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Children’s holiday vacation: original planning ideas

Better vacations can only be well-organized children’s holidays.

Parents and students are waiting for the holidays with almost the same impatience. Everyone wants to take a break from school worries, homework, projects and essays. And if parents need only psychological relaxation, then schoolchildren need a good rest, because studying takes a lot of physical strength. In addition, it requires tremendous emotional stress. How to organize the rest so that the child is not only relaxed, but also received positive impressions? In this issue, parents are required to show fiction and organizational skills.

How to make summer holidays unforgettable?

Summer is the best time of year for a holiday, not only because of the warm weather, but also the longest school holidays. Psychologists say that children start to wait for them already from winter. The last quarter requires tremendous mental stress from them, since it is necessary to “pull themselves up” and get good annual estimates. This quarter is also complicated by the fact that schoolchildren literally feel the approaching summer: this is promoted by a bright sun and warm days. It’s hard for them not to think about rest at this time.

In a word, by the beginning of the summer children come really tired both physically and morally. They need to throw out all the negative emotions and start getting positive impressions. What should parents do?

  • Option one and one of the most successful — to organize a joint summer vacation. This will show your children love and attention. The ideal option is to go somewhere — on a trip to the sea, to visit interesting cities, to visit places where you have not been before. This will bring together vivid memories, will make parents and children closer emotionally. If there is no possibility to leave somewhere, you should try to spend summer evenings and weekends together: go out to town for picnics, arrange cycling in parks, just walk in the evenings and play volleyball or other games that the child loves. Joint leisure brings together, because there are shared memories and emotions.
  • Option two — holidays in a children’s camp. This is a great opportunity for organized outdoor recreation. The child will be busy with useful interesting things, games with peers, and what is important — to be constantly under the supervision of professionals. It is only necessary to choose a proven camp with good reviews and extensive experience in the organization of children’s activities. Camp shifts are the most vivid memories of schoolchildren, even if at first it was difficult for them to get used to living outside the home. New friends, unusual activities that help the child to relax and show their abilities, constant maturing — all this invaluable life experience!
  • Option three — summer with relatives. Favorite grandparents, aunt and uncle, living in a village or small district towns, can be excellent assistants to parents in organizing children’s activities. Forest, river or lake, freedom and carelessness — all this hardens the child physically, strengthens the psyche. So many people like to spend time.

Summer in the city

You can not send a child to a children’s camp or to the grandmother in the village, go with him to the sea? Do not think that he is doomed to summer in the stuffiness of the city in front of a computer. Everything depends on you — in each city there are plenty of opportunities for good rest. In June, school day camps operate. For a whole month, a child, while in the familiar surroundings of his native school, can rest under the strict supervision of adults. Here, exciting events await him, as counselors also work in such camps, excursions and trips are organized — and in his hometown there is something to see. Children are usually taken to museums, exhibitions, they arrange excursions to enterprises and just trips to interesting places.

In addition to school camps, there are children’s clubs and studios, where leisure activities are also organized for schoolchildren of different ages in the summer. Does your child go to a language center or theater studio? Find out there about the plans for the summer, probably already prepared an interesting and rich program. Call the children’s leisure centers nearby and find out what they can offer during the summer holidays.

And, of course, do not forget about the joint weekend. Picnics and walks will not only be a leisure option, but will allow children and parents to get closer.

What to do in the fall and spring?

Autumn and spring holidays are not as long as summer, but their children are looking forward to it. And in the power of parents to make them saturated with new impressions. Here again, children’s leisure centers will come to the rescue, but being at home you can also have a good rest.

Think your child loves the most? Is he interested in computer or art and crafts? Perfectly! Help him to learn new things and acquire knowledge in the area that is close to him — let him familiarize himself with some computer program, learn how to make cartoons or create websites, learn new handicraft techniques.

Do not forget about reading books, watching movies and their joint discussion. And, of course, more time in the fresh air!

Winter — what could be better?

Winter is a time of year almost as loved by children as is summer. And all because winter is a synonym for funny games in the snow, skiing from a hill, skiing, visits to the rink. If you live in an area where the weather allows you to arrange such leisure, use this opportunity to the maximum. Walking is good for health, they strengthen blood vessels, harden, promote immunity.

In addition, the children’s winter holidays coincide with the New Year’s holidays of adults throughout the country, and isn’t this a great opportunity for the whole family to have fun? A busy winter vacation can be the beginning of a new hobby for your child — photography, skating or skiing. All this can permanently captivate him, broaden his horizons, enrich with new skills and abilities.

A few general tips that will make any vacation memorable and useful for a child:

  • Plan summer and any other leisure together. Discuss plans, be interested in the desires of the child, listen to what he is really interested in. This approach will reduce the possible rejection of some situations and really captivate.
  • Make a schedule of the day. To free time from school does not turn into doing nothing, you need to make a plan of the day. Include in it the things that the child will like, do not forget about useful activities. For example, it is imperative to read, perform several tasks in mathematics or English, do not forget about housework. Small responsibilities discipline, give importance to children in their own eyes. These may be the simplest actions — watering the flowers, feeding the cat, wiping the dust from the furniture. Younger students will be happy to mark the completed items with a tick or, for example, with a cat image. Older children are also well received by such a guide to action.
  • Alternate activities. Try to plan your child’s summer and winter vacation in such a way that both physical activity, mental activity, and entertaining leisure are in it. Changing activities is always beneficial.

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