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Balsams of Thailand, ointments, oils — properties and application

Ointments, oils and balsams of Thailand: properties, reviews

In the mandatory list of purchases from a tourist traveling to Thailand, the priority of purchasing goods, should be the means of traditional medicine: balms, ointments and natural cosmetics.


Generous nature, rare plants, centuries-old recipes of Buddhist monks — these are the secrets by which balsams from Thailand have gained immense popularity around the world. The unique composition of healing ointments is based on natural ingredients: these are more than 150 natural ingredients.

Some of them are distributed exclusively in Thailand. Miraculous remedy is used for rubbing, massage, treatment of painful and affected skin, is added to the solution for inhalation.

The range of action of the ointment is quite wide:

  • Relief of migraine, dizziness, nausea and insomnia;
  • Pain relief for neuralgic ailments;
  • Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Removal of muscle and post-traumatic pains;
  • Treating cold symptoms;
  • Removal of irritation and itching from sunburn and after insect bites;
  • Restoration of soft tissue;
  • Treatment of varicose veins;
  • General relaxation.

Application Methods

1. For therapeutic massage, a small amount of the product should be mixed with natural oil, such as coconut oil. In particularly painful areas of the skin, rubbed in its pure form.

2. With catarrhal diseases, balsams with warming properties are applied to the sinuses, chest, and rubbed at the feet and back.

3. With dizziness and migraine, it is enough to apply a small amount to the temples.

4. Muscle and joint pains are treated by rubbing an ointment into the skin on the affected area.

5. To facilitate the manifestation of varicose veins with light massage movements from the bottom up, a balm is applied to the legs.

Balms have external use. It is necessary to avoid contact with the eyes, mucous membranes, open wounds.

Thick consistency and sharp herbal smell is a distinctive feature of Thai ointments. However, some of them have a more subtle flavor due to various additives: spicy, menthol, coconut.

The palette of Thai balms

Thai balms are not universal, as many people think. Do not take from the pharmacy shelves any jar you like. The means of traditional medicine differ from each other not only in color, but also in composition and indications.

To know these differences and the properties of each, it is necessary that the treatment should be beneficial, not harmful.

Red. There are red cream with different compositions. As a rule, red ointment has a pronounced warming and anesthetic effect with deep penetration into the tissue.

The main indication for use is pain in the joints and muscles. Used for grinding and therapeutic massage after fractures, bruises. At the first sign of a cold, the medicament is applied on the sinuses, rub the feet. With bronchitis — impose on the chest. Red chilli ointment is used in anti-cellulite massage.

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Balm relieves pain and treats a cold.

Green. First aid for injuries, bruises, sprains, torn ligaments, fractures, muscle clamps and tension. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. Helps relieve irritation and itching after insect bites, with burns. Treats a cold.

Yellow. The main property is the enhancement of blood flow. That is why yellow balsam is indicated in the treatment of varicose veins. He is also loved by athletes and is used to warm up muscles, heal injuries and relieve pain. Stops skin fungus.

White. It has a mild effect and is considered universal. It can be used for people with sensitive skin, children. It is white balm that massage therapists use to relax, soothe muscles, relieve spasms. However, the spectrum of action is wide: it is a doctor for colds, insomnia, skin irritations.

Blue. With a cooling effect. Strengthens blood flow, relieves severity, swelling, pain. Its miraculous properties will appreciate, first of all, people suffering from varicose veins. Strengthens the walls of capillaries and veins. The successful combination of essential oils, menthol and cloves in the composition makes the drug useful in the treatment of respiratory diseases, dizziness, nausea.

Pink. Differs soft action. Contains lotus essential oils. It has no contraindications for children. It is used for relaxing massage for pain in muscles and joints. Reduces swelling, bruising. Used in aromatherapy for headaches, dizziness, bouts of nausea. Like all mixtures with a warming effect, it is prescribed for colds.

Black, or royal. It does not have a warming or cooling effect. In addition to a wide range of actions (muscle and joint pain, swelling, bruising, varicose veins, inflammation), it is used in the treatment of arthritis and gout.

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Value — in the content of sesame oil, rich in trace elements and minerals.

It has a beneficial effect on the skin: moisturizes, nourishes, tones and rejuvenates. Sesame is caused and black color means. The properties of folk remedies described by us are generalized. They may differ, depending on the additional components included in the preparations.

No one is surprised by the fact that medicines must be bought in pharmacies. Thai ointments and balms are medicinal products, so they should be purchased at a pharmacy, and not in a souvenir shop and not on the market under the scorching sun. On the jar with the drug must be indicated the manufacturer, brand, medical certificate number.

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Restrictions on the export of ointments and balms in Thailand there. It is worth considering the weight of your luggage.

The only inconvenience when contacting the pharmacy is the language barrier. Thai pharmacists can hardly speak English. It will not be superfluous to study the available information on the Internet before traveling to Thailand.

Not less popular oils from Thailand. The most famous of all is coconut oil. It is used for massage, as well as for cosmetic purposes. Coconut oil nourishes, moisturizes the skin and hair. It is hypoallergenic, and has no contraindications.

Another exotic treasure of Thailand is pineapple oil. The enzyme complex bromelain, vitamins and pineapple minerals have anti-inflammatory, fat burning properties. Pineapple is widely used in cosmetology for skin rejuvenation, cellulite treatment, restoration of damaged hair and nails. Pineapple is an excellent natural antidepressant.

Sesame and turmeric are well-known Thai healers. They are credited with rejuvenating, moisturizing and regenerating properties, so the essential oils from these spices are used mainly in cosmetology. Turmeric, in addition, is a good analgesic. Ginger essential oil has analgesic and antiseptic effect. It is effective for colds, respiratory diseases, headaches and muscle pain, apathy and depression.

Before using the products and preparations, you should definitely get acquainted with the instructions for use (in English).

Orange, almond, galangal, almond oils are just a partial list. Thanks to its proven efficacy, high quality and ease of use, Thai oils are becoming popular worldwide.

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