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Attractions Finds: amazing places of Primorye

Nakhodka: the sights of Primorsky Krai

Going to travel across the vast expanses of Russia, be sure to visit the Primorsky Territory and visit the amazing city — Nakhodka. It is located on the Difficult peninsula in the bay on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan. The city received its name thanks to Russian navigators, who, fleeing from the storm, found an unknown bay and decided to call it Nakhodka. The village, built on the shore, got the same name.

View all the sights of Nakhodka difficult for 1 day. It is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, seaside clean air, tidy streets and a large seaport. It is warm in summer. Tourists enjoy sunbathing on the cozy sandy beaches and swimming.

Acquaintance with the city

The central street of the city is Nakhodkinsky Avenue, stretching from north to south for more than 10 km. On it passes most of the buses, there are many cultural places that you can catch in one day.

  • At Vladivostok Street, 1, there is a drama theater. This is a favorite place of citizens. The repertoire of the theater is constantly updated. Fascinating costumed performances will long remain in the memory and excite the imagination.
  • A little further along the same street there is an interesting museum and exhibition complex. It has several historical halls, a gallery of paintings, the exposition of the Cedar Museum, where you can see original drawings on sections of ancient trunks. For a nominal fee, an experienced guide tells fascinating stories about the development of Primorye, which greatly broadens the horizons of adults and children. The museum contains archaeological finds, clothing, household items of people who inhabited this land in antiquity.
  • If you go down a little from Nakhodkinsky Avenue down Vladivostok Street, the beautiful Church of Jesus Christ will appear before your eyes. Locals consider it the most beautiful in Nakhodka and say that it looks like the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. The church is located on the hill, from where an elegant panorama of the bay opens. This wonderful place should definitely visit, arriving in the city for 1 day.
  • On Nahodkinsky Avenue you can see puppet theater. The building can be seen from afar. The magnificent architecture, bordered by lush greenery, and massive steps leading to the theater are impressive. If you come to Nakhodka for a weekend with children, buy tickets for a Sunday performance. Kids will get a lot of fun and have an unforgettable time.

The most famous monument of the port city is the majestic monument «Grieving Mother» on Poklonnaya Hill. It is set in memory of the fishermen who died in the Bering Sea. A seven-meter bronze sculpture of a woman with a baby in her arms is turned to the bay. The names of the dead sailors are engraved at its foot. People come here to honor the memory of all those who gave their lives in the struggle against the sea. From the top of the mountain offers a breathtaking view of the city and the ships standing in the port.

Nature of Primorsky Krai

Tourists coming to Nakhodka cannot miss the amazing sight at the mouth of the Partizan river. There rises a 318 meter high mountain sister. Opposite it stands Mount Brother, and between them there is a small hill, which is called the Nephew. Locals say that countless treasures are stored in their depths, and tell many other legends about these places.

The ascent to the Sister is a popular tourist route in Nakhodka. It takes about 1 hour and is not difficult. It is easily overcome by older people and children. It is necessary to follow safety rules, go slowly, and be sure to take drinking water with you. The mountain is covered with greenery. On the way up you can admire lemongrass, wild rosemary, young oaks. Having conquered the mountain, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the city, the mouth of the river and the endless sea.

At the beginning of the bay stretched two-kilometer island of Lysis. This is one of the main attractions of Nakhodka, which the city administration declared a natural monument. In a reserved place grows more than 200 species of plants. Among them:

  • grapes;
  • maples, oaks, lindens;
  • viburnum, hornbeam, elm;
  • medicinal herbs listed in the Red Book, and flowers.

If you come there for an excursion, you can admire the juniper thickets, see about 6 species of ferns, spiny eleutherococcus, Amur lilac and many other rare plants.

The island is home to a variety of birds. Blue magpies, peregrine falcons, Pacific eagles, numerous cormorants and gulls settled there.

In 2000, on the hill of the island, a five-meter Orthodox cross was erected, which can be seen from afar. It was set in honor of the 2000th anniversary of Christianity and in memory of repressed people who were serving sentences in the Primorsky Territory.

If time permits, be sure to take a trip to Chandorlaz. He is on the way between Nakhodka and Partizan. This is a unique mountain range with a length of 7 km. The highest mountain reaches 756 meters. Adventurers — climbers and cavers come here from all over the country. Ordinary tourists can explore the caves on their own or as part of an excursion that can be booked in Nakhodka. The best time to visit the area is August or September.

Rest in Nakhodka

In the summer, tourists do not come to Nakhodka for 1 day. In July, the beach season begins, attracting tourists here. In the city and around it is easy to find a suitable recreation center, camping or private house and have a great time. Admirers of «wild» rest happy to stop in the tent camps, which are scattered along the coast.

One of the most famous beaches is Zolotari. On the wide sandy shore is always crowded. The water is warm in season, so there are many swimmers in the sea. If you go left, the rocky shore begins. Here, diving enthusiasts convenient to dive with a mask. Within the beach there are several cafes and many children’s entertainment.

Another great place to relax is the beach in Livadia. This is one of the microdistricts of the city. The service there is put on a grand scale. Vacationers offer a large selection of water rides, boating and flying on seaplanes. The water in the sea is crystal clear, there is no grass and seashells on the bottom. Nearby there is a lake where the water quickly warms up even in bad weather. There are constantly bathed many children and adults.

In the evening, after the beach, you can go to the central recreation park, where thousands of entertainment. Children are invited to participate in various events and contests. Those who wish to ride on the Ferris wheel and other attractions.

There are many interesting things in Nakhodka. Once there at the beginning of the summer, you can visit the festival of art song, which is held annually in June. In August, too, will not be bored. The seaside city at this time invites everyone to the biker rally. Motorcyclists gather near the beach Zolotari. There you can see biker contests and performances of famous Far Eastern musicians.

The beautiful nature and delightful seascapes attract more and more tourists here. Here everyone will find something interesting for themselves, so be sure to come to Nakhodka — you will not regret.

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