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What name to choose for the girl

What name to choose for the girl

Future parents are anxiously awaiting the most important moment in the life of a new family — the birth of a baby. So that the fate of your daughter was successful, and all the ways of her self-realization were open, start with the main thing — with the choice of a name.

In anticipation of the baby, future moms and dads are trying to find out the sex of the child with the help of modern medicine, folk signs or predictions. And when everything becomes clear, the most difficult and crucial moment comes — the choice of a name. The meaning of the name and the power of this word has been known since ancient times: it directly affects the future life of a child.

And here you need to take into account many different subtleties and factors: Eastern philosophy, Feng Shui, astrology, esotericism, religion, family traditions and personal preferences. In search of a unique, unusual and wonderful name for your daughter, the experts of the site dailyhoro.ru analyzed all the known teachings and were able to select for you the happiest names that will become the future talisman of the child.

Choosing a name for the girl on the eastern calendar

The Fire Rooster will give way to the Yellow Dog. Under her leadership, we all expect a harmonious, calm and measured year. What happiness to be born in the period when the earth will plunge into positive energy for 12 months! The dog symbolizes loyalty, courage, vigilance, wisdom, dedication.

It will be a year of courage, determination and a creative beginning. A girl born at this time will have the ability to follow her destiny. To activate the power of the Yellow Dog, in the name, according to Eastern teachings, there must be a distinct «R».

The most successful names that will make your daughter an optimist and very real lucky woman, — Margarita, Daria, Arina, Christina, Valeria, Ruslana, Karina, Rita, Veronika, Victoria, Irina.

Do not underestimate the importance of the name, which should be close to such qualities as wisdom, strength, intelligence, kindness, loyalty, generosity, and even to some extent courage. These names include the following: Augustine, Aurora, Agafia, Alina, Alla, Gertrude, Diana, Inessa, Irina, Irma, Constancia, Maria, Nadezhda, Nika, Svetlana, Salome, Sofia, Teresa, Frida, Elvira.

From the point of view of the eastern calendar, these are the most successful names that you should name your daughter. However, the choice of name in any case will depend on you. This is just a small list of the most appropriate names that will help harmonize life and protect themselves in difficult situations.

Choosing a Name by Zodiac Sign

Having learned under what constellation your girl will be born, you can choose a happy name for her. Astrologers promise that, despite the alternation of successful and difficult periods inherent in any time, in the year of the Dog will be unpredictable. A baby born in such a hectic time will have penetration qualities, cunning, dexterity and activity since childhood.

But in order that the power of the name does not go against the characteristic features of the Zodiac, astrologers recommend choosing something congruent and balanced for a small representative of each of the four elements.

Element of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Agnia, Zara, Seraphim, Eugene, Olga, Elizaveta, Catherine, Alena, Daria, Anna, Adalina, Olesya, Angelina, Uliana, Eve, Anastasia. These names are patronized by Fire. These girls will have a great sense of humor, loyalty, reliability, prudence.

Their strengths are swiftness, energy, concentration, sincerity, straightforwardness.

Earth Elements (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo): Irina, Christina, Tatiana, Marina, Angelina, Svetlana, Alice, Kira. These are female names, dominated by the elements of the Earth. They will help your daughter to nullify all the negative factors and weaknesses inherent in her zodiac sign.

Girls with such names will have wisdom, positive thinking, good intuition and dedication.

Element of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Anastasia, Marina, Diana, Karina, Veronika, Elena, Natalia, Polina, Xenia. The fair sex, having such names, are born capricious and cunning. But they can fascinate the absolute every person on the planet.

Your daughter will have the creative power, imagination, sensuality and femininity.

Element of Air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini): Julia, Nadezhda, Alisa, Victoria, Yana, Lyudmila, Vasilisa, Maria. From the point of view of astrology, these are the best names for a baby born under the auspices of the air element. They will be an example for all the people around them, because they will be friendly, sincere, cheerful.

Their life will be dynamic, happy and harmonious.

Of course, these are just obvious variations of the future name of your child, and you are not limited in your choice. But, according to astrology, these are the most successful names for a girl for a year.

Esoterica: the secret of the female name

Experts in the field of bioenergy agree that the year will bring even more light, love and kindness into the life of people. The birth of a child at such a time is a gift from the Higher Forces. What you do not have to worry about is the future life of your daughter.

The main thing is to choose the most suitable name for the baby. The ancient sages were convinced that there was a special, invisible connection between the name of a woman, her temperament and destiny. In a word, fate is predetermined by her name.

The brightest names that will become a happy talisman for a child — Svetlana, Olga, Elena, Vasilisa, Lucy, Lukyana, Clara, Roxana, Nuria. The consonance of these female names is perfectly combined with cosmic energy. However, psychologists and esotericists believe that the first letters in the name and patronymic can say a lot about us.

Therefore, when choosing a happy name, you can proceed from the table below and thereby give the child the desired abilities. If you believe the research, the letters mean the following:

BUT — strength, glory, power
B — purposefulness, moving forward;
AT — inconstancy, dynamism, luck;
R — mystery, mysticism, extra powers;
D — sociability, attraction, honor;
E — perseverance, strength of mind, mobilization of forces;
F — doubts, the ability to make informed decisions;
H — uncertainty, financial difficulties, spirituality;
AND — sensitivity, concern for others;
TO — ambitiousness, irritation, adventurism;
L — ingenuity, logical thinking, resourcefulness;
M — workaholism, punctuality;
H — creative abilities, increased energy;
ABOUT — expansiveness, optimism, enthusiasm;
P — meekness, seclusion, integrity;
R — constancy, sensitivity;
WITH — depression, creativity, genius;
T — idealization, self-criticism;
Have — intuition, propensity to fears and complexes;
F — fragility, adaptation, tenderness;
X — inconstancy, sexuality;
C — realization, creativity, emotionality;
H — honesty, loyalty, kindness;
W, W — stubbornness, jealousy, intellect;
Uh — harmonization, balance, elevation;
YU — ambition, a mess in life;
I — creativity, intelligence.

It’s rather difficult to choose a happy name for her daughter, because there are too many options and offers. However, nothing is impossible. If you are ready to love, protect, support and enjoy even the smallest victories of your baby, her life will be happy, despite all obstacles.

Good luck to you. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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