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Big Buddha in Pattaya (Big Buddha Hill): history, overview, photo

Big Buddha in Pattaya: review, photo, reviews

Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya (Big Buddha Hill) — the name of the hill, widespread among locals and tourists, in the southwestern part of the city. It is located between the Jomtien district and the center of Pattaya. Big Buddha is as simple as it is great, and the point is not at all in size, but in the influence it has on hearts and minds!

The official topographical name is Pratumnak Hill. It is easy to find on the map. Even easier — see from the city. Buddha rises above all and is a recognizable symbol of Pattaya.

Locals traditionally come here to pray still: the temple is still active today. Tourists can also attend the temple, but they are more interested in the big gilded Buddha, which is the largest in the neighborhood.

At the foot of the hill

In front of the stairs to the hill are traders of souvenirs, incense, means for herbal medicine and massage. A special tourist attraction with birds for the purification of karma is organized here. Its essence is as follows: for a symbolic amount, tourists are offered to buy a bird. The promised clearing of karma happens when you release the bird to freedom. Traders claim that it is better to do it right at the top.

At first glance, the idea is beautiful, but if you think about it, it turns out that the more money these people get for the caged birds, the better their business will go and the more birds will be caught in the future. Thus, by paying them, you take part in multiplying suffering. And Buddhist truths suggest working on oneself and the world to reduce suffering: one’s own, others’s and even bird’s.

Depending on the day you were born, you will have your own guardian Buddha, who was given a name in honor of his birthday.

  • Monday will bring you peace;
  • Tuesday — give you restful sleep;
  • Wednesday — says that you are a kind person;
  • Thursday — gives you peace of mind for meditation;
  • Friday — bring you happiness;
  • Saturday — will protect you from the elements;
  • Sunday — bring you care and love.

Therefore, if you really have a desire to make a donation, then you should do it directly in the temple and, if lucky, receive a blessing from a monk for this.


The staircase leading up is amazing. Not so much with its 120 steps, as the design of the railing in the form of a meandering gilded dragon.

At the entrance to the stairs from the mouth of each dragon, mythological seven-headed serpents, called Nagas, emerge. According to legend, they protect from evil spirits and do not let black forces into the temple. The staircase is immersed in greenery, like everything else. The angle of elevation is small. Even a man of advanced age can master it.

Buddha, bells and observation deck

Upstairs visitors expect the main attractions of the hill:

  • Big Buddha;
  • several small buddhas;
  • bells for good luck;
  • observation deck.

Big Buddha justifies its name only in part. On the one hand, it is really high — with a 6-storey house. On the other hand, everything is relative, and he is far from the Big Buddha in Phuket. But no one is chasing records, and everyone gladly admits that the Buddha of Pattaya is handsome, glittering in gold in the sun, and size is a minor thing.

There are many other Buddhas around the big Buddha in a wide variety of reincarnations and poses. Most of them traditionally sit, but there are those who lie, and even those who stand, which is not at all accepted in Buddhist religious sculpture. Only the main statue is canonically executed. All the others are very far from the image in which it is customary to depict the Buddha: one, for example, is very thick, the other with a beard.

An additional attraction with a sense on the hill of the Big Buddha is small bells, which you can call with a special wand. It is believed that this attracts good luck in any business. And this is better than birds for karma. Finally, as the Buddha sits on the Pattaya hill, it offers a good view of coastal Pattaya and the sea.

Chinese complex Wang Sam Sien

Historical and cultural Chinese complex is located directly on the hill of the Big Buddha. It can be visited both before and after the main attractions.

HHere are located numerous figures from Chinese history and culture:

  • Confucius;
  • Chinese deity of mercy Guanyin;
  • a giant bell, which is completely copied by a similar object in the palace of Beijing;
  • wall with scenes from Chinese history.

This park is a relaxing place to relax. There are not many tourists here, unlike the top of the hill. There is a restaurant where you can eat.

reference Information

The temple complex is open to the public daily from 7.00 to 22.00. Admission is free, but donations are welcome. You can get there by tuk-tuk to the neighborhood of the hill, the trip will cost about $ 3, from the northern regions of Pattaya, prepare to pay $ 6. You can also get on a rented motorbike or even on foot, especially if you live in the Pratamnak hill area.

By the way, this is an active cult object, you should visit it in clothes covering shoulders and knees.

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