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Bangla Road Phuket: clubs, videos, photos, reviews, shows

Bangla Road on Phuket: clubs. photo, video

The calm and measured life of the beach resort of Phuket with the advent of twilight is gradually filled with the rumble of rhythmic dance music — this is one of the best streets for unrestrained entertainment, Bangla Road.


It comes to life on the eyes, filled with people, lights the lights of night bars, clubs and discos. Bangla Road is no need to search — it is the main street of Patong, it connects the two main roads of the city leading to the sea.

It is easy to find entertainment to taste: a traditional restaurant or an American McDonald’s, sport bars or a disco.

Bangla Road on Patong map

Bangla Road is often compared to Volkin Street, but this famous street in Phuket is not so depraved. During the day, this is a typical inconspicuous street with heavy traffic, filled with traditional Thai shops and shops, but after six in the evening the entrance for transport is blocked and entertainment establishments offering nightlife in Thai begin to open one by one.

Overview of Bangla Road Lanes

Starting the way, pay attention to the exchange office, a pharmacy and a number of tents, which are located near the beach — their services may be useful to you.

And after 50 meters you will find the carnival diversity of Patong’s nightlife with crowds of people, dressed up transvestites, earning photos of tourists, street magicians and other artists of original genres.

Bangla Road is a 350-m-long street, crossed by small Soi lanes, with bars, restaurants and clubs at every turn. Each lane is unique, so get to know them better.

At the very beginning, closest to the sea is Soi Easy lane. The undeniable plus of which is the canopy stretched between the two-story buildings of bars and discos. Thanks to what you can have fun here in any weather. Here you will find several traditional bars and discos, and even more than two dozen so-called birding bars, in which girls for a certain fee will do what is necessary for the tourist’s soul.

Irish bar “Scruffy Murphy’s” is worth mentioning., which will please you with soulful live music in the national style. Go-go bar «Secret» with a good show program with the participation of Thai models from Bangkok.

Very popular on Phuket is the disco «Hollywood». It is located on the second floor. There is no dance floor as such, only a number of tables, but this does not affect the popularity of the disco.

The next lane is Soi Gonzo, much quieter and more secluded than the previous one. This is a paradise for music lovers. Each bar has its own music here, from popular music to heavy metal.

There are not chasing the relevance and fashion trends, and many institutions have the same design and appearance as ten or fifteen years ago. The atmosphere of the 90s will appeal to those who missed that decisive decade. Among the bars, pay attention to the «Black Cat Bar», Tahiti Bar and the scandalous Aussie Bar are a piece of Australia in Phuket.

There is also a disco with free entrance “White Room”.

Soi crocodile

Soy Crocodile — a place not for everyone. This is a lane of transvestites — “katoi”, as they are called in Thailand. In Phuket, it is known as Soi Kathoe. It got its name from the name of the now-burnt nightclub Crocodile. Now in its place «D Club», an institution where for 500 baht, you can enjoy a Thai show for an hour.

[quote font = «arial»] Also, transvestites in Thailand are called «ladybats.» [/ quote]

Stories about how tourists in Thailand confuse icebreakers with girls have gained wide popularity for good reason: it is very difficult to distinguish them from the outside. Lediboi watch themselves no worse than girls, and in prettiness and manners they often leave this woman far behind.

Please note that photographing here is paid. And do not forget that many bars offer immodest show format XXX. If you are not afraid of such an exotic Thai holiday — Soi Crocodile in Phuket is exactly for you.

Once it was a very popular lane: the same music from all the speakers and the same design allowed rest to tired tourists who had done half the way on Bangla Road.

Now this place is extremely unpopular, and, according to many tourists who visited Phuket, Soi Erik can not now boast of good staff.

Soi sea dragon

In this lane it is worth turning because of the excellent Thai go-go bars, for the sake of them most of the tourists come here. In fact, Soi Sea Dragon is a separate club in Phuket. Right in the middle of the alley there is a DJ console, and everything around is decorated with flowers.

In many bars you can play simple logic games, occasionally skipping a glass with girls at your expense. True, not all tricky games — there are those where you have to show other skills.

Professional female players will certainly give you a victory, but hold on — you will definitely lose, though a little — a cocktail ordered at the bar.

In many bars you will see bells hanging above the heads. If you want to call them, then after that you will have to serve everyone with drinks, including the staff. A peculiar challenge for the broad soul of the tourist.

Pay attention to the best go-go bars of the city, for which, in fact, worth a visit: — House of Sound, Devil’s, Play School a Go Go, Candy Club, OMG a Go Go and Exotica.

This has long been a new shopping center. There are also several bars and venues for performances of musical groups, so the music lover should roll on Soi Lion, if he is not averse to listen to a live concert.

Phuket is famous for this lane. Soi Tiger is a one-of-a-kind cave-style mini-bar complex with its staff: waitresses in short “predatory” costumes invariably attract visitors to their establishment.

On the second floor of the complex is located «Tiger Disco» — one of the famous discos of Phuket.

Soi Vegas — very popular on Bangla Road, here is the entrance to the disco «Seduction» — the largest disco in Phuket. As many as three dance halls, so you will be where to have fun at full. The first one is Australian, where everything is lined with surfboards, there is even a canoe and, of course, a huge dance floor. The second hall is for a leisurely rest with a glass of exotic cocktail in hand. There is also an open veranda.

Entrance to this disco is shareware. Next to the distributors with the name of the club on T-shirts you can get a flyer, the presence of which up to 23-24 hours will provide a discount on drinks, such as vodka or gin. There is a Russian strip bar «Moulin Rouge», restaurant for lovers of seafood, and even a bar for those who are tired of the Thai heat — «Ice Bar», air temperature in which — minus five.

After exploring all these noisy places, you can go to the south side of Bangla Road — there are quiet restaurants, nice interiors, simplicity of sports bars and reasonable prices. At Soi Patong Resort, Soi Viking and Soi Piadina you will also find cheap seafood restaurants.

Interesting Facts

  • On holidays, next to Bangla Road, on the beach, a stage is set up where vocalists and dancers perform. On holidays, Bangla Road is also an entertainment center.
  • Songkran — the arena of water battles. Here, tourists are happy to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of reckless childhood and pour water on each other with water machine guns and pistols.
  • The entrance to almost all go-go bars, discos is free. But in any case, you should definitely get some drink.
  • Attending many shows for the first 5 minutes is free; if you don’t like it, it can go away and not pay. You can not take pictures categorically.
  • Almost everywhere the kitchen is open until 11 at night, drinks are served up to a maximum of 3 nights. In the twenty-four-hour establishments around the clock
  • Live music is played by Filipinos. And they play very well.
  • In the alleys there are many photographers offering to take a picture with an exotic animal, florists and souvenirs, among them even children are found. Thais do not welcome child labor, so they urge the little ones not to buy anything. Remember that souvenirs that seem really worth it are fake.
  • Beware of individuals trying to offer you something: “something”, often they are distributors of narcotic substances. In Thailand, for the distribution of drugs, the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Bangla Road is so varied that it is impossible to feel all its charms in one go. It is worth coming here again and again, looking for new entertainment.

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