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Ashe — resort village of Sochi: description, weather, hotels

Ashe — resort village of Sochi: description, weather, hotels

Ashe is a resort village in the Lazarevsky district of the city of Sochi. Large clean beaches, mountain air, shady streets attract people from all over Russia. Rest in Asha is suitable for people who are tired of the noisy city and want to relax in the picturesque village with a developed infrastructure.

Holiday features

The resort village is located on the Black Sea coast. The quality of sea water and the sanitary condition of the sea are much better than the Absheron and Tuapse regions. Rest in Asha in the season of 2018, namely in July-August, is suitable for families, because there are no huge numbers of people on the beaches. You can safely swim, enjoy the warm water.

A distinctive feature of the village — a huge number of private sectors. Tourists can rent cheap accommodation without intermediaries. If you book a house 2-3 months before the start of the season, you can significantly reduce the cost of rent. Signing a contract with the owner directly saves up to 25%.

Prices for holidays in the village of Ashe in 2018 are much lower than at other resorts. This is due to the large number of families who come to rest calmly and measuredly. They love to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the Black Sea. But the rest in this place can not be called boring, because on the seashore are constantly held discos, for children and adults there are water rides.

Where to stay?

Tourists have a huge number of options where to stay for the rest:

  • Private sector. This is an economical option, in the village every second rents housing for tourists, especially from June to August.
  • Recreation facilities. They stand out for low prices, so you can live cheaply in comfortable conditions even near the sea.
  • Boarding houses. Ideal for people who need good rest and health promotion.

Most try to rent a house in Asha closer to the sea, but remember the high cost of renting. Often in such houses big problems with dampness. If you want to avoid this, choose housing a little further from the sea. You can study the travel time and prices on our website using an interactive map.

City `s history

Archaeological finds confirm the fact that people live on the territory of a modern resort since the Stone Age. An important role in the history of Ashe was played by the population. Residents of the village are descendants of the Circassians who lived on this territory in immemorial time. They defended their land during the Caucasian War, restored the village after a bloody battle.

In 1864, the settlement was evicted, and a new one appeared only in 1970. The exact date of the foundation is unknown, but it was incorporated into the city of Sochi in 1961.

The climate in Ashe is subtropical. Distinctive features — high humidity and softness. In the village of the warm sea, and the swimming season decided to open from the first week of June, to close — the last week of October. If you do not like large crowds, postpone the trip until mid-September. At this time, tourists are very few, housing prices are reduced several times.

The absence of strong winds allows the sea to warm up faster, so that the swimming season opens in late May — early June. The weather in Ashe and the water temperature in summer practically coincide: from June to August the water warms up to +23 — +27 degrees. Even in winter, the water temperature does not fall below +9 degrees.

What to do in Asha?

Rest in the village is suitable for people who want to strengthen the immune system, get rid of diseases and rest from the noisy city. Despite this, Ashe’s best entertainment in 2018 is not a beach holiday, but various types of outdoor activities. Tourists can dive to the bottom of the sea with an aqualung or climb one of the rocks.

If you prefer a relaxing holiday, visit one of the sights. You can have a great time with the locals, who often treat tourists with natural wine and tea, excellent national dishes.

Sights and excursions

Locals highlight 5 places of interest in Ashe and its surroundings, which are obligatory to visit:

  • Scala old men. In ancient times, elderly people were dumped from this place, and they became an unbearable burden for the family.
  • Waterfall Psyda. Near the 30-meter waterfall beat the keys with water containing silver.
  • Waterfall Shapsug. Cascade of waterfalls in height of more than 80 meters.
  • Witch Cave Mystical place, which previously constantly conducted excursions. Gradually, it began to flood, therefore, at the present time, excursions are possible only with diving equipment.
  • The upper reaches of the river Ashe. Amazing place with a pile of rocks and emerald waterfalls.

Excursions in Ashe and its surroundings are inexpensive. You can order both individual and group options. Most guides show unknown places about which there is almost no information on the Internet.

Overview of Ashe Beaches

The resort village has gained popularity due to its own beaches. The best beaches of Ashe, along with clean and healthy sea air will appeal to both children and adults.

The central beach is distinguished by a large territory, so even in a season no one will disturb you. It is pebbly, but the entrance to the water is cleared of sharp stones. There are a lot of fun, such as riding a banana, catamaran, scuba diving, skydiving. There are small cafes scattered around the territory, where you can have a cheap snack.

Beach resort «Caucasus» closed. The entrance to the water is convenient, equipped with wooden gatherings. It is better to take shoes with you, because in the territory there are large pebbles. Entertainment is absent, this place is intended for people who live in a sanatorium and want to get rid of diseases.

Vodopadny beach is suitable for lovers of water entertainment. Popular are banana, tablet and catamaran rides. You can rent a boat. After an active holiday, most vacationers prefer to rent a sunbed, umbrella and relax. There are several places where you can eat.

How to get there?

The resort is located on the territory of Sochi in the Lazarevskoye area. The infrastructure is poorly developed, but you can get to the village without any problems.

By plane

How to get to Ashe by plane? It is easier and faster to fly to Adler airport, take an electric train and, having covered 100 kilometers, find yourself at the resort. Another option is Krasnodar airport. Upon arrival by public transport or taxi, get to the train station, from where take the train to the village. After driving 200 kilometers, you will find yourself in Ashe.

How to get to Ashe by train? Choose a train that goes in the direction of Sochi. Coming on it to the station Lazarevskaya. Next, take any bus, drive in the opposite direction for 5 kilometers.

By bus

There is a lot of public transport from the airport and the train station to the resort, so there will be no problems with how to get to Ashe by bus.

By car

A-147 road passes through the village. It can be reached through the junction of the M-4 Don. There are frequent traffic jams on the roads, so only a small part of the tourists travel to Ashe in a private car. It’s easy to avoid problems knowing how to get to Ashe by car. Avoid trips on weekends and holidays, go better at night.

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