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Acclimatization in children: features of a trip to rest with a baby

On holiday with the baby: features of acclimatization among young travelers

Is it possible to rest, going to the resort with a small child? There are many opinions here. One mom claim that with the child no rest will not work, unless you hire him a nanny. Others rejoice in the fact that some time can be spent without daily cleaning and cooking for the whole family, and they do not walk with the baby, play at the playground and swim in the children’s pool on site.

[quote font = «arial» font_style = «italic»] In any case, when going on a vacation with a baby, you should be aware of the peculiarities of acclimatization in children, its symptoms and manifestations. [/ quote]

Often, acclimatization in children is very acute. Therefore, it is better to think in advance how to minimize the impact of an unusual climate on the baby, allow him to have a good rest, gain strength, strengthen the immune system.

Acclimatization in children: symptoms and manifestations

Often the symptoms of acclimatization are similar to the symptoms of a cold or poisoning. A child may suddenly begin to have diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and a fever. The baby becomes sluggish, capricious, sleeping restlessly, his appetite is gone.

If the child has any illnesses, they can worsen. If you do not take care of your baby during the period of acclimatization, then new sores can “become attached”, since at this time there is a decrease in immunity.

Acclimatization in children: how to reduce the negative effects?

  1. Consultation with a doctor. You must go to the doctor before you purchase a voucher, since this will allow you to exclude countries that are not recommended to visit with a small child. A specialist will help to choose a country with a suitable climate for the baby, will give a number of tips regarding nutrition and treatment of the child. And also he will prescribe a good vitamin preparation, which will help the baby to quickly adapt to the unearthly climate.
  2. Follow the usual sleep and nutrition patterns.. Try to sleep at the same time as he was used to at home. Do not include exotic dishes in the baby’s diet. Even ordinary pasta can cause unexpected reactions if they are seasoned with local spices.
  3. In the first days, take care of the child, do not allow him to overwork, play for a long time in the sun. It is obligatory to cover the head with a Panama or cap, to lubricate the skin with a children’s sunscreen, after evening bathing — with a children’s nourishing cream.
  4. Try not to go to crowded places. Acclimatization reduces immunity, and the child becomes open to all infections. It’s impossible to completely isolate a child from people, but it is possible to limit his stay in a crowd of people, on a playground with other children, on a crowded beach. Take care of your child, even the first few days, until it adapts to new conditions.

Rest after rest — return home

After returning home from rest, the baby will also have a hard time. It will take time to recover. While the children’s organism will again be adjusted to the “home” climate, the baby needs rest, a familiar atmosphere and a normal mode.

Rest with the baby is always a test for parents. But to be afraid and refuse to rest in any case is not worth it.

You just need to think over your vacation in advance, provide for all possible nuances, take with you all the necessary things and tune in to the positive. And even if not everything goes smoothly and perfectly, look into the eyes of your baby. Is he smiling and happy? We can assume that the rest was a success!

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