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China’s main attractions: what tourists need to see

The main attractions of the most interesting of China, a must-see

Mysterious China is one of the most ancient states with a rich cultural heritage. On its territory there is a large variety of architectural and natural monuments that are worth seeing. Going on an exciting journey through the Middle Kingdom, you need to thoroughly prepare and make a list in which you need to include the main historical and modern sights of China. When planning an acquaintance with the Heavenly Empire, be sure to note that it’s impossible to explore its centuries-old history in one guided tour. Be prepared to return here more than once and not for one week.

The iconic places of the Middle Kingdom

Unusual and colorful places of China will certainly make an unforgettable impression on each of their visiting tourists. The country attracts not only fans of its stunning temples, but also the opportunity to visit sacred places, quiet and secluded. To feel the true soul of this country, you need to look at its most important places that will allow you to get closer to Chinese culture. The list of attractions that you need to visit in the Middle Kingdom should include:

  • Great Wall of China.
  • Mount Huangshan.
  • Museum complex
  • Island of Lantau.
  • Yihe Yuan Park
  • Lijiang City.
  • Luoyang City
  • Shaolin monastry.
  • Optical illusion museum.
  • Zhangjiajie National Park.
  • Dongting Lake.
  • Park Beihai.
  • Reserve Huanglong.
  • The colorful mountains of Zhangye Danksia.

The presented list is not exhaustive, but contains the main objects of cultural heritage of China, to get to know more closely which is simply necessary in order to understand the culture and interesting history of the ancient state.

the great Wall of China

One of the most ancient monuments of world architecture that have survived to our days is the Great Wall of China. The largest sight of the Middle Kingdom in its size, created by human hands. It is located in the northern part of the state for hundreds of kilometers, starting from the Bay of Liaodong and stretching to the Gobi Desert. It is unlikely that it will be possible to inspect the entire monument, but it is imperative to visit at least a small part of a historic building with world fame.

Yellow Mountains

The impressive Huangshan Mountains are located in the eastern province of Anhui, 50 kilometers from the city of the same name. Natural object is characterized by five main advantages:

  • rocks with fancy shapes;
  • magnificent pines;
  • clouds soaring below mountain peaks;
  • boiling springs;
  • mountain peaks covered with snow caps.
    The unity of all distinctive features creates a unique natural complex with its beauty and scope.

Gugun is the largest complex on the planet consisting of medieval palaces. It is a harmonious combination of a variety of wooden towers, which served as the residence of the emperors. Located in Beijing Beijing is a semantic center not only for the capital, but for the entire state as a whole. In the Forgotten City, you can touch the centuries-old history, see the conditions in which the imperial dynasties lived.

Lantau should be visited to enjoy the natural beauty, the view of the beautiful sandy beach and the variety of Buddhist architecture of the island, just two kilometers from Hong Kong. Unlike the noisy and restless neighbor, on which life always rages, Lantau conquers with silence and solitude.

The Summer Imperial Palace is the most interesting architectural monument of the Heavenly Empire, having world fame. The finest palace complex is located in the northwestern part of Beijing. Here, tourists are waiting for great views and typical objects of historical Chinese architecture.

In the southern province of Yunnan, the magnificently preserved Lijiang city, the oldest settlement of world history, awaits its guests. Many bridges and canals gave him a second name — Chinese Venice. Lijiang conquers with its originality and architectural objects that have a thousand-year history. Walking through the picturesque streets of the city, the tourist feels like a real time traveler.

Luoyang, located in the western part of Henan Province, is considered the cradle of Chinese history and one of the ancient capitals of the Middle Kingdom. The city is concentrated a large number of a variety of attractions. The history of Luoyang is full of exciting events and received a real reflection in the monuments of architecture.

Shaolin monastery

The legendary and widely known worldwide monastery is located in the central part of the country in the province of Henan. To visit the homeland of martial arts wushu, you need to get to the mountain range of Sunshan, whose powerful energy has healing power.

Optical Illusion Museum

One of the most famous sights of modern China is the Optical Illusion Museum of Hong Kong. The first feature of an interesting and unusual museum — the exhibits can and should be touched. Exhibits come to life from human interaction. You can have fun and usefully in one of the most entertaining establishments in its class, briefly leaving reality and plunging into the exciting world of illusions.

Zhangjiajie National Park

Zhangjiajie is a modern business card of the Middle Kingdom. Thousands of tourists travel annually to the northwest of Hunan Province, where the landmark is located. This fact, first of all, is explained by the fact that the park has become a natural scenery for the popular film “Avatar”. And secondly, the recently installed longest glass bridge, which is already an exciting adventure, added to the popularity park.

Dongting Lake

On the border of the provinces of Hunan and Hubei, there is a fascinating lake, shallow, but very large in area. Natural object is of great cultural importance. It is the place where the fascinating feast of dragon boats was born.

Beihai Park

In the north-west of the Forbidden City lies a magnificent garden — the resting place of the once ruling emperors. In the park, you can not only admire the beautiful views of the oldest objects of Chinese architecture, but also meet with the most interesting representatives of the plant world. The place is deservedly considered the most beloved park of residents of Beijing.

The Huanglong Nature Reserve is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in Sichuan Province, 50 kilometers north-west of Jeju City. The name translates into Russian as the Yellow Valley of the Dragon. The picturesque nature reserve has received a well-deserved fame thanks to the lime terraces, various lakes, waterfalls and caves.

Zhangye Danksia

The colorful mountain complex of Zhangye Danxia is an amazing natural phenomenon, striking in its beauty and brightness. Located an amazing object in the territory of Ganzu, a province of the Heavenly Empire. The color creation of natural art a few years ago became part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Cognition of China

Picturesque cultural objects and extraordinarily beautiful views of the Empire of Heaven make an indelible impression, remain forever in human memory. Colorful temples, sacred natural places, modern buildings and other sights of China make the country a really interesting object to explore.

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