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Big Buddha on Phuket: photos, review, how to get there, reviews

Big Buddha on Phuket: prices, photos, how to get there

Sculpture Big Buddha on Phuket — The center of pilgrimage for local people and tourists. The largest attraction of the island is visible from afar and impresses with its gigantic size.

Locals believe that the majestic 45-meter giant protects Phuket from harm and guests with unclean thoughts. White marble glitters in the rays of the bright sun, as if from a statue emanates a glow. The Big Buddha became one of the symbols of the faith of the islanders.

The history of the popular shrine

A giant marble statue was erected between Chalong and Kata Beach, as a tribute to the Great Rama IX. Sculpture dedicated to the revered people of the king, began to build in 2002. According to the local government, it was supposed to surpass the Big Buddha in Samui (height 12 m) several times.

Significant amounts were allocated for construction, donations of ordinary people and tourists played a significant role. The place for Big Buddha on Phuket not chosen by chance. The peak of Nakked Mountain or Nakkerd Hill is considered one of the “places of power” and has mystical properties. According to legend, Buddha was meditating here.

Located at a height of 400 meters, the statue is visible from any southern point of the island. Despite the incompleteness of the decoration and the protracted construction of the temple complex, the flow of pilgrims and donations, the main source of finance, continues to grow. Travelers willingly contribute.

What attracts the Big Buddha complex in Phuket

White marble Big Buddha — the most significant, but not the only attraction of the temple complex. Next to the main statue is the figure of the Golden Buddha (12 m), dedicated to the Queen of Thailand Sikirit. On the adjacent territory there are many interesting sculptures depicting deities in various poses or revered people.

A detailed study of the temple complex will help its miniature project. No one passes indifferently past the so-called magic gong. According to local belief, when people touch him with a pure soul, he makes unusually melodious sounds.

Despite the incompleteness of the decoration, the Buddhist temple at the base of the statue is open to visitors. Many are waiting for their turn to receive the blessing of a monk and sai xing — a wicker charm on his wrist. In the bowl next to you need to drop a cash donation. You can devote 7 minutes of meditation in a special place.

Pilgrims perform a symbolic rite: make wishes and write down on marble tablets that will be used to decorate the temple. Their cost depends on the size: from 300 to 1 thousand baht. Buying souvenirs and signs, travelers contribute to the completion of construction. You can leave donations in designated vessels and drawers.

Before visiting the temple should take care of the dress code: close the open shoulders and knees captured with a pareo or rent a sarong cloak. Shoes, according to Buddhist customs, are left in front of the stairs leading to the statue. But not everyone is ready for such a test: the sun-hot steps burn down bare feet.

Travelers who move on a motorbike should take special care, as the road in this place is very steep.

Big Buddha in Phuket is not just a tourist attraction, but is a sacred place for Buddhists, so when visiting the temple, take care of your appearance.

From the Khao Nakkerd view point, one of the best viewing points, there is a magnificent panorama of Phuket, Chalong, beaches and neighboring islands. Connoisseurs of beauty especially come to the evening dawn to enjoy the view of the magnificent sunsets.

Opening hours and other useful information

The temple complex opens at 8 am and is open until 19 hours without days off. Money for the entrance to the existing temples of Thailand is not taken. The exposition of a small museum at the bottom of the complex is dedicated to the history of construction. There are boxes for donations.

Here you can buy a souvenir. The proceeds from the sale of traditional Thai bells, Buddha figures and elephants, go to the completion of construction. Having bought a “golden” leaf-heart for 100 baht, they write a wish on it and hang it near the temple. Leaving the holy place, perform a symbolic ritual: throwing coins in 37 installed bowls.

Rented transport is placed on a spacious free parking. It is located at the entrance to the temple. On trays they sell plain food, water and coconut ice cream. Those who do not like crowded, it is better to come closer in the evening. By the time it becomes not so hot and the majority of tourists leave.

Big Buddha on Phuket — a very special place. There is an atmosphere of spirituality and peace. Even those people who come just to admire the beautiful views, imbued with the spirit of the Thai shrines and find peace.

Phuket Big Buddha: how to get there

The famous statue rises in the south of Phuket. Many pointers lead to it. Going on an independent trip by car or motorbike, you can additionally use popular landmarks: Kata and Karon beaches in the west of the island and Chalong Bay in the east. Big Buddha is located between them.

The path from the north lies through Phuket Town. About a quarter of an hour, take the Chao Fa Rd (West) highway, proceed past Wat Chalong to the pointer, then turn right. After a few minutes there will be a sharp turn and the road will lead up to the base of Nakkeda.

6 km to the top of the mountain, which takes an average of 10 minutes. At the end of a difficult journey, travelers will see the long-awaited goal — the Big Buddha.

Leaving the road from the south of Phuket, first get to the ring in Chalong, then follow north in the direction of the Wat Chalong temple. After Phuket Town, there will be a Big Buddha signpost. Here they roll up on Soi Yot Sane, find the right turn, which will lead to the complex.

It should be noted that although the asphalted road leading to the mountain is in good condition, it is quite steep and winding. You must have driving experience and be extremely careful. Sometimes it’s easier to use a tuk-tuk with a local driver, taxi or tour.

Travelers who prefer this pilgrimage, make hiking ascent. The shortest path takes 6 km and at least two hours.

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