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Bus Terminal Bangkok (Bus Terminal Bangkok): Mo Chit, Ekkamai, Sai Tai

Bus stations of Bangkok: addresses, schedule, photo

If we talk about transport, then Thailand — the country of buses. They can go almost anywhere in Ty. This is especially true for those areas in which no trains or planes fly.


But even where you can fly, the bus is often a comfortable and low-cost alternative to an airplane. Bangkok bus stations play an important role in the transport system in Thailand.

Bangkok’s main bus stations

Bangkok serves as a transport hub of Thailand. As in Russia, all roads lead to Moscow, and in Thailand, all roads lead to Bangkok. If you are traveling from north to south of the country or from east to north, you will certainly either pass through Bangkok or make a transfer in it.

Conventionally, Thailand can be divided into three parts:

Bangkok bus terminals are subdivided according to this principle. Despite the fact that from each station you can go in different directions of the country, their geographical location in the city is determined by the main areas of service:

  • Mo Chit bus station sends and receives northern, northeastern and some southern flights;
  • Ekamai bus station serves passenger traffic heading eastwards;
  • Bus station Sai Tai Mai is sharpened under the southern direction.

North Bus Station — Mo Chit

The main part of the territory of Thailand goes deep into the mainland, to the north of Bangkok. For this reason, northern Mo Chit is the largest bus station not only in the capital, but in the whole country. Its territory is huge.

For tourists from countries in which to travel over long distances, as a rule, use the rail transport, and bus stations are sharpened for the service of suburban areas, such large bus hubs are unusual.

Table 1. Directions of flights from Mo Chit bus station.

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