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Best water parks of Russia: rating

Best water parks of Russia: rating

Water parks, as a way of entertainment, appeared in Russia not so long ago, but quickly gained popularity. Today in the country there are more than 45 large water complexes, among which there are both indoor and open. Each of them is unique in its own way. We offer you to familiarize yourself with a selection of the best water parks in Russia.

Golden Bay, Gelendzhik

Golden Bay — the largest open water park. Its area is about 154 thousand square meters. m, and the design is thought out so that during the visit the tourists did not visit the same area twice. On the territory of the water park there are 69 slopes, 49 slides and 17 pools.

Children can have fun in a military town or on a pirate ship. Decorative fountains are made in the form of fairy-tale characters. Large-scale landscaping is underway. The design of the water park embodies a combination of different fears and cultures.

Official website: www.buhtagold.com

Address: st. Tourist, 23, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar region, Russia, 353465

Phone: +7 861 412-90-29

Golden Bay on the map

Moreon, Moscow

The door of the Moreon water park is open in the capital all year round. It is considered the most technically complex and rightfully occupies second place in the ranking. Daily entertainment complex is visited by more than 4 thousand people.

There is a wave pool, slides and attractions of varying degrees of complexity. The water park is famous for its large spa area. You can visit the Russian bath and ice font, enjoy the hydromassage and other amenities of passive relaxation. For children created a playground with slides, swings and trampolines.

Official site: aquapark.more-on.ru

Address: Golubinskaya St., 16, Moscow, Russia, 117463

Phone: +7 495 374-53-35

Moreon Water Park on the map

Peterland, St. Petersburg

Pieterland is a pirate-style water park. In its center is a ship, created by the type of «Black Pearl». Water rides depart from the deck at various levels.

For skating used inflatable «buns». The maximum height of the slides in Pieterland is 16 meters, and the total length of the tracks exceeds half a kilometer. Originality of the complex gives the pool for diving and the attraction, which with the help of jets of water raises visitors up.

Official website: aqua.piterland.ru

Address: Primorsky Pr., 72, St. Petersburg, Russia, 197374

Phone: +7 812 777-15-55

Waterpark Peterland on the map

Riviera, Kazan

Riviera aquapark operates in Kazan all year round. It has more than 50 water rides: to ride them you will hardly be enough for one day. The complex is known for speedy descents, but visitors appreciate the steep turns of the hills.

In the center there is a swimming pool with a length of up to 80 m. You can swim in it even in winter. For children created a pirate fort with safe rides. Attention deserves a unique tropical shower and surf area. There is the possibility of scuba diving.

Official site: kazanriviera.ru

Waterpark Riviera in Kazan on the map

Akvamir, Novosibirsk

If we talk about the best water parks in Russia, you need to select Aquamir in Novosibirsk. It is located on an area of ​​35 thousand square meters. m., which is equivalent to five stadiums. Water park is popular due to the huge wave pool created by artificial means.

And the launch pad of one of the slides is at the height of a 7-story building! For passive recreation there is a whole recreation complex provided here: baths, saunas, fonts and hydromassage pools. The length of the rides reaches 1 km.

Official website: akvamirnsk.ru

Address: st. Yarinskaya, 8, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk region

Phone: +7 383 316-00-00

Waterpark Akvamir on the map

Golden Beach, Anapa

The Golden Beach consists of three combined pools, an artificial lake “Storm Wave” and a unique playground “Treasure Island”. Here you can ride on one of 20 slides with different levels of difficulty.

For the little ones, labyrinths, passages and ladders were created that lead to a warm “paddling pool”. Around the playground is a seating area with many sun loungers. From the height of a magnificent panoramic view of the sea. The water park is open seasonally from May to September.

Official site: anapa-akvapark.ru

Address: st. Grebenskaya, 2A, Anapa, Krasnodar Territory, Russia

Phone: +7 861 333-16-68

Golden Beach on the map

Kva-Kva-Park, Moscow

Kva-kva-park is located 2 km. from Moscow Ring Road. The water complex is covered and operates a whole year. Its peculiarity is a separate town in which both children and their parents can find entertainment.

On the territory of Kva-Kva-Park there are 7 slides, the total length of which reaches 12 m. A fitness center will help to take a step towards a healthy life. The huge pool imitates the sea coast, and palm trees and exotic plants create the effect of the presence of a real beach.

Official website: www.kva-kva.ru

Address: Kommunisticheskaya st., 1, Mytishchi, Moscow region, Russia

Phone: +7 495 789-69-18

Kva-kva park on the map

Octopus, Rostov-on-Don

Although Rostov-on-Don does not belong to the resort city, but the Octopus water park is visited daily by thousands of people. It is distinguished from other water complexes by the fact that with the arrival of cold weather, one half of the complex turns into a skating rink, and the second into a hockey rink.

On the territory are concentrated 7 pools and 8 slides. Children will have a great time in the play area, while adults can indulge themselves with a delicious meal in the barbecue area. If you got here in cloudy weather, do not miss the opportunity to bask in the city’s best sauna!

Official site: vk.com/akvapark_katok

Address: 23, Komarov bld., Rostov-on-Don, Rostov region, Russia

Phone: +7 863 247-36-01

Octopus Waterpark on the map

Zurbagan, Sevastopol

Water parks on the Black Sea are famous for extreme types of attractions. One of them is Zurbagan in Sevastopol. That is how the Russian writer AS Green christened the city of his dreams. The complex is built in the form of a circle, in the center of which there is a 30-meter swimming pool.

The main attraction is the fountain, the jets of which reach 3 meters in height. Along the entire perimeter of the water park there are slides for adults and children. Little fidgets are entertained by professional animators. Pools are filled with fresh water that goes through a complex cleaning system.

Official website: www.zurbagan.su

Address: st. Parkovaya, 9, Sevastopol, 99000

Phone: +7 978 900-80-80

Waterpark Zurbagan on site

Olympia, Anapa

The open water park Olympia in Anapa closes our rating. Located on an area of ​​12 thousand square meters. m., he is devoted to Greek themes. Here, adults, along with children, enjoy riding the slides and splashing in the pools.

In the water park focused new attractions from a Canadian manufacturer. For lovers of extreme sports there is a slide with a capsule for vertical descent — the speed on it reaches 12 m / s. Children can spend time on a special playground.

Official website: www.olympia-anapa.ru

Address: st. Golden Sands, 4, v. Vityazevo, Krasnodar Territory, Russia, 353417

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