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What happened to the participants of the «battle of psychics» & raquo;

What happened to the participants of the “Battle of psychics”

The battle of psychics is one of the most popular projects on television. Spectators are looking forward to the new seasons, but do not forget about the old participants. The star life of the show participants is always interesting.

There are many names that are constantly on the ear: Alexander Sheps, Julia Wang, Victoria Rydos and many others. These people have turned their names and pseudonyms into brands. Someone from the former participants went into the shadows, and someone still remains in sight.

The life of these people since their triumph has changed dramatically.

Alexander Sheps

Like most of the former participants, the most recognizable man of the project, Alexander Sheps, spends a lot of time in work related to helping people. Season 14 was his triumph, his lucky ticket to the world of popular esoterica. Since then, he has been a guest of all subsequent seasons, regularly flashes here and there — during and before each season. In season 18, he had a student, with whom, apparently, started a romance.

She was a pretty blonde who accompanied him in the casting. More precisely, he accompanied her, calling her his protege. Unfortunately, we did not see her among the participants of that season.

In part, Alexander became the most discussed figure of the project because of the novel with Marilyn Kerro. It was a real sensation when all the people learned that there was something between Mary and Sasha. They looked like a very happy couple, but eventually the psychics broke up. I remember that at the very beginning of his career, Alexander was often seen next to the now deceased Ilona Novoselova, who died tragically after falling out of the window of his Moscow apartment.

Journalists and fans of the show believed that there was a love triangle between Kerro, Ilona and Alexander.

With the very blonde romance, most likely, did not continue, because the photos on social networks ceased to appear. Now Sheps continues to practice esoterics, teaches other people and writes books to her.

Marilyn Cerro

It is reasonable to continue the story about the stars of the show “The Battle of Psychics”, mentioning this lady who is very secretive in her nature. Mary is from Estonia, but came to Russia specifically for the most mystical project. With Sheps, they planned to have a wedding and even have a child, but Kerro herself did not comment on these words.

It turned out the opposite, because they broke up with Sasha. About the esoteric affairs of the star girl, so far nothing has been heard, but at the beginning of the year it became clear that the Estonian was pregnant by a certain Mark, who hails from Scandinavia. The girl is doing well, she is happy and devoid of any negativity.

However, it has always been and certainly will be.

Konstantin Ghetsati

At the end of the year, Constantine became the expected winner of the 18 season of the TV show. After a stunning and unconditional victory over opponents, Konstantin was predicted about the future with Sonia Egorova, but the rumors that it all goes to a relationship have not been confirmed. Constantine, like Marilyn Kerro, is rather secretive, but on social networks he is still active.

Konstantin lives modestly, confirming his words about himself. He is now deep in helping people, so he is busy receiving patients. He had long understood what his place is in this world, so he tries not to commit any rash acts.

Of course, he is in search of the second half, but so far he has not found the one with which he could become better and happier.

Vlad Kadoni

This man is a pretty good businessman who does not need to advertise himself. He is the son of Elena Golunova, a Siberian witch who became a finalist of the 13th season of the “Battle of the Psychics”. Vlad himself is currently conducting the TV project “Dom-2”, in which he previously participated. He likes to be seen as a real showman.

The life of Vlad Kadoni has become quite far from the esoteric, although he does not completely leave this sphere of activity, coming to the talk show. The last time this happened was after the death of his girlfriend Ilona Novoselova.

Dariya Voskoboeva

Many people forgot a little this beautiful participant and finalist, who showed strong character and a desire to win. Darius leads a very calm and measured life surrounded by her two children. She is divorced, but recently there are rumors that she is in love.

In her arsenal, all the same oriental magic, which she does not stop practicing and helping people.

Mehdi Ebraghimi Wafa

In the far third season of the “Battle”, it was Mehdi who won. Those who remember the third season can easily say that this magician and psychic is a very modest person. He now lives with his wife in Russia and does not parade their relationship.

He has a favorite thing, a hobby and children, he is happy.

Nicole Kuznetsova

This lady could not win the show, but she was able to show herself, reaching the final. She opened her school of magic, calling it the right school. This means that people learn to look at things there correctly, so that their actions do not bring problems to anyone.

A psychic helps people search for themselves by doing a good deed. Nicole married Alexander Sadokov, who is leading on Channel One. They already have a joint child and a child from a previous marriage of a psychic girl.

Victoria Rydos

Victoria can be congratulated on the birth of her son in early March of the year. The winner of the sixteenth season became the mother for the second time. She is doing well in family life and in esoteric affairs.

She conducts workshops on learning magic and skills. She welcomes high-ranking guests, which gives recommendations. Many are aware of the fact that she is a regular guest at the Battle of the Strongest project.

Swami Dashi

This simple and clear to all people made not just a sensation, but was able to bring the show to a new level. The talents of Swami Dashi can be envied by virtually any psychic from previous seasons. Dashi was a guest in the finals of the 18th season, but on the whole he leads a rather secretive life without appearing in public. He still holds seminars and helps people in personal meetings.

Psychic has released his book. He is doing well in his personal life with his second spouse.

Julia Wang

Julia is called by many the most beautiful psychic girl ever to be on the show. Maybe this is said loudly, but in charisma she will most likely have no equal. Many respect her for the fact that all her pomposity disappeared after participating in the show. Wang continues to live abroad, somewhere in the United Kingdom.

She lives not alone, but no one knows the name of her chosen one. She is engaged in the manufacture of dolls-mascots to order.

Each member of the «Battle» has changed, because the show has caused great changes. To some, they have benefited, but to some, unfortunately, no. So it was with Ilona Novoselova, who at first was very happy that she got on the show, but then she began to get deeply depressed on the basis of unhappy love and the impossibility of finding herself in this life.

In the end, everything ended in failure. The only consolation is the thought that the witch herself already knew that her life journey would soon end. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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