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Botanical Garden in Phuket: what to see, how to get, reviews

Phuket Botanical Garden: review, photo, reviews

For many of us, acquaintance with a new country occurs not only through unusual architecture and traditions, but also through the kitchen, growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees.

Thailand is different for everyone: for some, this is an unusual and exotic nature, for others, for stunning shopping, someone perceives this country as an oasis for all types of entertainment.

Phuket — a paradise for lovers of nature and entertainment

Phuket is the largest Thai island located in the Andaman Sea. By the number of luxury hotels, luxury resorts is one of the most significant places in Thailand. But there are recreation areas for tourists who are looking for a more economical type of vacation.

Therefore, prices can be safely considered democratic and quite comparable with the mainland part of the country. Moreover, the beauty of Phuket extends to all the magnificent natural landscapes, and a dish of exotic cuisine, fascinating water parks and sea depths.

Phuket Botanical Garden

Most visitors here will certainly visit the Botanical Garden, which is located in the Muang zone. The plants presented here are classified as decorative, exotic, and used in medicine, there is a pavilion of orchids.

In total, plants are represented in 30 different zones. They are grouped by type: medicinal herbs, fragrant plants and aromatic herbs, orchards. Presented samples from around the world allow visitors to learn about the diversity of nature in other parts of the world.

For example, in the lily section, many varieties of this beautiful flower, brought from different countries, are presented. The history of the plant is over 5000 years old and is mentioned in the cultures of many countries.

[quote font = «arial» font_style = «italic»] This plant is sacred to Buddhists and has a special national significance for India. [/ quote]

Plots with cacti in the botanical garden attract so many tourists from all over the world that for them workers prepared a detailed story-excursion, which allows them to learn about the processes of adaptation and evolution of cacti to the harsh drought conditions.

About how the leaves were modified and their gradual reduction to the size of thorns, which allowed these strange plants to survive in the absence of moisture and constant heat.

All lovers of this exotic flower from all over the world come to the zone where orchids grow. The botanical garden of Phuket proposes to consider even the rarest species of this plant. This pavilion will be especially interesting to all those who study this plant and its features.

On the territory there are Japanese and English gardens, as well as nature corners of Bali and France. In the Japanese garden will be interesting combination of plants and pagodas that adorn the landscape. In the English garden, traditional nature is presented along with statues in the English style.

For lovers of water will be interesting walk along the lake (central part of the park). A pond with surprisingly bright fishes — multi-colored carps splashing under the rays of the hot Thai sun. Here you can feed the fish, having previously bought food on the territory. Also nearby is a cozy cafe offering local drinks and food.

On the territory of the garden, everyone will find something interesting for himself — this is a waterfall, Thai-style bamboo structures, statues and sculptures. The excursion program will acquaint you with the history of plant development and some features of the climate.

And also at the end of the visit you will have a rest in the winter garden, which has air conditioning and saves everyone traveling to this region from the heat. In the winter garden are plants of the European part, temperate climate.

Both children and adults will be interested to see how pineapple and other exotic fruits grow. Visit the garden of palm trees, where unusual varieties from around the world. It is worth considering with great attention a sample of a bamboo hut, a stylized home of a Thai farmer, and see the arrangement of the hut inside, household items and a vegetable garden.

The park features the fauna of Thailand, in a special pavilion there are various types of butterflies, and in another part there is a pavilion with parrots.

[quote font = «arial» font_style = «italic»] The designers, when creating the botanical garden, transmitted with great precision the landscapes of nature, both tropical areas and cooler regions of the European part. [/ quote]

Before the visit you should take care of the panama, sunscreen and spray that protects against insect bites. The Botanical Garden itself is located near the Chalong Ring, about 2 km from the left side of the road.

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The beauty of these places can not leave indifferent tourists coming every year from all over the world to enjoy the unique rest of Thailand.

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