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Victoria Rydos: biography of the participant of season 16 “Battle of the Psychics & raquo;

Victoria Rydos: biography of the participant of the 16 season of the “Battle of psychics”

Among the participants of the recently launched 16 season of the “Battle of the Psychics”, many have already noted Victoria Rydos. This powerful witch competed with her Estonian colleague, Marilyn Kerro, whom many had predicted unqualified leadership.

Victoria has established herself as a gifted clairvoyant, with whom you should not joke. It was rumored at the site that she was ready for anything to win, and the “trunk” test was proof of that. Victoria was suspected of secret witchcraft for the sake of his victory. However, it could have been negotiated — it is difficult to avoid intrigue, when representatives of dark forces participate in the show.

We all know well that for the sake of victory magicians and sorcerers are ready for many things, and Victoria, it seems, is not going to easily give up the victory to other contenders for the title of better psychic.

Victoria is in the so-called Northern coven Natalia Banteyeva. A coven is a special clan of witches, close in looks and spirit. Natalya Banteeva gathered her coven after winning the 9th season of the Battle, and then this association provided powerful energy support to Tatiana Larina, participant of season 15 from the coven. Tatiana reached the final, but did not cope with Julia Wang.

However, her talents and skills impressed many.

Victoria Rydos, undoubtedly, will compete not only for herself, but also for the honor of the coven, therefore her methods promise to be tough. Already in the first issue, we saw how it uses the burial ground, and by its strength this artifact is not at all inferior to blood, which, although it looks spectacular, does not always prove effective. We could not find the search ritual for the cemetery land.

It is possible that he somehow modified or compiled personally by Victoria or with the participation of witches from the Northern coven. To conduct such ceremonies without proper preparation should not be: the land from the cemetery refers to negative, black-magic objects.

Victoria does not hesitate and sacrifices. Marilyn Kerro also conducted a similar ritual, but in her case, the animal’s heart, sacrificed, still did not beat. Rydos was going to cut off the head of a living snake in front of the camera, and only the sixth sense at the last moment stopped her from this ritual.

Then the witch told that she did not dare to kill the snake, because she felt how dangerous this step was. She was right, because at that moment behind the screen was another reptile — a spectacled cobra from the family of aspids. Her poison is deadly. Victoria told one old belief: if you kill a snake in front of another, the survivor will want revenge.

Perhaps this is just a legend, but in any case it’s not worth joking with snakes.

Victoria is considered a priestess, referring to the dead, but she does not call herself a necromancer. She practices the cult of ancestors and kind. Participates in the project «Wake up» Natalia Banteyeva.

There is no doubt that Victoria will manifest itself more than once, and expect anything from her.

Little is known about Victoria’s private life. Like a real witch, she doesn’t spread too much about herself, preferring to know everything about others. Victoria is married and has children.

Her birthday is December 27, and the horoscope of a purposeful, obstinate Capricorn, working to achieve the goal, is very suitable for her.

So far, Marilyn, Nicole Kuznetsova-Matveyeva, who has also shown herself to be a strong clairvoyant, and Sergey Pakhomov, who unexpectedly surprised everyone with his extrasensory talents, seem to be the main opponents of Rydos. Continue to follow the other participants in the “Battle of psychics”, cheer only for the best and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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