patong. Here night clubs are literally at every step. From Phuket Town, you can get here in many ways. In the afternoon — by bus, taxi, tuk-tuk. Alcohol consumption.

You can get to Patong only by taxi or tuk-tuk at night. Tourists have their own “zest”, which is not in other institutions. Not every disco in Phuket will be interesting. Which of them deserve attention?

Seduction (Seduction Nightclub)

Three thousand people. It is located on Bangla Road. It is considered the most pretentious club on Patong. Here all night long plays only popular music. It is calm, so it’s possible, so far as possible, in a nightclub. It is impossible to see it.

They offer discounts, distribute, entrances, flyers on an entrance. For the 50th baht, it’s possible to get it at the 50th baht. It is possible to go to the club through security. You’re not surprised if you’re looking for a handbag. You will be able to take away everything.

There is no need to wait for them.

The main entertainments of the club are concentrated on the second floor. There are bar, little tables, chairs. You can give a tip to the waiter — 20-40 baht. The big dance floor in the middle. From the ceiling. There is a number of people on the floor.

The main thing that tourists like:

  • the scale of the institution
  • high level of security
  • DJs who come here

Seduction Nightclub Phuket on a map:

Hollywood Disco

This is tempting name. There is also on Bangl Road. It isn’t necessary to buy drink. Because there is a lot of visitors. Likely, hope for honesty of vacationers. The prices of drinks begin from the 100th baht.

It is necessary to leave all pricking. There is a lot of thai girl You can choose any, you can not choose. There is no doubt that it is not a problem. It won’t be possible to imprint it. For girls who’re here for the crowd. Guys are forbidden to catch.

LCD TVs are installed in the toilets, there is a nightclub on Patong «Hollywood». After the toilet, you’ve even been helped to help people. Every week there is a movie.

Among the most spectacular themed parties are «Moulin Rouge», «Pirates of the Caribbean» and others based on famous films.

The room is greatly changed due to the decoration of the halls. When the show-masquerade reaches apogee, it is a lottery.

HOLLYWOOD on a map:

«Tiger» (Tiger Disco)

Discoclub on Patong is located on the famous street of Bangla Road. Girls pass for free, admission ticket for men 200 baht (this includes one drink). Non-alcoholic drinks from 100 baht, cocktails — from 150 baht. Night club differs from others in tiger and snake heads, different stones, just high ceilings. It feels like you are in a cave.

There are two halls in the club. In the first you can drink In the first hall there are many girls, unobtrusively attracting to a pleasant rest. On the dance floor, a stage, poles and a huge TV. Tired of dancing madness — go up to the second floor,

Tiger Disco on a map:


Nightclub in Phuket with no more than a thousand people. It is located directly on the roof of the Jungceylon shopping center. Transparent glass bottom above the dance floor.

The hall is decorated with plants and paintings. There is even a garden, and there is a special place for smoking. Enough impressive range of drinks, including exclusive. The nightclubs in Patong. There are also a number of parties to the club.

In addition to those named in Phuket nightclubs, we can identify such institutions as:

  • “Banana”, where live perform classical music;
  • «White room» with a white interior;
  • «Moulin Rouge» escort services are provided;
  • «Soi Crocodile» (or Soi Katoey) — at the entrance of visitors to the chic outfits with feathers; with a symbolic fee they can be photographed;
  • “Kiss Disco” — nightclub for gays;
  • “Illusion” — “Du Soleil”.

You can safely make it out.

Remember that some nightclubs are designed exclusively for gay guys.

There is a wide variety of Thai entertainments, girls looking for spectacular exotic shows. Phuket also offers a lot of interesting things.

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