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Baan Sukhavadi — Millionaire Palace

Baan Sukhavadi — Millionaire Palace

The palace and park complex received a lot of names. It is also known as the Palace of the Cock or Chicken King, for example. Located in the north of Pattaya, literally on the coast. The complex belongs to one of the richest and most influential people in the country. There is a legend that the palace was intended as a gift to the king. However, the monarch refused an excessively luxurious gift. As a result, it was decided to make a museum and open its doors for everyone.

Anyway, before you the real east fairy tale will open, only embodied in a reality. Here, literally everything screams of incredible luxury. The furniture is exclusively the best, the halls are amazing with open space, the floors are made of rare sorts of marble … They say that it is impossible to take your eyes off the decoration.

Walk around the palace is remembered for a long time. Here, every turn is amazing, and it is precisely when you think that it is simply impossible to be even more surprised. In one room, incredible sculptures?

In another you are waiting for the statues of the gods! Have you looked at the largest carpet in Thailand? And there is an exposition of jewels and gold! The abundance of works of art really turned this palace into a kind of museum.

With the beauty of the building can argue except that the charm of nature, albeit somewhat changed under the hands of skilled craftsmen. The park adjacent to the palace is a masterpiece of landscape design. Due to the huge number of fountains, it is almost always cool here.

And the pagoda is so beautiful that there is no end to those who want to be photographed. And, of course, the 9 m tall Buddha statue simply cannot fail to impress. Peacocks are walking right in the park … In a word, if you read fairy tales “Thousand and One Nights”, then this palace will definitely remind you of them!

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