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What name to choose for a boy

What name to choose for a boy

The most crucial moment for each future parent is the choice of a name for his child. The rules for choosing a name will be special, because the year will be pretty calm in terms of energy.

Fiery Rooster will be replaced by the Earth Dog, or, as it is also called, Yellow. It is a symbol of loyalty, goodness, loyalty, wisdom. This year will be the direct opposite of the previous one, so the final choice of name should be made after January 1, and even better — in February, when the energy of the new year settles with your mood.

However, you can start to pick up the name now. Specialists of the site dailyhoro.ru collected for you the best names for boys according to Feng Shui, astrology and esoteric.

Selecting the name of the eastern calendar

Let’s go back to our Dog. This year will be a year of great thoughts, planning, making important decisions. Yellow Dog is a symbol of friendship and kindness, caution and a creative beginning. Names for boys, according to the Eastern calendar, should be filled with creative and calm energy.

Among such names are the following: Ivan, Peter, Kirill, Anton, Fedor, Maxim, Anatoly, Konstantin, Artem, Philip, Semyon, Roman, Nikolai, Arthur.

Names such as Vladimir, Dmitry, Oleg, Gennady, Sergey saturated with hard energy and not in line with the spirit of the Year of the Yellow Dog, so they should be avoided.

The value of the name also has a huge weight. The meaning of the name should be close to the word wise, intelligent, strong, calm. These include such names as Alexey, Valentin, Ilya, Pavel, Konstantin.

Check the meaning of the names and draw conclusions based on the sound of the name. It will be the best name option for a boy, if you look at it from the point of view of the eastern calendar.

These rules are universal, so they are not tied to nationality or place of residence. Feng Shui is a universal tool and a universal collection of tips for all occasions, including even choosing a name.

Astrology and the choice of name

Astrologers claim that the year will be very unusual, but not because its events will be dynamic, but because of its unpredictability. Stars and planets will be in dubious connections, and the harmony will be unstable. In general, this year can be a turning point in many cases.

The astrological forecast for the coming year is not favorable in everything, but this time is fine for the birth of a child. Bad names will not be, but the most suitable for each particular zodiac sign will be enough. Keep track of what sign of the zodiac will get your child.

Aries, Aquarius, Virgo: the most favorable are strong, long, not attracting special attention names — Vladimir, Konstantin, Vladislav, Vyacheslav. Too much attention is not needed to attract a future man. Astrologers say that children born under the auspices of these Signs will quickly grow up.

Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius: short names — Igor, Ivan, Artem, Semyon. The child will not always have enough fortitude. The boy will grow up, most likely, strong and modest, so that a simple name will strengthen the positive traits of his character and help to fight against weaknesses.

Gemini, Libra, Fish: unusual names are perfect for your boy. These include such names as Arthur, Vsevolod, Miron, Demid, Ruslan. The main thing is that the child’s name be as rare as possible, because the boy will be strong in those areas that require high communication skills.

Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo: sonorous, memorable, but not fanciful names perfectly emphasize the character of your child, who will try to be first in everything. This can be attributed Ilya, Ruslan, Denis, Igor, Boris.

These are just the most obvious examples, so you can not be limited to just these names.

Names in esoterics and bioenergy

Psychics call the year bright and calm. Based on this, boy names can be unique and rare, but they should not be provocative in their meaning. The brightest names, according to psychics, — Arseny, Ivan, Nikolay, Vladimir, Vitaly, Sergey, Gleb, Pavel, Yefim, Prokhor, Stepan, Yaroslav.

The name is a happy talisman for a person, therefore in esoterica a great attention is always paid to choosing a name. Mages and seers are sure that the name determines the fate of the child, his character, his strength and weaknesses. There are no ideal people, but you can always choose the name in the best possible way.

Trust your heart in the selection process.

Energy of the above names will be perfectly combined with the energy of the universe. This year the center of abundance will be close to us, but only those who know the approach to business will be able to get what they want. Self-confidence is very important, so try to make the name as suitable as possible and close to “confident”.

This is a secondary condition, but it cannot be rejected either.

Each person builds his life as it is convenient to him, but the name gives him basic abilities and character traits. In bioenergy, names are given an assessment of the level of power, so that future parents can understand how to properly name their child, how it will be better for him. A strong name does not always predict a bright future, because strength demands a lot from an individual.

Better to always find a compromise.

Remember that a person in this regard looks like a boat — as you call it, such will be his life. Not all suited name sharp, sonorous. Someone needs a more «quiet» and calm option. The energy of male names is always in the first place, because men need strength of mind, self-confidence.

Good luck with your name. Successes, and do not forget to press buttons and

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