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Cambodia’s best beaches

Cambodia’s best beaches

What is the difference between Cambodian beaches and others? The same azure sea, white sands of beaches, palm trees and casuarinas. But so far all this is not too disturbed by civilization, is not spoiled by capricious foreign tourists, is not exhausted by the sewage of cities and industrial enterprises. The infrastructure of many Cambodian beaches still leaves much to be desired. And some of them are completely deserted.

But the nature here is virgin and untouched, resort towns and villages have not turned into places of mass pilgrimage when the apple has nowhere to fall. During the high season, the water temperature does not fall below 26–28 ° C, and at night the minimum values ​​of air are 20 ° C. But it is worth knowing that in the rainy season, tropical storms and high waves carefully polish local beaches. Therefore, swimming at this time can be dangerous. Especially, if you choose a secluded beach somewhere on the island.

Sihanoukville Beaches

The Cambodian resort of Sihanoukville has seven large beaches of varying degrees of purity and fullness. Stroll along the coast from south to north and tell you about the main urban beaches.

Otres (Otres) Beach

Otres Beach is located five kilometers south of Sihanoukville. In contrast to the lovely looking palms that adorn the coasts of warm seas, evergreen casuarinas with soft needles grow in this place. The coastline of Ottes is as straight as its neighbor Ochheuteal Beach, but stretches for as much as four kilometers.

The whole beach can be mentally divided into two parts. The first has a more familiar to our eyes landscape with many bodies of tourists, a dozen restaurants and bars and platoons of sun loungers installed in two — three rows along the coast. The cuisine here is varied, you can even find places that cook vegetarian dishes. In addition, there are three ATMs on the beach, where it will be easy to cash out foreign cards. There is also a pharmacy nearby.

The second part is more deserted, especially in the rainy season. A few years ago, it was an ordinary wild beach, where only local domestic animals and a rare foreign tourist looking for their own zen wandered. Today, urban beaches have become more well-groomed and civilized.

And even near the secluded Otres there is a tiled path with borders and rare arbors. True, the existing roadway is more like a dirt road somewhere in central Russia, only red because of the local soil. There are also several restaurants and cafes in the southern part of the beach, and hotels are located away from the coastline. It also built a new pier.

For those who have little sea and sun and require active rest, Ochheuteal Beach will be a godsend. Here you can try yourself in kitesurfing. It will be nice to slide on the sea on the board, the main thing is to correctly manage the kite (kite). And having turned around and jumping, you can become a hero in the eyes of the natives. Located on the beach and windsurfing station.

Those interested can rent a canoe or catamaran. Snorkeling will be easy even for children. It is only necessary to undergo instruction, to be able to breathe through the tube and swim next to the father or mother. The flora and fauna off the coast of Sihanoukville is diverse, so a shallow dive will bring a lot of pleasure. There is an equestrian farm not far from the beach, and everyone can ride horses.

Decent stores on Otres Beach is not found. There are small shops a la selpo with a set of basic necessities. If desired, you can walk to the nearby village of Otres River Village, where there are outlets and a market.

How to get there

The beach is located on the outskirts of the city and getting here from the center on foot will be quite tiring. The best way out would be to hire a tuk-tuk crew or rent a moped.

Ochheuteal (Ochtutil) Beach

Ochheuteal beach The most popular and populous place on the coast of Sihanoukville, something resembling Sochi in high season. From this beach began the industry of leisure and entertainment in this part of Cambodia. A narrow straight strip of sand stretches for two kilometers along the southwestern outskirts of the city.

In the northern half of the beach is traditionally surrounded by many small cafes and bars where you can try various sea creatures cooked on the grill. Local catering points offer dishes of both Khmer and European cuisine. And American fast food, in general, is ineradicable, like local peddlers walking along the surf.

Here on the beach they sell soft and alcoholic beverages. And at the so-called happy hour, the price of local Angkor beer even drops a little. There are also tents with various souvenirs. In the evenings on the beach you can relax in the romantic atmosphere of the bars, however, foreign tourists still should not walk around the city alone.

Behind the beach strip begins a series of small hotels and guest houses. It should be noted that the choice of housing is large, you can rent a room or a whole guest house, stay in a hotel, but in high season in the center of Sihanoukville prices are not cheaper than in Thailand.

Bungalow houses were built in the northern part of the coast. Living here will not have to go far to the water. The buildings stand right on the sand. Nearby there is a pier where from the boat you can get to the neighboring islands, as well as buy an excursion along the coast. In some sources, the northern part of the Ochchutil beach stands out as a separate city beach called Serendipity Beach or Intuition.

The central part of the beach is not so crowded. But here there is no usual equipment: sun beds, umbrellas, and there are no bars. A golf club is being built on the southern outskirts of Ochheuteal Beach. In the future it is planned to surround the beach with new hotels, restaurants, shops. And today, among the available entertainment there is an opportunity to go fishing on a boat, rent an aquabike or go on a tour along the coast.

How to get there

Ochheuteal Beach is located in the middle of the coastal strip and within walking distance of the central city sculpture of Golden Lions.

Sokha (Sokha) Beach

Almost in the middle of the coastline of Sihanoukville there is the only private beach Sokha Beach here. His territory is small, he stretched a distance of a little over a kilometer. The beach belongs to the most expensive city hotel Sokha Beach Resort, proudly wearing five stars on its signboard. Therefore, coastal alleys are constantly cleaned by local janitors.

The beach infrastructure includes a sunbeds area under umbrellas, several cafes, restaurants and a swimming pool. Guests staying at the hotel enjoy local beauty for free. For other holidaymakers there is a solid dachshund. To get into a closed zone and stay in bliss and bliss all day long, you will have to pay $ 20 per adult and $ 10 per child from 12 years of age at the hotel reception.

All others are free. For this money, leftists can carelessly splash in the sea, relax on hotel lounge chairs, use the gym, sauna and swimming pool, and even take one of the drinks at the bar. Walking around the hotel and the constant smiles of the guards are an extra bonus.

The beach is perfectly clean fine white sand, the entrance to the sea is shallow, and the water is calm. Another indisputable advantage of this beach is the absence on its territory of traders, peddlers, who by their quantity and intrusiveness can spoil the whole rest. Sokha Beach is a free trade zone.

How to get there

From the center of Sihanoukville to the beach Sokha Beach a kilometer and a half — two. You can walk on foot, feeding your appetite and anticipating the gentle sea and the warm sand, or you can use the services of a tuk-tuker.

Independence Beach

The word «Independence» is translated from English as «independence.» You should not look for any catch in the name of the next Sihanoukville beach — Independence Beach. It got its name from the large four-star Independence Hotel, built in the seventies of the last century, towering on a hill.

According to some information, here in 1967 the wife was staying, or rather, then the widow of one of the American presidents, Jacqueline Kennedy. The hotel itself is stylish and modern with a large landscaped area. On the opposite side there is a playground, but it is intended mainly for young guests. There is also a pier here, it is also the property of the hotel.

The length of the beach Independence Beach is almost two kilometers. It stands out with pure white sand and the beginnings of beach infrastructure. The left bank belongs to one of the casinos. In the center you can find several cafes and sun loungers with umbrellas located opposite.

Food prices are cheap, there is even free wi-fi. The width of the sandy strip on the beach is small, shortening to indecent during tides. But at low tide here you can successfully sunbathe and swim. The seabed at the shore is flat and flat. For several years in front of the central part of the beach is a big construction. Here it is planned to build an elite hotel complex. But while the beach is not very popular with locals and tourists.

How to get there

Independence Beach is located four kilometers from the center of Sihanoukville. A walk here from the Golden Lions can take almost an hour. On the tuk-tuk will have to go for 10-15 minutes.

Hawaii (Hawaii) Beach

In the northern part of the city near the Russian Bridge, which connects Sihanoukville with a small island, is the beach with the proud name of Hawaiian. The beach is quite small, but unlike others in the western part it has a wide strip of sand by the sea, fenced by pergolas along the perimeter. Pines are also growing here, giving the guests a good shade.

View of the beach is not everywhere presentable. On the one hand, along the very edge of the water, there are stones and shabby cafes, where mostly the local population rests. But there are several places where white tourists prefer to get saturated. Here are the rows of different chaise longues.

In several places brown streams flow from the thick of the trees into the sea, an unusual smell of water is attached to the unusual color of the water. The far part of the beach is sandy and more comfortable with a gentle sunset into the sea. There are beautiful guest houses and a large hotel, the pool of which is located on the beach. According to some reports, this beach is invested by none other than the French Alain Delon.

How to get there

The distance from the center of Sihanoukville to the Hawaiian beach is five kilometers. You can take a taxi or rent a tuk-tuk.

Victory (Victory) Beach, Sihanoukville

Another Sihanoukville beach called Victory is located near the city hall and the port. A narrow strip of sand stretches for a kilometer. Tides diligently eat up part of this coast, taking away their legal meters from the rest. But during low tide here you can relax very well. Beach infrastructure consists of several small restaurants and bars. There are luxurious places where a large number of seafood dishes are served. Prices for accommodation in this area are even cheaper than the rest of the city.

This area is inhabited by a large Russian community, which also built a local clinic. Poor Cambodians are also treated as a charity in a medical facility. Russian was built entertainment club «Airport», which is a hangar with a real AN-24. On the beach there is a long pier, from which excursion boats depart. If you wish, you can rent a boat for boat trips.

How to get there

The distance to the seaport is only 2 kilometers, and it can be reached on foot. And from the center of Sihanoukville will have to take a taxi or tuk-tuk. The parking is located right there, the rented transport is left here.

Prek treng beach

In the northern part of the city is another beach Prek Treng Beach. It is located far from the center, perhaps, therefore, the local population and tourists are not eager to get here. Lack of any infrastructure also affects, there are a few pavilions only on the shore. But all this becomes so unimportant, you should see the pure white sand of the beach and azure waves of the sea. The sandy strip here is quite wide, rare low palm trees grow on the beach and there are large boulders.

How to get there

To get to the beach, you can order a taxi or rent a bike. Tomnub Rolork Road with good coverage goes along this part of the coast.

Beaches on the islands

Cambodia owns more than fifty islands. Some of them are tiny — a sort of blue dream of a megalopolis resident. The largest of the Koh Kong islands is comparable in size to Hong Kong. Most of these maritime territories are uninhabited, only occasionally single-person boats get here. On others there is some kind of infrastructure. In recent years, island Cambodia has become a tasty morsel for investors from different countries. And there is why. Kilometers of the cleanest beaches with white sand, gentle waves of the Gulf of Thailand, the possibility of year-round recreation make these places a dream that can come true.

Koh Rong Island (Koh Rong)

Koh Rong is located off the west coast of Cambodia. In past centuries, this place was considered the main refuge of the pirates, so some Aboriginal people are convinced that treasures are buried here. The island is divided into two parts. The first is a small fishing community, where in the local restaurants you can enjoy dishes from the marine inhabitants. The main part of Koh Rong is occupied by the jungle and a long strip of white sand beaches. Among the many kilometers of unspoilt coastline, two beaches stand out.

Long Set (Koh Rong)

The name of the beach Long Seth was named after a local farmer engaged in the cultivation of exotic fruits. The beach stretches three-kilometer strip on the southern side of the island. Warm white sand, azure sea, coral reefs are great for secluded relaxation. Near built several villas, nestled among the greenery. The facilities are minimal. But everything is compensated by untouched wilderness. Those interested can go diving and trekking. In the evenings in phosphorescent algae is observed in local waters.

Sok San (Sok San), Koh Rong Island

This is the longest beach on the island, stretching seven kilometers. It is located remotely from other territories, so it creates the impression of solitude and the absence of civilization. In the center of the beach there is a pier where the boats moor. Here, along the coast, sun loungers and straw umbrellas are scattered. Over the nearest palm trees rise the red roofs of hotels. On the beach offer sea excursions, fishing, diving, conducting romantic evenings.

How to get there

From Sihanoukville to the island daily ferry. Usually the journey takes 2 hours. But it is possible to get a boat. Then the island can arrive in 40 minutes, although the trip will cost a bit more.

Koh Thmei Island (Koh Thmei)

In the south-west of Koh Thmey Island, which is part of Ream National Park, is the beach of the same name. The island grows many mangroves and pine trees. This is a paradise for birds, of which there is an incredible amount. There is no accommodation on the island, with the exception of a few houses for tourists. People come here for rest and relaxation at a local beach. The strip of sand is narrow and long, and a little further in the water are coral reefs.

How to get there

You can get to the island by boat from Sihanoukville. Travel time is 1 hour.

Koh Rong Samloem Island (Koh Rong Samlem)

On the island of Koh Rong Samlem come for peace and quiet. The tourist flow here is small. The island has many beaches, but the most beautiful of them — Lazy Beach — kilometers of pure sand, lazy sea and real jungle. On the beach there are small bungalows, a bar and a restaurant. There are two zones that are frequented by foreign divers. For tourists organize fishing and shallow diving with a mask and snorkel.

How to get there

The island is located two hours sailing from Sihanoukville. You can get here on comfortable ships. On the way, they offer stops for sailing in the open sea.

The beaches of Cambodia are not yet spoiled by infrastructure. Some lack the usual amenities, but somewhere other than sand, jungle and the sea there is nothing and no. But is this not enough to feel happy? And let the rest of the world wait …

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