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Central Festival in Pattaya: a complete overview of the shopping center

Central Festival in Pattaya: a complete overview of the shopping center

Central Festival (Central Festival) is the largest shopping center in the resort city of Pattaya. Since opening in 2009, its seven-story building has attracted visitors to the city, offering clothes, electronics, cosmetics and other products from the best global manufacturers. Guests will find here local and European cuisine and traditional for such entertainment complexes — a cinema, bowling, slot machines, a playground.


Central Festival is located on seven floors (one of them underground).

On the first two floors they sell clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics and jewelry. There are global brands that are widely known: from Adidas, Nike and Puma to Lacoste, Levi’s, The North Face and Triumph.

The third floor is occupied by sections of electronic goods. Electronic paradise — difficult

differently determine what reigns in Power Buy and other branded centers of almost all world brands. If something from electronic gadgets is produced in the world, then there will definitely be here.

On the fourth floor, women and the kingdom of beauty prevail. Make a haircut, tidy up the nails on the hands and feet, you can get a massage not only in familiar rooms, but also in specialized clinics, where procedures are performed by certified specialists.

The fifth floor is easily recognizable by smell — it is completely given to restaurants and cafes. Here, guests of the shopping center recuperate after shopping and shopping. A selection of European and Asian dishes is available. There is a Russian restaurant. Those who come with children are advised to take a break at the Food Park restaurant, which operates as a food court and has a play area for kids.

For the main entertainment you need to go up to the sixth floor. The local 4D and 6 D cinema is rightly honored as the best in Pattaya. There are bowling, karaoke, billiards, a lot of slot machines,

Benefits of Central Festival

SC Central Festival creates a comfortable environment for shopping lovers. Almost all world brands are collected under one roof. The building, of course, is equipped with central air conditioning, which is important in the local climate.

Many boutiques, even famous brands, regularly carry out sales and make discounts that can reach up to 70%. In addition, it also provides for registration of VAT refund (VAT Refund) in the presence of a check in the amount of more than 2000 baht. This service applies only to foreigners. If a refund is not provided in the store itself, then it is necessary to find a “Vat-refund for tourists” center for serving visitors on the second floor.

Here is issued a document, which is then presented at the airport upon departure. Moreover, the purchase amount can be made up of several stores for goods of various categories. There are only two conditions: acquisitions must be made within one day, and receipts for entertainment and food are not taken into account. In any case, taking into account VAT refunds and discounts, buying branded items is much cheaper than one would expect.

The infrastructure of the Central Festival is carefully thought out and organized so as to create maximum convenience for visitors. In addition to the thematic concentration of stores on floors, the principle of combining and additionality of functions is used. On any floor you can find a place for food, shopping or entertainment.

In the underground (basement) floor, marked the letter G, placed food court and Asian Bazaar (Asian Bazar) with many souvenir shops, including those selling gold jewelry, platinum, silver. In the grocery supermarket there is a decent selection of cheeses and ham, fruits and vegetables, good pastries and even black bread, collection wine from European producers. It is easy to get to the underground floor on escalators from the beach or from Second Street (Second Road).

Many tourists have adapted to eat it in Central Festival. The average portion, that is, one dish on the territory of a food court is in the range of 80-150 baht. At the checkout card is purchased, which then you need to make a payment. For lovers there is a Japanese Sushi buffet, which works on the principle of a buffet. Pay for the entrance a fixed amount of 329 baht (prices may vary in different buffets) and collect dishes that your heart desires.

Japanese restaurant Shabushi (Shabushi) also uses the principle of the buffet, but there is one feature. You can take ready meals (rice, soups, sushi, rolls, fish, seafood, fruits, seasonings), but you can cook something yourself. The necessary ingredients are moved between the tables on the automatic tape, the guests take what they like, throw them into the saucepan and cook right there at their table.

The establishment is popular and common are the queues: you have to wait for a free table or place around the counter for about 15-20 minutes. It is advisable to come to Shabushi until 5 pm, because in the evening the locals are drawn here for dinner and the people become noticeably larger.

In a candy store Secret Recipe You can not only try a wonderful cake, but also take the dessert with you.

Numerous banks and ATMs are located on the fourth floor. While women indulge in taking care of their bodies, men on the same floor can look through books in a reputable B2S store. If you want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the shopping halls, it’s enough to “escape” to the observation deck (there are such on every floor) and admire the panoramic view of the sea.

Central Festival conveniently located literally a hundred meters from the public beach of Pattaya, so after a rest by the sea, getting here on foot does not cause any difficulty. The shopping center is literally surrounded by hotels of the highest and middle level, whose guests are bound to become its visitors.

Most of the reviews contain a rating of «excellent» (47%) and «very good» (41%). The authors of about ten percent of reviews believe that in general, «not bad.» The authors of the remaining two percent of reviews claim that everything is bad and terrible. We assume that the latter is just not lucky. And let’s not forget about those who absolutely do not like shopping and crowded places.

Transport accessibility

Central Festival is located on Soi 9, between two streets: Beach Road and Second Road. On the famous local tuk-tuk can be reached from any area of ​​Pattaya for 10-20 baht. A walk from the city center will take about 15-20 minutes.

Location Central Festival on the map:

Working hours

Central Festival is open from 11.00 to 23.00 in the evening. Some stores stop accepting customers around 22.00. It is not recommended to be late, because there is not enough time to select purchases.

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