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Bar (Montenegro): attractions of the picturesque city

Sights of the city of Bar in Montenegro

In Montenegro, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, is located the picturesque city of Bar. It is famous for its ancient buildings, modern architecture, shady avenues and parks.

Tourists are attracted here by the warm sea water, the gentle sun, many olive groves and wonderful natural landscapes. Be sure to visit every corner of the city of Bar in Montenegro and the sights of this amazing resort!

Bar History

Not far from the modern city, the first settlements appeared at the beginning of the Bronze Age. Gradually built a large settlement, which residents called Antibarium. The Slavs, who appeared on the Adriatic coast in the 11th century, renamed it Bar and formed the state of Duklu there.

For centuries, the city constantly changed hands, until in the 16th century it was not conquered by the Turks. They did not destroy the bar. On the contrary, over the next 300 years, it remained a thriving place with a developed infrastructure and trade. During this time, its streets were saturated with oriental flavor. Ottoman architects erected magnificent buildings:

  • clock tower;
  • stone aqueduct;
  • mosque Omerbashicha.

Tourists can admire these sights in the Old Bar, where Roman-Gothic architecture is closely intertwined with beautiful Turkish buildings.

In the 19th century, the Montenegrins liberated Bar and drove the invaders out of there. During the fighting, the city was badly damaged, and people gradually moved closer to the sea. So a stone’s throw from the Old Bar arose the New Bar, which eventually became a famous resort and port.

Rest in the city

To spend holidays in this paradise is comfortable and pleasant. It is ideal for a leisurely family holiday. You will not find luxury hotels with exorbitant prices here. Tourists in large numbers are offered modern villas, comfortable apartments, spacious rooms and houses. Such conditions make holidays in Montenegro accessible to all comers.

On the shady streets there are small cafes, restaurants where you can drink tea, relax in the dining heat and have a nice dinner with original dishes of national cuisine.

In the city of Bar tourists go with children, because there are all conditions for a comfortable pastime for kids. Clean sea air and warm water give a charge of vitality and strengthen health for a whole year. In the center of the city are attractions. There, children are happy to ride on the carousel and participate in various competitions. In the central square of New Bar in the evenings not overflowed. Vacationers walk with children, eat fruit, teenagers ride on rollers and bicycles.

  • In the center of Bar there is a wide picturesque beach covered with large pebbles. It is equipped with everything you need: umbrellas, sun beds, shower with fresh water. Nearby is a large parking lot of yachts, where you can rent a boat and make an exciting trip on the sea. A little further is the port, so the locals prefer to swim in other places, although the water on the central beach is very clean.
  • It is more interesting for children on the sandy beach, which the locals call Red because of the peculiar color of the sand on it. There are few people there, the sea near the shore is shallow and transparent, like a tear.
  • On the outskirts of the city there is a secluded rocky beach. It is decorated with picturesque boulders and conifers. There are few comfortable places for sunbathing here, but you can get wonderful photos as a keepsake of the rest.

The coastal zone of the city of Bar consists of numerous bays, lagoons, where it is easy to find a suitable area and enjoy the contemplation of the turquoise sea and swim in the cleanest water.

Entertainment and Attractions

Resting in the Bar, be sure to explore its interesting places and walk along the streets of the Old Town. This is a real museum of antiquity. The main attraction is the city gate, built in the 11th century. They have seen many battles and conquerors.

In the Old Bar, in addition to Turkish monuments of architecture, you can see the ancient Christian churches. Some buildings were left with picturesque ruins, but many were restored and open to visitors. Try to see:

  • the temple of Saint Veneranda;
  • the church of St. Jovan;
  • the ruins of the Cathedral of St. George;
  • ruins of the church of St. Katharina.

In total, there are about 240 ancient buildings in the Old Bar, reflecting the original way of life and culture of the people inhabiting this land.

In the New City, too many interesting places. Resort life boils on the embankment and the streets adjacent to it. There are built large shops and entertainment centers, which are nice to spend the whole day.

The city, located right at the edge of the sea, is full of attractions. It is worth admiring the church of St. Nicholas and explore the palace of Toplitsa. The complex, built in the 19th century, was the residence of the Montenegrin kings. His decoration is different pomp and splendor. On the territory of the palace there is a large restaurant and a spacious park, the paths of which are strewn with small pebbles. Now in the premises of the monument of architecture there are various exhibitions and a museum of local lore. Fans of history will find there interesting information about the past of Montenegro, look interesting archaeological finds.

The surroundings of the Bar contain many unique monuments. Unfortunately, many of them are destroyed by time and the earthquake that occurred here in 1979.

Cypresses and pines are everywhere in the city. Their delicate coniferous aroma is gently intertwined with the smell of citrus, pomegranates and figs. The plantations of these trees grow in huge numbers not far from Bar.

In the Montenegrin Bar there is a unique natural landmark — an ancient olive tree, which, according to scientists, is more than 2000 years old. His crown extends 10 meters in diameter, and the powerful trunk resembles a dome. The municipality of the city intently guards the ancient olive tree, so a memorial complex was built around it, where tourists can buy local souvenirs, valuable oil and be photographed against the backdrop of the oldest tree in Europe.

Rest in Montenegro will bring unforgettable moments for adults and children. The city of Bar is rapidly developing, attracting more and more tourists with the healing sea air, legendary ruins and excellent service.

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