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Banks of Thailand — ATMs, withdrawals from cards

Banks and ATMs in Thailand: withdrawing money from a card, commission

In Thailand, it will not be difficult to receive and withdraw cash if you are the owner of a card that operates abroad. If you want to get cash in the bank, you will need to have only a passport with you. And if you want to use an ATM, you only need to know your PIN.

In this article we want to consider in detail two ways of withdrawing cash.

The largest Thailand banks are Siam commercial bank, Bankof Ayuttaya, Kasikorn bank, Siam City bank, Bangkok Bank and others.

You will also find representative offices of the largest international banks in the world. Such as:

  • UOB bank. You will find branches of this bank in any part of Thailand;
  • Citibank and Deutsche Bank have only one branch in Bangkok;
  • HSBC — you will find its representative offices in almost all big cities of Thailand.

How to withdraw money from an ATM

First, remember a little tip. ATMs are written on all ATMs in Thailand, and they are called so. Therefore, if you suddenly want to ask a passer-by where the nearest ATM is, be sure to ask where the ATM is, otherwise you just won’t understand.

In principle, in Thailand there are no problems with the availability of ATMs. They are located both on the street and on the territory of shopping centers, shops and banks. On the territory of the shopping center you have the opportunity to withdraw cash only during the opening hours of the shopping center. They work from 8.00 to 22.00.

The working day of banks, as a rule, begins at 8.30 in the morning and ends at 15.30. And their branches, which are located in commercial centers, usually work until seven o’clock in the evening. And if you are walking through the night of Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, you will not be difficult to withdraw the necessary amount from an ATM.

Because street ATMs work at any time and they are not turned off. And you can find them at every turn.

What currency can be removed

Thai ATMs only give cash in national currency baht. And it does not matter in what currency your card account. Therefore, if in institutions or shops accept cards, feel free to use this opportunity.

And if you need another currency, it is better to use the exchange office. By the way, in Thailand, a lot of currency offices. In addition to those located on the streets, each branch of the bank can also exchange funds.

Exchange rates at exchange

Exchange and cash withdrawal is available at any ATM in Thailand. To get started, find out the rate offered by an ATM, and then compare it with the current rate at a bank branch. It is most profitable to exchange funds through your payment system or the bank servicing you.

ATM can offer currency conversion itself. The question should appear on the screen: do you want to convert the dollar at the proposed rate? We advise you to opt out by choosing the option «without conversion.» Because the course offered by an ATM is in most cases unprofitable.

Commission and maximum amount

In Thailand ATM there is a permanent commission. It is 180-200 baht, this 5-6 Commission is fixed in all ATMs and no matter how large the amount you are going to cash out. Therefore, to withdraw cash without a commission, it is better to do it in any bank branch.

Until 2014, cash out without a fee was available on the Aeon ATM network. But if now, you will hear such information, know that now all ATMs have a fixed commission.

If you do not have the opportunity to withdraw cash in the bank, so that it is the most profitable for you, immediately withdraw the amount that you need. Otherwise, you will have to pay a commission each time.

The maximum amount of cash withdrawal from an ATM is 20-30 thousand baht, which is approximately 57850 dollars. Otherwise, each time giving you money the ATM will charge you 5-6 dollars.

And be sure to note that if the commission is not removed when paying with a card for services or purchases, they can be withdrawn by your bank.

Cash withdrawal at a bank branch

Before you go to the bank to withdraw or exchange funds, do not forget to bring your passport with you. Going to the cashier’s desk, speak only English. To be understood, show them your card and be sure to add the expression “cash advance”. A bank employee must scan it.

There have been cases when bankers in small branches do not want to carry out cash withdrawal procedures. Explaining this by the fact that they do not have a special apparatus and recommend you use an ATM. Or even pretend that they do not understand your request.

But be prepared for the fact that even large offices may refuse to withdraw a small amount. As a rule, if you want to get less than one hundred dollars, you will be advised to use an ATM. But if you are going to withdraw a large amount, you will have no problems with this. In the tanks they give out an unlimited amount of your card, but if you are going to withdraw cash from an ATM for example $ 2500 you will pay a commission four times six dollars.

Experienced tourists are advised to withdraw cash at the branches of Siam Bank and Bangkok Bank. In their branches, the cash withdrawal procedure is usually not a problem.

Card lock

Thailand is one of the most popular countries among tourists. It is included in the risk camp list. Therefore, your service bank may block the card, which will be used on the territory of Thailand.

To avoid this kind of problem, before you travel, visit your bank branch and find out what measures you should take to avoid blocking your card in this country. Even if you have problems with blocking the card, so as not to spend money on overseas calls.

It is better to put money into your account on Skype or use IP-telephony.

Important points

Do not forget that the rate of the Thai baht to the Russian ruble has long grown. If you have a ruble card account conversion you can not avoid.

Money will be converted on the principle of the ruble-dollar-bat. If you have a dollar account, the funds will be converted immediately to the Thai baht. But remember: with each currency transaction, you will be charged a fee, it is better to check its size with a local bank.

Try wherever you can pay by card. They are accepted in all decent restaurants and cafes, entertainment and shopping centers, large stores and supermarkets, as well as the most famous tourist areas.

We wish you an unforgettable trip. And we hope that our advice will be able to make your trip to Thailand more enjoyable and exciting.

We hope our recommendations will help you make the trip to Thailand more enjoyable.

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