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Animals of Thailand: description, photos, species and habitat

Animals of Thailand — revered, rare, and dangerous


Thailand is the land of eternal summer. Nature has created here favorable conditions for living a diverse animal world. Animals of Thailand make up one tenth of the fauna of the planet Earth. There are many exotic specimens. And you should not be surprised if, for example, on the beach you meet some unusual animals.

Thai elephants

The elephant is a symbol of Thailand, and the highest state award. White elephant, albino elephant, especially revered in Thailand. It is a sacred symbol of the king, prosperity, well-being and power. Today, Thai elephants also supplement the country’s budget, making a feasible contribution to attracting tourists. Although their population has declined significantly. Just 40 years ago, there were more than 8,000.

Today, there are only about one and a half thousand. Admire the giants can be in the Khao Yao National Park and in the reserve Huai Kha.

The Indian elephant is an excellent climber. Thanks to its thick long trunk and huge legs, it easily climbs and holds on inclined surfaces. Elephants are also skilled swimmers.

These five-ton giants are capable of crossing the river. A newborn elephant weighs only 90 kg. An adult elephant needs up to 250 kg of food and more than 200 liters of water per day.

Mysterious Siamese cats are especially honored in Thailand. Here they are called «lunar diamond». These beauties have spotted color and blue eyes. At the time of ancient Siam, cats were the property of the king and were called sacred royal cats. Until the middle of the last century, they lived exclusively at the royal court. Apparently, therefore, the small predators are so graceful and regal.

In Thailand, they are called «moon diamond»

In the west of the country, where the wet jungles and swamps, quite a rare animal lives — a cat-fisher, a civet cat. This miracle of nature has to earn food, swimming and diving. It is possible to catch fish by using membranes, which are located between the toes of the front paws.

Civet cat

Thailand’s cat’s world is rich, here you can get acquainted with the reed cat, and the Bengal cat, and the golden beauty cat.

Reed cat — secretive and cautious beast

There is a Thais and a bear cat. That is how the binturong bear was nicknamed for its feline manner of moving around. A feature of this stocky animal, weighing 9-14 kg, is a prehensile tail, which it uses as an additional limb. His coat is thick and short, but very long on the tail.

Binturong (kotomedved)

He does not jump on the branches, this is not a royal business, but he sleeps in the trees. There he eats and multiplies. This animal is not gregarious, loves solitude. Binturong is a funny and cute animal. He loves to communicate with people. It has a playful and calm character. Thais often tame these bears and use them as pets.

Dogs — revered animals

Thailand — the birthplace of a very beautiful, strong and unusual breed of dogs — Thai Ridgeback. Ridge is a strip of wool on the back, which grows in the opposite direction to the main one. Ridgeback reliable, flexible and devoted friend and companion. Since ancient times, dogs have protected the home from snakes, accompanied the owner along the way, guarding him. And the ridgeback is clean, so its home contents are not burdensome.

Thai Ridgeback is a very rare and ancient breed.

Bangkeu dog is also from Thailand. According to legend, in the temple of Wat Bangkeu in the province of Pitsanulok a monk sheltered a pregnant dog. How she appeared here is unknown, as there were no dogs in this area. The monk raised four puppies with long dark brown and black fur. These were the distant ancestors of modern Bangkeu. It is believed that this breed was the result of inbreeding. Bangkeu look like Spitz, they are friendly, loyal, great guards. Thai dog Bangkeu today — a rare and expensive breed.

Large predators

Predatory animals of Thailand live in remote regions of the mountains, the jungle, on uninhabited islands. Indian tigers and black panthers live in the humid northern tropical forests. In more arid regions, the panther lives with a protective yellow-spotted coloration. And the mountain tropical forests are the birthplace of the smoky leopard. Tigers and leopards sometimes go hunting in the fields, go into the villages to profit. They steal dogs, chickens, calves, pigs, horses.

Mountain rainforests — the birthplace of the smoky leopard

There is an unusual place in Thailand called the Tiger Temple. At one time it was an ordinary Buddhist temple, to which they brought a small, wounded cub. Since then, the monks bred tigers here and invited tourists to tour. In the temple, both people and animals live as one loving family. Tourists, of course, are advised to stay away from animals that behave like domestic cats with monks. The spectacle is impressive.

Buddhist monks know how to get along with tigers

In nature, tigers do not attack humans until they are provoked. They try to stay away from people. These big cats are beautiful, well-groomed, clean animals.

Tigers are the biggest and most dangerous of all cats.

Almost on all the slopes of mountain ranges you can meet the black Himalayan bear. Its dimensions are small: length — about 160 cm, weight — usually 120 kg. Locals are wary of it more than other predators. After all, if a bear is hungry, he can attack herds of domestic animals. People, for no reason, the beast does not offend. The animal is good-natured, charming and elegant. But close communication with him can end in failure.

Black himalayan bear

There is in the kingdom and a miniature bear — Malay or Biruang. His height at withers is 50-70 cm, weight — up to 65 kg. His fur is tight, smooth and short. The color is black, on the face it turns into yellowish. There is usually a whitish or reddish spot in the form of a horseshoe on the chest.

Miniature Bear — Biruang

In theory, the panda is also a predator, although it feeds mainly on bamboo. During the day, the panda is able to absorb up to 30 kg of shoots. For this, it is called the bamboo bear. It weighs from 30 to 160 kg. By the nature of these cute bears are very lazy.

Small predatory animals

Marten — harza is found on the plains and in the foothills, in color it resembles Siamese cats.

Kharza (Martes flavigula)

The Indian badger lives in the hilly regions of the country.

Indian bald badger

Linsang is a resident of evergreen mountain forests.

Striped linsang Prionodon linsang

Mongoose can sometimes be seen in the rice fields or on the forest edge.

Mongoose Selosa, Gray Mongoose

Bulls, Deer and Boars

Earlier in Thailand there were a significant number of different types of deer. Today we will not see the deer of Shomburg, we rarely meet the deer Eldi and Serao. But the Zambara deer and the Askis deer are found throughout the kingdom.

On the banks of the rivers you can meet a typical Thai animal — deer. This miniature ungulate weighs only two — two and a half kilograms and a height of 20-25 centimeters. Horns, like a deer, it does not happen. But males even have fangs. The kid is quick-witted and surpasses the tiger’s tricks. By character, he is like our fox. Apparently, therefore, he is also a hero of folk tales.

The smallest artiodactic on the planet: a small deer, or kanchil

Wild bulls of Thailand, bantengi and skating, are considered the ancestors of domestic cattle. The most frequently encountered bull-skating, having a black and brown color, it is the most beautiful of the local bulls. Bantengi are not inferior to them not by their proportions, not by their proud look. Their majestic head and brilliant wool of a beautiful red shade are especially attractive.

The most common skating, or gaur (Bos gaurus)

The main inhabitant of the forest is wild boar. He is also a favorite delicacy for large predators. Marsh boars go for prey only at night, and during the day they sit in lowland areas between the Ping and Yom rivers. Their relatives, mountain boars, hunt during the day. Mountain boar populations are common in the region of the Western Cordillera.

Landmark for wild tourists — huge lairs, built of branches. This is a shelter for piglets, and protection from enemies. Meet the boar has the opportunity to every tourist.

Black Tapir and Monkey

In the waters of the southern forests and on the peninsula of Malacca there is a very rare animal — black-tapir. During the day you will not be able to see him, but at night he will come out in search of salt.

Black Tapir

The kingdom of monkeys in Thailand is diverse and numerous. They live everywhere. Here are open special schools for these animals. They are trained to collect coconuts, and then carried to work. Today, more than 5,000 monkeys are working on the plantations. The most cunning and nimble cook for the amusement of tourists. These monkeys are learning the wisdom of performing all sorts of tricks. But the monkey can become a skillful pickpocket. They are taught to steal valuable things from tourists and bring them to their owners. Thieves perform their duties with impeccable dexterity.

Monkeys in Thailand live everywhere

There is also the so-called Monkey Island in the kingdom, here there are more than 2000 of them. Once the island of Koh Pet was uninhabited, and several monkeys were brought here. To date, the animals delight tourists, entertain them in gratitude for the brought delicacies.

Monkeys on Phi Phi Island, Thailand

But there are wild monkeys in Thailand. They live in packs led by a leader and are considered dangerous to humans. People are wary. Very fond of bright shiny, sparkling things. If they do not get what they want, they become angry and aggressive. Able to jump on a person to select the desired thing.

Wild monkeys often terrorize tourists

White-footed gibbons are found throughout Thailand. The hands of the limbs are really white, and the body is covered with wool of different shades. The animal differs in surprising speed of movements that gives the chance to catch, for example, a sparrow on the fly.

Trees — the main seat of the white-handed gibbons

On the territory of eastern Thailand lives the royal gibbon. Its coat is dark or light brown in color. And on the head and chest, as a sign of distinction — black wool. Gibbons are called «trapezoid masters», they swing on their long hands and fly from branch to branch.

Throughout the country, you can find different types of macaques:

  • The short-tailed macaque lives in the mountain forests of Western Thailand.
  • A shaggy or southern pig-tailed macaque can be seen catching crabs or swimming in brooks.
  • The famous rhesus monkey, who contributed to the development of science, is also a resident of Thailand.
  • Four species of langurs or slender monkeys are found in Western Thailand, as well as on the Peninsula. Langurs are great jumpers, they can jump from one mountain peak to another.
  • Crested monkeys living in the woods near the river Paci. Their wool is grayish in color. A female marked with a white stripe on his chest.

Bird representatives

Animals of Thailand are also represented by an abundance of birds nesting in the fields, in forests, near water bodies. Both migratory and non-migratory species coexist here.

Red-headed crane

A kind of visiting card of the rice field is the white heron, which rides on a water buffalo and looks out for prey. Here you can see storks and ibises. In the mouths of rivers, in the flooded valleys, cranes live, the most original of them is the red-headed. In the second half of the rainy season you can see a snipe, flocks of pigeons, bright multi-colored parrots. Usually they live in forest thickets, and when rice matures, they arrive to feast on food. An integral part of the rice fields — the vultures.

Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)

The lanes are the most sociable birds. They are also buffs on buffalo lovers. Entire flocks of birds choose ticks from the animal’s fur.

The sacred lane is the most talking bird in the world

In Thailand, there are more than sixteen species of kingfishers. Their plumage sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow. Like an arrow a bird rushes over a stream, suddenly a stone falls down and snatches a fish out of the water. Fill the forest with glitter of bright colors and long tails. Their tail is blue, the back and abdomen are green, the throat is yellow, and the cap is black with a tufted back tuft of blue and yellow feathers.


Some species of pheasants can boast a beautiful plumage. Silver Pheasant and Argus Pheasant are found on the Peninsula. In the dense branches of trees bent over the water you can sometimes notice a wild peacock. Your eyes can watch a spectacular sight: in all the splendor of its colorful plumage, the peacock flies noisily through the pond to another tree.

Peacock flies across the pond to another tree

The wingspan of the hornbill is almost 2 meters. This is a large motley bird that eats fruit, but does not squeamish the chicks.

Perhaps not among the birds of creatures more bizarre than the rhinoceros

Piggy bat

The pig-bearing bat is the smallest mammal on the planet. Her nose looks like a piglet. The length of a miniature bat — 3.3 cm, and weight — up to 2 g. Unfortunately, these crumbs are under threat of extinction.

The smallest mammal in the world — the swine bat

Saltwater crocodile

A saltwater crocodile is a saltwater crocodile, it is a man-eating crocodile — the largest reptile in the world. As well as the world’s largest coastal predator. Males can reach seven meters in length with a weight of up to 2000 kg. The head alone can weigh over 200 kg. The muzzle of the old crocodile is covered with mounds, hence the name of the animal.

The largest crocodile in the world today

A saltwater crocodile can also live in salty water, but prefers swamps, deltas, lagoons, and lower reaches of rivers. This reptile is the owner of the strongest bite in the animal world. The saltwater crocodile is capable of long voyages in the open sea, far from its habitat.

Its speed in calm water reaches 35-42 km / h. Prefers to hunt in the twilight, and spends the day in a daze in the water or basking on the shore. Animals are characterized by aggression and brutal fights within their species. The crocodile is capable of crushing the head with buffalo jaws, and breaking the tail with a tail blow.

Crocodile farm: exotic with adrenaline rush

Meet crocodiles standing on crocodile farms, and not near open water. After all, a combed crocodile with the help of the tail and hind limbs can throw almost the entire body out of the water and capture prey.

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