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Belgrade: the sights of the heroic past of Serbia

Sights of Belgrade: what to see in the capital of Serbia

More recently, tourists in search of unique attractions, traveling around the world, bypassed Serbia, and if they were here, they would in passing or stay for one day or several hours. But now Belgrade, with its rich historical past, is becoming popular, the breath of the heroic past is felt in every alley of the city.

The old part of Belgrade, located not far from the defensive medieval structure, includes not only historical monuments, but also luxurious restaurants, modern comfortable hotels where tourists can spend a few days and see the sights of the city.

Mysterious fortress

Located at the top of a hill, a 125-meter-high structure was once an artillery platform. In the inner territory, all the surviving buildings represent monuments of antiquity: the ruins of a Byzantine castle, remnants of Roman settlements, church monasteries.

During its existence, which is more than 2000 years, the fortress was destroyed more than 40 times. Now there is a magnificent park on its territory, where families are eager to get to see the fantastic view of Sava and the Danube.

You can walk in the Kalemegdan park for several hours with the children, satisfy your hunger in the cozy cafes, drink clean water from the fountains, visit the nearby zoo and see other attractions nearby.

Cathedral of Saint Sava

The majestic temple is the largest in Serbia. Quiet, radiant joy, it stands in the historic part of Belgrade. The white-stone building was built relatively recently in memory of the national hero — Saint Sava. The Orthodox Church was open to believers only in 2004, it was necessary to interrupt stable work due to wars. Even now the interior is not fully decorated, but the peaceful and homely atmosphere attracts pilgrims every day. Grandiose size allows you to accommodate a huge number of people, they usually pray in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

Hell Island

The island of Ada Ciganliya, combined with two powerful dams in recent years, has become a popular recreation area for Belgrade residents and tourists eager for new experiences. In the summer season, a crowded crowd of vacationers chooses an active lesson for the soul:

  • someone swims in the clear waters of Sava;
  • someone is more interested in sports;
  • others enjoy the wonderful nature and watch the animals living on the island.

This place was looked after by noble princes from Serbia in the beginning of the XIX century, they were amazed by the crystal clear water and air, and often visited the island, considering it a healing injection, now this territory is one of the main attractions that tourists want to visit. stop for a few hours in Belgrade.

Hotel «Moscow»

The hundred-year history of the hotel complex for the time of its existence has more than 40 million guests. In a luxurious five-story building that adorns the center of Belgrade, celebrities stayed, their portraits are placed in the corridors of the building, and guests can see their faces. The administration is proud of the historical past of its establishment, specially attracted employees every day tell the guests about the glorious inhabitants, funny and curious stories that happened to them, show a dance hall, rooms for business meetings, a spa center. The hotel was admired even by King Petar Karageorgievich, he visited it on the eve of the opening.

The attention was attracted by the restaurant at the hotel, where the sophisticated audience spent time. People of the chosen circle enjoyed the music of an excellent orchestra, performing works of great classics.

European cuisine brought fame for its exquisite dishes, the news of this spread throughout Serbia instantly. Citizens from all over the world came on purpose to try the food prepared by cool French chefs. The building of the hotel still looks luxurious, and its interior is supported in a particularly luxurious style. The three bogatyrs depicted on the bas-relief of the building personify the inflexible strength of the spirit of Russia.

Palaces in Dedinje

The palace complex, consisting of the Royal and White, is conveniently located on a picturesque hill.

Royal Palace

Snow-white marble building was built in 1929. Russian influence under the leadership of the tsarist architect Krasnov is peeped out in its external and internal decoration. Here, many tourists spend several hours surrounded by a cozy park. They come to look at the rich apartments and the chapel, built in honor of the apostle — the patron saint of St. Andrew the First Called.

White Palace

A strict classical building is attractive because it is surrounded by a beautiful park, where you can stroll among the luxurious plantings, immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of shady alleys. The pride and attraction of the White Court, like the Royal House, is antique furniture, its objects include various styles and ages. In the period of the fall of socialism, the palace complex was transferred to the heirs to the throne of Serbia. Now there are occasional celebrations here, and the doors are constantly open for curious visitors.

Flower House

The mausoleum invented the poetic name for a reason, although its external appearance is not distinguished by architectural refinement. The name “House of Flowers” ​​was given because of Josip Broz Tito’s passionate love for botanical plants. All the inhabitants of Yugoslavia knew about his passion for flowers, thousands of people can come to the tomb of the great leader any day to express their reverence. A huge number of flowers bring residents of Belgrade and other areas. Other several halls store museum valuables, they present unique compositions composed of gifts from former heads of other states. The museum staff collected interesting things telling about the character of the former leader and his family traditions.

Tesla Museum

Possessing a rare gift and mysterious features, Nikola Tesla went down in history as the man who made the industrial revolution. Memorable sights about the great genius born in Serbia are stored in several rooms of a small house. Interactive compositions are presented for the guests; they can not only be viewed, but, for example, by taking a sword, to plunge into the safe high-frequency zone. Another part of the museum is dedicated to the personal belongings of an eccentric physicist who loved working alone and avoided women.

Embankment street on the banks of the Danube

It is pleasant to spend a few hours walking along the embankment of Belgrade, and you can see benches and shady footpaths all around. On the territory there are numerous entertainment venues, cozy restaurants, cafes offering delicious dishes with a national touch.

The street stretching for several kilometers is constantly filled with people. Here come the whole families to relax, look at the picturesque landscapes of the majestic Danube.

On weekdays, this place is characterized by peace and quiet. Belgrade residents, visiting guests like to come here if someone needs to retire and get lost among the thick trees, flowers, enjoy the water panorama with floating swans.

Hill Gardosh

The historical center of the capital of Serbia, located on the right bank of the Danube, is a favorite place of many. Visiting him, people feel the charm of Belgrade, full of mystery. To dodge a few hours through the medieval streets, to consider miniature houses, old mansions, beautiful churches are a pleasure for all visitors. An amazing panorama of the city opens from the Millennium Tower, and on floating restaurants, travelers are offered to taste delicious fish dishes.

Street of Prince Michael

The real center of attraction is the street, named after Mikhail Obrenovich. This place can be compared to a large open-air shopping and entertainment complex. Here are going musicians, artists, countless souvenir dealers. Noisy, fun atmosphere reigns from morning until late evening. Most of the buildings represent monuments of architectural heritage from different times. The bronze monument to Michael does not leave indifferent those who came to look at the stately figure of the ruler, proudly seated on a dashing horse. The prince, who visited the throne 2 times and was killed by conspirators, will forever remain in the memory of the inhabitants of Belgrade!

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