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When season 18 comes out, the battle of psychics & raquo;

When will the 18 season of «Battle of psychics»

We had not had time to move away from the passions of the 17th season of the “Battle of psychics”, which ended just before the new year, as the castings for the 18th season of the popular TV show begin.

In the finale of the 17th season, the “Battle of the Psychics” defeated Swami Dashi. This mystic blew up the world of extrasensory perception, showing his unusual approach. Marilyn Kerro was again almost on the verge of victory, but unfortunately she didn’t manage to take the cherished “hand”.

What awaits us in season 18

As for the castings, nothing is clear yet, but there is no doubt that the show will continue its development and add to the entertainment. In any case, only by the immediate start of the battle will it be possible to determine how much the organizers and participants will be able to surprise us.

Let’s hope that love and emotions will be in the center of events. It will hope that someone like Swami Dashi will come, with the same or even more charisma. There are rumors about the next return of Marilyn Kerro, who can try again to amaze us with his talents and spiritual warmth.

There are also speculations and rumors about a possible expansion of the tests, about their even more interesting. The creators of the show are going to surprise us, but no one yet knows what this will exactly express.

When will the new 18th season be released?

Approximately the start of the TV show is scheduled for early September of the year. We can only wait when they announce at least the approximate date of the first series of the 18 season of the “Battle of psychics”. One way or another, the castings are already underway, so every strong medium, psychic has a chance to show himself to the world, proving to the townsfolk that magic exists and is more real than it seems.

The show started back in 2007. Thanks to the “Battle of the Psychics”, you and I met amazing people whose talents are truly unique. Season 18 is no exception.

We all have some kind of natural gift, but not everyone is given the opportunity to reveal it one hundred percent. The show shows people who could find a way to direct all their strength to the development of talents, given by nature. Season 18 is just around the corner, so relax and wait for new stories and new emotions. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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