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What surprises await viewers of the season 16 «Battle of the Psychics»: an interview with Daria Mironova

What surprises await spectators of the 16 season of the “Battle of psychics”: an interview with Daria Mironova

On the eve of episode 1 of the 16th season of “The Battle of Psychics”, clairvoyant Daria Mironova shared with us her expectations and assumptions about the participants of the show and backstage intrigues, and also told about possible and unexpected turns of events.

Daria, as is known, on September 19, the premiere of the new season of “The Battle of Psychics” is released, and recently the premiere of the film “Queen of Spades: The Black Rite” began in cinemas. What is your opinion as a specialist — such popularization of dark forces is not dangerous?

I can say that the popularity of black magic rites is not the most encouraging trend. Media tools show evil attractive, although it is not. Also, do not treat rituals lightly.

I have not watched this movie yet, but I can recommend in advance not to use the ceremonies shown there, if the rituals of summoning spirits were actually on the screen. Such things need to do with great care.

In the 16th season, interesting magicians, clairvoyants and psychics participate. Which of them, in your opinion, deserves special attention?

I am curious about the Voronov tandem. Hereditary magicians usually use the same forces and resort to similar methods. I would see how this family contract will work in pairs, and whether the gift of Iolanta, as a more senior and experienced one, will not interrupt the energy flows of Russia.

What do you think, why did Marilyn Kerro return? Does she by all means want to win or was she invited because there were none of the strong psychics this season? The same applies to Catherine Ryzhikova. Why so many celebrities this season?

Preparing something big?

Marilyn, of course, wants to take revenge, especially given her relationship with Alexander. I think she is a strong clairvoyant and wants to prove it to the other participants, but first of all, of course, to Alexander. Catherine uses interesting methods, and the shaman on the project is in any case interesting, both to producers and viewers.

I myself would look at her work, she sometimes demonstrates very unusual techniques.

Many viewers are already putting on Marilyn Kerro, and skeptics believe that the winner is known in advance. Do you agree with this?

If everything was so nominally and obviously, no one would show us the 16th season. I suppose that the “Battle” will be very intense, especially since I see a gift from many.

Nicole Matveyeva and Voronovs were clearly determined to compete with each other for the victory in the 16th season of the “Battle of the Psychics,” but the arrival of Kerro confused their cards. Should we expect a special confrontation between them, intrigue, dirty game? Can they play by the rules?

Confrontation can not be avoided. It will not be a dirty game in the open, but intrigue will simply not be avoided. Experienced magicians come to the “Battle” prepared, with their protection, but strong damage or the evil eye can pierce it.

An unexpected misfire of a budding participant is almost certainly someone’s intent.

Voronovs tandem: mother and daughter, what can you say about them? Iolanthe was a recognized magician for a long time, was she able to transfer her gift and skills to her daughter? Will we see rivalry or will they act together?

I would like to see them together, but on the other hand, the idea of ​​separating and pushing them together, putting them on two opposing sides could appeal to the creators of “Battle.” For the sake of intrigue and entertainment, they could be offered to work in two different camps.

As for the protégé of Julia Wang, Namtar Enzigal, and indeed the protégé of other psychics. Are they capable students, do they have a chance against psychics already held?

Namtar certainly has abilities, and Julia herself noted this. He is unlikely to compare with Kerro, but he should not be the first to leave. Angelina makes me doubt, like some other participants.

Grandfather Pakhom — scandalous glory giver or really capable clairvoyant healer?

I am skeptical about his participation in the project. I believe that this is PR, and it’s black, first of all for Sergey himself. He is not afraid to shock the audience, and therefore in the «Battle» we can expect from him strange tricks.

The same question about Georgy Malinovsky, why come from Doma-2 to the “Battle”? Should we expect a strong performance from him?

George is unlikely to reach the final. I do not feel a strong gift coming from him. He is either under powerful protection, which does not allow him to feel his strength, or they are really very weak, and it is difficult to catch them.

The last question: which of the participants would you support yourself?

I am interested in Marilyn and her actions, but I will be happy to look at the new faces of the project. I am really looking forward to Rossa Voronova and what she will show. It is interesting to look at Sergey, suddenly I am mistaken about his account, and he really has extrasensory abilities.

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