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Alcohol in Thailand: types, brands, prices, restrictions

Alcohol in Thailand: types, prices, sales, reviews

Lovers of alcoholic beverages to live in Thailand will enjoy more than in their homeland. And the blame for the high quality of alcohol and low cost, since everything is produced in the factories of the country under the strictest control.


In Thailand, you can find any kind of alcohol: from beer to strong rum. Alcohol is sold here almost everywhere: in hotels, in shops, in the market.

Thai beer

Beer in Thailand is the most popular drink. The most famous brand that has existed since 1933 is Singha (5%), Singha Light (3.5%). The Chang: Classic brand (6.4%), Draft (5%) and Light (4.2%) make up worthy competition to this brand. Local beer brands Leo (3.5%) and Archa (5.4%) enjoys a little less popularity. In Phuket make beer Phuket Beer (5%).

Almost all the beer here is available in bottles of 0.64 l or 0.33 l. Much less often there are bottles on 0,5 l which are not in special demand. Beer prices in Thailand: 0.64 l from 45 to 55 baht, 0.33 l from 30 to 45 baht. It is possible to buy imported beer in Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia, England in bars, but its cost is 2 times higher than in local and in large supermarkets. Prices are an average of 120 baht per bottle.

Wine in thailand

If during your stay in Thailand you want wine, then you can go to the store Big C or Tesco and buy imported goods, since there is a huge selection of wines from Spain, Chile, Australia. True, imported wine is quite expensive: prices in supermarkets start at 200-300 baht per bottle, and more worthy varieties start at 1000 baht per bottle. Such “wild” prices are explained by the fact that the state adheres to a policy aimed at the development of local production.

In Thailand, winemaking began to develop about 30 years ago. The first Thai wine Chateau de Loei appeared on sale in 1995, it was exported to Japan and to European countries. Only in the last 5 years, the wine market began to really develop, and Siam Winery is the most successful wine producing company. In large supermarkets there are local wines such as: Fresco — red berry, white apple and pink strawberry; Awarded several international Monsoon Valley awards; more worthy of Chateau Vendome, Mont Clair, Kookaburra, Peter Vella.

Special attention is given to Thai rice wine Siam Sato, which costs only 35 baht per bottle of 0.5 liters. It is a light (7 ° -8 °) carbonated and sweet-tasting drink; it is sold in bottles that resemble beer.

Thai whiskey

The most popular brands of Thai whiskey are Mekong, Blend, Sang Som, Hong Thong. Thai whiskey has a bit of a sharp taste, but the quality is very high. Whiskey Blend Thais are accustomed to mix with sparkling water. A bottle of 0.7 liters of this drink costs 250 baht.

Mekhong (35%) appeared in 1941 and managed very quickly to win the love of the local population. Although Mekhong is whiskey, it is closer in composition to rum, as it is made from rice and sugarcane. The taste of this alcoholic drink is quite specific, so it is accepted to drink it with cola or soda.

Thai brandy regency

In Thailand, Regency brandy is produced — a pretty good drink, though not as popular with the local population as whiskey and rum. Most likely, due to the high cost: about 350 baht per bottle.

Thai Rum Sang Som

That rum Sang Som is preferred by the local Europeans, appreciating it for a rather pleasant taste. Due to the fact that rum Sang Som is usually sold in beautiful packages, you do not have to think about what kind of alcoholic drink to bring from Thailand — the answer will be unequivocal!

Rum Sang Som (40%) is a rather “young” product. It appeared in 1977, but managed to quickly become popular and won a leading position in the market of strong alcoholic beverages. 70 million liters of this rum are bought every year. Its cost is low: a bottle of 0.7 l — 270-300 baht, a bottle of 0.35 l — 135-155 baht. In bars and restaurants, Sang Som rum is offered with ice, soda and cola.

In Phuket they make rum Chalong Bay Rum — it is sold in shopping centers, in many bars and restaurants.

The most «Thai» drinks

And yet the most «Thai» strong drinks are ya-dong and lao-khao. They can hardly be found in tourist restaurants and bars, but they are sold in any specialty store. Lao-khao is whiskey, which is obtained by distilling rice wine. Very often, rice whiskey is used for tincture of scorpions, snakes, spiders.

Ya-dong is a Thai herbal tincture resembling the balsams of Thailand. This tincture is used as a remedy, as well as to improve the taste of local whiskey. The most popular brand of ya-dong is Tiger.

Alcoholic cocktails

Being in Thailand, it is difficult to resist not to try the popular cocktails. They are usually sold c brightly painted cars Volkswagen Combi Van, which is called Cocktail Car. In Pattaya, the best such bar is located near the Central Festival shopping center.

The most popular in Cocktail Car is the alcoholic cocktail Bucket («Bucket»). Ice is poured into a small bucket, a bottle of Red Bull and a bottle of Sangsom whiskey are poured in there, and sometimes even Coca-Cola. This bucket is designed for 10 people, since 10 straws are given to it so that you can drink a cocktail directly from the bucket. But the rule with 10 straws does not work for tourists from Russia: what is there to drink? Bucket will cost about 200 baht.

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It also offers a small bucket, which contains numerous cones with different contents — in each cone a separate cocktail. Such a set will cost 100 baht.

In the bar on the wheels of Cocktail Car you can always order such world-famous cocktails as “B52”, “Margarita”, “Pina Colada”, “Tom Colins”, “Sex on the Beach”. The average cost of a cocktail is 80 baht.

Remember! On some holidays, Buddhist holidays and election days, the sale of alcohol in bars, restaurants and shops is prohibited. Alcohol is not sold near schools, mosques and gas stations.

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