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Best hotels in Bali

Best hotels in Bali

Rest in the style of «Bounty» — one of the most popular types of recreation, which enjoy in full only on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is here that the island of Bali is located, which has recently become the center of world tourism. Here vacationers from all over the world are in a hurry to enjoy the tropical freshness, pristine landscape and the gentle, warm sea. Every tourist and traveler will find something to his liking and a lot of entertainment that can be obtained on this unique island.

For lovers of beach holidays are always available places with comfortable and cozy conditions. For tourists who prefer active holidays, there are powerful volcanoes, mangrove forests, a unique landscape and many local attractions. Excursions, parties, surfing, golf, rafting — everything Europeans are used to is available on the wonderful island of Bali.

When choosing a tour to this heavenly place, the traveler should choose the most optimal housing option where he will feel comfortable and comfortable.

The island has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, so local hotels can be of various categories, but with an affordable and convenient service on the «all inclusive» system. You can settle in Bali not only in the luxurious rooms of five-star hotels, but also rent a bungalow on the beach, or rent a small room or a bed in a hostel. But these are already the most economical options that students usually use, but for accomplished people who are used to comfort and luxury, completely different conditions are provided here.

Spacious, luxurious rooms in a modern style and with an exclusive author’s design, swimming pools with clear and pure water, top-level service is not an excerpt from an advertising brochure, but real conditions that await holidaymakers in the Nusa Dua resort.

Presentable Hotel Nusa Dua Beach Spa in Balinese design style

The all-inclusive system is not the main advantage of this luxury hotel located in the area of ​​the popular Nusa Dua beach. Local traditions and style are felt in everything, from the reception desk to an exclusive premium room. Private territory with a tropical garden, parking for vehicles, a swimming pool with clean water — the rest in such a hotel will be a significant event in the life of every tourist, and he will remember about it until the next holiday.

Nearby is the hotel Melia Bali, which is not inferior to Nusa Dua Beach. Spa — poolside bars, spas, fitness room, fitness equipment, quality service, delicious national food, as well as numerous lounge chairs and comfortable seating areas.

Just like our neighbors, the principle of “all inclusive” works here, which quite suits our compatriots.

But the hotel service in Bali is not limited to these two hotels, there are still many luxurious and original places. Bali rightfully occupies a leading position in the world in unique and original hotels, which have no analogues in the whole wide world.

HANGING GARDENS UBUD is considered the most legendary island destination.

HANGING GARDENS UBUD translates as “Hanging Gardens of Ubud”, and is a world-famous hotel, which stops many high-ranking officials from around the world. Designers of world renown worked on creating a unique author’s concept, and it should be noted that the hotel has become a celebrity.

Its location was not chosen by chance — in the heart of the local jungle. By design, the legendary hotel is 38 separate, detached villas, which has all the conditions for a luxurious and comfortable stay.

The villas are located at different heights, so the hotel’s territory is a cascade, which can only be moved using a specially installed funicular. The pool is also created in the form of a cascade and rises above the source of the river Ayug and rice terraces. Nearby is an architectural monument, an ancient temple with the untranslatable name «Pura Penataran Dal Segara».

As an architectural concept, villas were chosen in the local, national style, thatched with straw, which gave them the opportunity to blend in with the local landscape. The jungle is constantly reminded of itself by cries of wild animals, rare birds and numerous groups of insects.

The combination of pristine nature and modern comfort, combines the hotel HANGING GARDENS UBUD, which is very popular with tourists and travelers who came to an exotic vacation in Bali.

Belmond Jimbaran Puri Bali — recognized as the most beautiful hotel of the island

During the construction of the hotel, the national style was chosen as the main concept, without unnecessary architectural wisdom. Even the designers themselves did not expect such a result — the hotel turned out to be friendly and hospitable, with an atmosphere of comfort and warmth peculiar only to it.

It is located in the Jimbaran area, the most quiet and peaceful place on the island. There is no turbulent tides, the climate is stable, and for lovers of classic beach holidays, the most comfortable conditions have been created. Relaxing, surfing, diving — everything is here to fully enjoy the comfort of a tropical holiday, to receive a positive charge of energy for a whole year, until the next holiday!

Why the Belmond Jimbaran Puri Bali Hotel is recognized as the most beautiful is unknown, but from the separately-standing villas, charming landscapes are revealed. Each villa has a comfortable living environment — air conditioning is installed in the rooms, there are refrigerators, mini-bars, satellite TV and Wi-Fi. This service allows the traveler to constantly be up to date with the latest news, or to conduct their business around the world.

Each villa included in the hotel complex has its own territory with a gazebo and a swimming pool. The condition of the water is monitored by a special employee, so the water in it is always clean and fresh. For a quiet holiday in the villa has everything you need — sun loungers, hammocks, deck chairs, umbrellas, gazebos, mighty trees that create shade, and a small tropical garden.

A quiet lake with real plants and a calm surface calms the nerves, and makes it possible to enjoy comfort. Many holidaymakers who came to Bali to enjoy a classic holiday, do not leave the territory of their villa, because for complete relaxation, there is everything, and even more! Besides, food can be served directly to the villa, so there is no need to rush to a local restaurant.

Massage therapists, cosmetologists, healers, also provide their services in the rooms, and they do it in a high professional level.

But not so quiet and stagnant life flows in the Belmond Jimbaran Puri Bali hotel. For active recreation there are many places for entertainment, including bars, fitness rooms and exercise equipment. Also for lovers of active rest there is something to see, and where to go on a trip.

In general, the Belmond Jimbaran Puri Bali hotel is a unique combination of local culture with high-level European service.

According to experts, the hotel BANYAN TREE UNGASAN BALI, the most luxurious and presentable

Hotel BANYAN TREE UNGASAN BALI is a structural division of the world famous brand BANYAN TREE, famous for its high-level service in Asian countries. BANYAN TREE hotels are places of residence for wealthy people who have achieved a high position in society and successful businessmen. Luxury and exclusive, coupled with a full service, make a holiday in a Balinese hotel an unforgettable pastime, and a rest full and fashionable.

Luxury in BANYAN TREE UNGASAN BALI is enough, therefore it is considered the most prestigious on the whole island. The place for the hotel was chosen at a distance from the popular resorts and noisy beaches — here its own, inner atmosphere, specially created for the elite. You can see the endless ocean in this complex from any point — from a restaurant, spa, fitness room, from the pool and even from a sunbed, hammock, deck chair or gazebo.

The hotel’s territory is built up with private villas with an infinity pool, where most of the time is spent by holidaymakers. Swimming in the ocean is inconvenient and dangerous, and there are several reasons for this:

  • the descent is quite steep, not everyone can overcome it;
  • significant exercise during lowering / ascent;
  • large waves that do not allow surfing or diving.

Therefore, the infinite pool with clean and clear water, has become a place of communication and recreation for guests. In addition to the common pool, each villa has its own, albeit smaller, but as clean and tidy.

We should also dwell separately on the infrastructure of the complex, where even the weddings of royal persons and children of famous politicians play. Infinity pool (infinite in translation), not the main advantage of the hotel, it has its own art gallery, White Dove (a place for wedding ceremonies), spacious spas, Asian and European restaurants, and much more.

Holidaymakers live in separate luxury villas, with amazing landscapes on the ocean and local flora. Wine cabinets, spacious living rooms, climate technology — there is everything for comfort, and tourists like it very much. Well, the picturesque sunsets and sunrises in these places are unique, and other such anywhere else not to see.

If you want to relax in a quiet, intimate setting, then you are at KOMANEKA AT BISMA

KOMANEKA AT BISMA is a hotel located far from the entire infrastructure of the island, built in the midst of rice fields and jungle. Despite the fact that the windows do not see the boundless ocean, it is included in the rating of the most popular hotels on the island, and it is difficult to book a villa here. KOMANEKA AT BISMA received its popularity precisely because after excessive activity, people want to be alone with nature and get distracted from the furious rhythm of life.

For a comfortable stay in this hotel has everything you need, so it is considered fashionable and comfortable. In Asia, KOMANEKA AT BISMA is included in the rating of the top 25 luxury hotels according to Trip Advisor. By the way, the popular publication gives its recommendations of staying at this hotel, and does not advise to unite with the local nature for more than 3 days.

But, despite the tranquility and privacy, to Ubud hand at hand. Just a few minutes away by bike from the rental, or a local taxi, as you can once again plunge into the delights of the city bustle.

The territory is fully consistent with the ideas of passive recreation, with swimming pools and private villas.

Hard Rock Hotel is the exact opposite of KOMANEKA AT BISMA

This is the most lively and cheerful hotel on the island, because there is always noisy and crowded. Kuta area is known for its reasonable prices and cheerful atmosphere, so it was not by chance that Hard Rock Hotel was built here. rather, at the very beginning Hard Rock Cafe was organized, and only then the hotel itself was located on the territory. This is a world famous brand that owns many similar establishments around the world. Similar complexes were created and successfully function in Thailand, as well as in Mexico and Ibiza. The headquarters of the Hard Rock Hotel is in Las Vegas, but this does not interfere with managing a stylish hotel in Bali.

Nightlife does not stop for a minute, here everything is subject to an unwritten routine. Even if the tourist is not a fan of rock music, he would still be fun and interesting here. On an island where passive recreation is popular, such a complex became unexpectedly popular. Its location is removed from the center of Kuta, because endless festivals and performances of rock stars are of cult importance for all of Bali. For concerts and performances, the Central Stage bar is specially equipped, having excellent acoustics and a place for the dance floor.

The hotel never stops listening to music, it can even be heard underwater, diving into the pool.

Naturally, all the design of the hotel, created in the style of rock and roll, and its influence is felt throughout. Guitars, posters of popular performers, and many other attributes, are placed in all parts of this complex, and they do not let us forget for a minute what kind of cult place tourists live in.

The rating of the best hotels in Bali includes many more complexes with a level of 5 stars and a full service.

Kupu Kupu Barong Villas Tree spa

The hotel is located in Ubud, and gives a guarantee of 100% comfort. Kupu Kupu Barong Villas Tree Spa is a national architecture combined with the benefits of modern civilization. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, there is a connection to Wi-Fi and satellite TV. On the territory there is a parking, freshwater pool with a bar, and a terrace for relaxation. Bicycle rental, currency exchange, laundry. Numerous shops, as well as reception, work around the clock. To store valuables, the hotel has individual safes. Massage, spa treatments, fitness rooms with modern exercise equipment, medical care — everything is available to tourists as part of the service of the Kupu Kupu Barong Villas hotel Tree Spa.

But not only the territory of the hotel attracts with its advantages — the rooms provide complete comfort and modern conditions. It has powerful air conditioning, a bathroom, a terrace or a balcony, as well as a TV and minibar.

For a relaxing stay and stay, the hotel has everything you need.

Pertiwi Resort Spa 2

Location of the Pertiwi Resort Spa in Ubud, and there are all conditions for a comfortable stay, despite the fact that the service is characterized by only two stars.

On the territory there are equipped places for active or passive recreation. The general concept of the hotel is the national architecture combined with the benefits of modern civilization. The rooms are air-conditioned, there are TVs and DVD. Public Internet is available at any time of the day, so that the rest can be aware of the latest news.

On the territory there is a parking, freshwater pool with a bar, and a terrace for relaxation. There is an exotic garden. Bicycle rental, currency exchange, laundry. Numerous shops, as well as reception, work around the clock. To store valuables, the hotel has individual safes. Spa treatments, fitness rooms with modern exercise equipment, massage, medical care are all available to tourists as part of the service of the Pertiwi Resort hotel. Spa 2. The territory is refined and well maintained. There are two restaurants where national cuisine prevails.

According to reviews of tourists, there is a very colorful local cuisine, as well as good service and level of service corresponding to a two-star hotel. Accommodation here is much cheaper than in elite hotels, so it is popular with young people and people with low incomes. Those who want to get a good rest with the minimum amount spent, always in a hurry to stay in this cozy and quiet hotel called Pertiwi Resort Spa.

Conrad Bali Resort Spa

The level of service corresponds to 5 stars, as stated in the avenue of the Conrad Bali Resort Spa. The area is ennobled and surrounded by an exotic garden with tropical plants. Swimming pool with bar (snack), playground, play areas, sunbathing terraces — far from being an advantage for Conrad Bali Resort Spa, which immediately catches the eye. Parking, spas and fitness equipment for sports, elevator to the floors, 24-hour reception, add comfort to the overall impression of the complex. A mini-club is organized on site, as well as a conference room.

Within walking distance there are numerous boutiques, cafes, pubs, as well as local attractions that can be viewed as part of the group, and individually.

The hotel has 313 rooms, restaurants, terraces and balconies, a game room.

The rooms have all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay — practical furniture, a bathroom, a TV, a mini-bar and an individual balcony.

According to reviews, the atmosphere here is saturated with friendliness and positive emotions. The resulting charge of cheerfulness is enough until the next trip. Overall, the level of service at Conrad Bali Resort Spa, meets the stated requirements with a 5-star level.

Ayodya Resort

By the number of services provided, Ayodya Resort is far ahead of its competitors and occupies a leading position in the rating of popularity of hotels with a service of 5 stars.

During your stay, you can not leave the hotel, as there are created comfortable conditions for active and passive recreation. On the territory there are many places for sunbathing and refreshment in the pool. Besides, the pool itself is not ordinary, but with an artificial whirlpool, which is a pleasure not only for children, but also for their parents. Moreover, it is not in the only number located on the spacious territory of the Ayodya Resort complex — there are a lot of them here, and practically everyone has a bar counter or snack. Special spa offers, massages and medical care will surely interest tourists and travelers, will allow to get all the pleasure from such a holiday.

The territory is surrounded by tropical plants, as well as a large number of reservoirs, which is why it formed here its own climate and atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

If tourists prefer passive recreation, then the most comfortable conditions are created for them. Sit back in the sun or in the shade of plants of an exotic garden, occasionally cooling off in clean and clear water — what else could be better on this tropical island of Bali? Only active rest for energetic and inquisitive compatriots.

In walking distance there are historical values ​​that can be viewed without tiring walks. If you reach the sights very far away, you can use a rental bike or a local taxi. In any case, an active tourist will not be bored, as shops, cinemas, pubs and restaurants are always open to visitors and clearly fit into the tourist infrastructure with unobtrusive service.

Also within walking distance of the complex Ayodya Resort is the ocean, where you can have fun and interesting time. From entertainment here are available all kinds of beach holidays — surfing, diving, boating, beach volleyball and many other interesting things.

Of the traditional services, Ayodya Resort provides the right to use the safe, currency exchange, elevator, 24-hour reception. At whatever time of the day you would not arrive in Bali, settling in the rooms here happens all the time, without breaks and weekends. The complex has a jacuzzi and sauna, as well as a games room and a conference room.

The rooms are spacious, renovated with good quality, using the national Balinese elements. TV, satellite TV, Internet with shared access, air conditioning and a bathroom — not all the amenities that are found in the suites. It has practical furniture, spacious beds, separate exits to a balcony or terrace. You can leave your belongings in the storage room and not worry about their safety. Ayodya Resort has 537 rooms, so it is always crowded and interesting here.

According to the tourists, previously vacationing in this hotel, if you book a tour to Ayodya Resort, then the time will fly by and the rest will be interesting and intense.

Padma bali

Kuta district in Bali, where the Padma Bali Hotel is located, is a popular resort destination for tourists and travelers from Europe and North America. This area is known for its democratic and loyal prices and high service culture. In a hotel with 4 stars on Kuta, you can relax no less comfortable than in a five-star hotel in any other area of ​​the island. Therefore, Padma Bali is in authority with tourists, and here they want to get a full and comfortable rest.

The main building consists of 4 floors, with adjacent two-storey chalets. The territory is surrounded by a tropical park with exotic plants, which creates a favorable climate for recreation. The very atmosphere of Padma Bali is full of positive emotions, since all the rest here leave only the warmest reviews.

The 4-star hotel service includes the ability to use the safe and luggage storage, contact the reception around the clock, visit shops, cafes, restaurants and a mini club. Here you can also buy freely convertible currency and local money — Indonesian rupees.

On the territory of Padma Bali is equipped with parking, there is a laundry and a conference room. Pools with clear water, terraces for relaxation, open sunbeds — every tourist will find something for everyone in this comfortable and cozy hotel. On the territory there are free sunbeds and umbrellas, there are playgrounds, as well as spas and massage rooms. Before surfing hand in hand — near the ocean with warm and clear water.

If you are not satisfied with the services of massage therapists, beauticians and healers, then within walking distance there are numerous rooms and salons where you can take advantage of such popular procedures. The hotel itself is located on the street where there is everything — night clubs, pubs and restaurants, local attractions.

The rooms in the hotel are equipped for a comfortable stay, even the service includes the supply of food to the room. The staff is friendly, always greets and smiles, which allows you to always be in a good mood and cheerful mood. The rooms have air conditioning, televisions and satellite TV. In addition, the public Internet allows you to be always up to date with the latest news or to conduct your business anywhere in the world. A bathroom, a balcony or a terrace, a beautiful national interior — in such conditions it is always comfortable and comfortable to rest.

According to our compatriots, who previously had a rest at the Padma Bali hotel, everything is thought out and organized, and the tourist is only required to pay for a comfortable service.

Maya Ubud Resort Spa

If you chose the Ubud area for a holiday in Bali, then settle straight into the Maya Ubud Resort Spa, where you will be provided with quality services. The hotel has the status of an elite institution, so the service here is organized at the highest level.

The hotel is located in the heart of the jungle, surrounded by rice fields and a mountain river. The main contingent of tourists is tourists from Asia and Australia, few travelers come from America. Europeans in this hotel is not so much, in all likelihood they prefer to rest on the ocean. Although here it is comfortable and cozy to rest, especially in Ubud — the city of architects, artists, and creative personalities. Although despite this, they will not give up their works of art cheaply, so in order to buy the painting you like, you will have to bargain here.

Maya Ubud Resort Territory Spa and park area can be explored on a bicycle rented at the hotel. It is convenient and interesting, besides good for health. On the territory there are two swimming pools, one for children and another for adults. Both artificial reservoirs are open, they are always clean and fresh water. Numerous bars, cafes, restaurants, as well as a household complex consisting of laundry, luggage storage, parking and other services, makes your stay comfortable and convenient.

The hotel has a conference room, spas, massage rooms, a games room and a mini club. The staff is friendly, always expresses a willingness to help or serve the guests. You can order room service in the hotel than in a hotel and are used by many vacationers.

The rooms contain elements of national ornament, have practical and convenient built-in furniture, as well as all the necessary benefits of modern civilization. Cable television and free access to the Internet does not preclude tourists and travelers from keeping abreast of the latest news, watching their favorite programs and TV shows, and running their own business, even while on holiday, on the tropical island of Bali.

Bathroom, separate balcony, functional air conditioning, programmed to the most optimal mode — a full package of services within a 5-star service at the Maya Ubud Resort Spa.

According to the rest, the prices here are at the level of loyal and affordable, so many investments in comfortable rest are not required.

Melia Bali Villas Spa Resort

The first thing that strikes the tourists who came to rest in the hotel Melia Bali Villas Spa Resort is a lush green tropical park surrounding the complex. Thanks to evergreen plants, its own climate, which is good for health, has been formed here. Exotic plants and tropical trees fit perfectly into the overall concept of the complex, and delight the eyes of others.

The complex itself is Melia Bali Villas Spa Resort consists of a central building of four floors and scattered villas, with their gazebos, places for recreation and swimming pools. Sun beds and deck chairs are freely available, so you can sunbathe all day long.

The infrastructure of the complex is rich and diverse — 3 bars, 4 restaurants, 7 halls for business meetings and conferences — here, even on vacation, active activities are constantly in full swing, many issues are being resolved, international contracts are concluded. Safe box, luggage storage, currency exchange office are traditional Bali services, which are fully provided in Melia Bali Villas Spa Resort.

Separately, it should be noted numerous spas, open areas for sports, fitness rooms and fitness equipment — lovers of active recreation will not be bored, but always find something for everyone. Judging by the reviews of vacationers, medical care is also at its height — at any time of the day you will be given the necessary help at a high quality level.

The rooms, both in the main building and in the villas, are stylized to the national traditions and culture, therefore it is interesting and unusual to be here. The rooms have everything you need so that during the rest you don’t have to worry about anything — air conditioning, televisions, audio equipment, satellite TV, open Internet.

Thanks to satellite TV, you can continue to watch your favorite TV shows and programs, to keep abreast of the latest news. Well, for businessmen who came to rest in Melia Bali Villas Spa Resort, here is a real paradise — regular contacts and meetings allow you to find new contractors or suppliers, which has a beneficial effect on future activities. You can run your own business directly from the room or from the pool — high-speed Internet provides reliable communication with anywhere in the world.

Practical built-in furniture, king size beds, a bathroom — everything is provided for the comfortable rest of tourists from all over the world. If the guest is a lover of passive recreation, then he can not leave the territory at all. Melia Bali Villas Spa Resort — he will get everything he needs and needs, without even leaving the posh room.

Sri Phala Resort and Villa

Since the rest in Bali is available for all social groups, and is designed for any income of tourists and travelers, it is simply impossible not to mention the three-star hotel Sri Phala Resort and Villa. In this natural complex it is clearly seen that not only luxury luxury resorts are in good demand and demand. At Sri Phala Resort and Villa, for a lesser fee, you can get a full service of all services, which are much more expensive in other places.

On the territory there are two swimming pools, one indoor, the other is equipped with an artificial whirlpool. There is a hairdresser and massage therapist, beautician and makeup artist. At the same time, you can order such services directly to your room, if you don’t want to visit specialized rooms. Ideal conditions for sports are provided — open areas, fitness halls and numerous simulators.

The territory is equipped with parking, so you can stay at the hotel along with the car. The territory is surrounded by an exotic garden, with amazing tropical plants that create a favorable atmosphere. For lovers of relaxation have sun loungers and deck chairs, specially equipped seats.

Sri Phala Resort and Villa provides a whole list of standard services that are common on the island — a safe for storing currency and valuables, exchange points, luggage storage. An additional chargeable service at the hotel is laundry, as well as room service.

The rooms themselves are decorated in the national style, have everything you need for a modern person who is used to civilization — TV, household appliances, tea equipment, public Internet. Satellite and cable television will not be bored and follow the developments in your favorite TV series. Bathroom, individual hairdryer, terrace, direct dial telephone — the traveler does not feel in modest and cramped conditions, since everything here is aimed at a comfortable stay.

Judging by the reviews of tourists and travelers, the staff at this hotel is friendly, constantly greets and smiles. The settlement in the rooms takes place around the clock, with no breaks for lunch or night rest. Those who have been here, leave only the warmest reviews of a rich and interesting holiday at the hotel Sri Phala Resort and Villa.

The hotel is located in Sanur, on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Fans of outdoor activities here will find interesting entertainment and activities that will leave an indelible impression on a holiday in Bali. Surfing, beach volleyball, scuba diving, boat sailing is an endless pleasure available in the most tourist place of Bali, Sanur area.

And if we add to this the national cuisine consisting of Asian dishes, which you should definitely try, then we can assume that the rest was 100% successful!

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