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10 best beaches in Cambodia

10 best beaches in Cambodia

The shimmering white sands and the mysterious and exotic surroundings are factors that attract many tourists to Cambodian beaches. At the resorts of Cambodia, you can relax with friends or family, as well as learn a new culture, do water sports and enjoy nature and sunsets. The list below lists the 10 best beaches in Cambodia:

1. Southwest Beach, Koh Rong

On the quiet Cambodian island of Koh Rong, which is located in the Gulf of Thailand, there are several wonderful beaches. One of the most beautiful is the South-West beach, surrounded by tropical forests and famous for white sand, colorful waters and a pacifying atmosphere. It is noteworthy that right from the beach you can go on a boat trip.

2. Long Set, Ko Rong

Long Set is located on the island of Koh Rong, which is characterized by the purest waters and very soft, almost imperceptible waves, which makes the island’s beaches safe for children. Long Set is a great place to relax from a chaotic world. Its feature is pure white sand and blue waters, which together create an almost perfect picture. It is worth noting that from the beach it’s great to watch the sunset.

3. Lazy Beach, Ko Rong Samloi

As the name implies (“Lazy Beach”), this place gives all visitors a feeling of pleasant relaxation. It’s all about good weather, beautiful surroundings and a very romantic setting — it’s not for nothing that the beach is often chosen by the newlyweds for a holiday. The beach is pretty deserted, which makes it peaceful and calm. The main feature of Leisi Beach is its golden and very fine sand.

4. Koh Thmey Beach, Ream Reserve

This beach is considered a secluded place — tourists who visit it can only stay in the resort of the same name. This place will appeal to nature lovers, and its highlight is untouched beauty that amazes at first sight.

5. Sokha Beach, Sihanoukville

Sokha Beach is located between the beaches of Independence and Serendipity. The features of this place are excellent sand, the relative small population and the fact that part of the beach belongs to the Sokha hotel, therefore it is closed to the public. Near the beach there are restaurants and cafes where you can eat and buy drinks.

6. Main beach, Tonsai (Rabbit Island)

The main beach is one of the most wonderful beaches in the country, which, however, is a little-known place. While other beaches border luxury hotels, this stretch of sand borders only on a number of simple Cambodian houses. These traditional huts are a great place to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the country, as well as taste delicious food at reasonable prices. An interesting feature of the beach is that here you can take a tour on the ferry in the surroundings.

7. Otres Beach, Sihanoukville

Beach Otres — the cleanest in Cambodia, because of what all the tourists tend to get into this place. The view from the coast is very beautiful — Otres is surrounded by picturesque waters, and on the beach there are a large number of restaurants, resorts, bungalows and bars.

8. Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville

This is one of the famous beaches of Cambodia, so Serendipity does not feel the lack of restaurants that are lined up on its perimeter and have their own deck chairs in which you can relax while enjoying the view. Also on the beach is very fine sand, the color of which goes well with the crystal clear waters near the shore.

9. Beach on Koz Pos, Sihanoukville

This beach is located almost a kilometer from the coast of Sihanoukville on the island of Koz. Due to its remoteness, the place is very quiet, cozy and has no crowds. Not far from the beach there is a restaurant Treasure Island (Treasure Island), which serves seafood. Feature of the place is a panoramic view of the many islands that are in the vicinity.

10. Victory Beach, Sihanoukville

Victory Beach is one of the best family beaches in Cambodia, but those who are looking for peace of mind will also enjoy relaxing here. Features Victory: a great scenic view from the shore, a line of cottages, bars and other tourist places, as well as a beautiful golden sunset, which you can admire, standing on the sandy shore.

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