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Climbers insurance

Climbers insurance

It’s no secret that mountaineering is considered to be one of the most dangerous sports. Even insurance, which is designed for active sports, will not be able to cover all the risks that occur during climbing. Therefore, you should purchase special insurance for climbers, which includes a huge variety of fractures, injuries and injuries, the treatment of which she will be able to compensate in the future.

What does insurance for climbers include?

Insurance for climbers is more expensive than regular travel insurance or medical insurance, as it includes more expensive operations. The following points are most often included in such an insurance pole:

  1. emergency ambulance;
  2. evacuation of the victim by a private helicopter (sometimes this function is not included and you need to ask her to add);
  3. hospital care;
  4. providing all the necessary medicines and special equipment;
  5. delivery of the victim to the homeland;
  6. transportation of the body to the motherland.

It should be noted that each client has the right to add to the standard package of insurance any additional services, such as rescue-search operations and the like. This item in insurance will not be cheap, but without it you will be searched for up to 3 days, and you will have to pay for the flight services from your own pocket.

Often, tourists use the service of civil liability, which insures them in case of inadvertently causing harm to another person. In this case, all costs are paid by the company of the insurer, and it does not matter that the person to whom you have suffered the insurance pole.

What are the disadvantages of insurance for climbers?

Minus insurance for climbers is its rarity. Few companies can afford to insure people who are engaged in this kind of activity, but if you find one, the services will be twice as expensive as regular insurance.

The company also has the right to refuse to pay you the insurance funds, if it is proved that your case is not included in the insurance. Most often there is a view of the situation associated with intoxication. Also excluded from the payment of cases where the insured person warned of the danger. For example, an avalanche came down and the mountaineer suffered, but before that the meteorological center warned of an emergency in the mountains.

How much is insurance for climbers?

You already know that climbing insurance for a mountaineer is quite expensive, and that many insurance companies are not at all taken for its design. If you want to include in your package also a search and rescue brigade, then its amount will increase another 1.5 times. For example, a trip to the territory of Asia will cost you from 1,800 to 4,400 rubles, and this, not including additional services. It should be emphasized that saving money on such insurance is not worth it, because during an accident you can regret it very much.

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