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The winners are not judged: the finale of the Battle of psychics

The winners are not judged: the finale of the Battle of psychics

The regular season of the most mystical show “The Battle of Psychics” has come to an end. The voices of the viewers were divided, and the strongest psychic in their opinion received the victory.

At the end of the next season, viewers are offered a closer look at the finalists and lift the veil of secrets from their personal lives. Intense struggle of psychics kept in suspense millions of viewers. Their fascinating predictions and brilliant passing of tasks did not leave anyone indifferent. Who are the finalists?

Ordinary people or extremely gifted persons with the gift of foresight?

Nadezhda Eduardovna Shevchenko

Coming to the casting of this woman marked by applause. The person known in magic circles immediately frankly told the film crew that she was a witch. Hope wanted to demonstrate their many-sided power. In her work, she used candles and called for the dead to help.

The choice of such assistants is due to the lack of desire to lie. Communion with the world of the dead gives souls the opportunity to contribute to the world of the living. The prophecies of Hope about who will be in the final also came true.

The surprise for her, and for all psychics was the return of the legendary Marilyn Kerro.

Frank stories about the past and the induction of damage are shocking and perplexing — really there really are people who are capable of such strong witchcraft. Not all tests were given to her with ease, but everywhere she showed a good result and rarely made mistakes in her guesses and visions. Honesty and frankness bribed even the skeptical Sergey Safronov, who became better towards this woman.

She admitted that she was engaged in black magic and is capable of any negative magical effect. Warns witch and return, which is sure to follow. Her followers and those who are engaged in magic, she advises to be careful and careful.

Everything returns, and magical recoil can turn the settled world upside down.

She received the gift from her grandmother, who was widely known for her card divination. From the age of twelve, the future witch began to use maps to predict fate. Hope admits that he has the gift of suggestion and is able to make a person give her what is necessary and not to return. The turning mechanism was a terrible incident in the yard.

A neighbor set fire to her hair and recognized the witch in her. Turning the dark page of her life, Nadezhda embarked on the path of correction and attention to others. Those of the participants who spoke with her face to face, in one voice say that this is a kind and sympathetic woman.

Dariya Voskoboeva

Darius arrived at the casting accompanied by the St. Petersburg coven of witches. They effectively entered the site on modern analogues of brooms — sigways. The fighting witch assured that she knows how to take away other people’s magical abilities and temporarily block them. The first she managed to solve the task with a screen, and many after it failed.

My grandfather taught me how to trap my granddaughter. From early childhood he taught her to tune in and to catch a bird with his bare hands. So he taught the future witch to catch the elusive and develop his abilities.

Since childhood, Darius feels fine mechanisms. This helped to save his father from death and brilliantly cope with finding a man in the trunk. Two times out of three she found a person and took a promise from Sergey Safronov about the fulfillment of her wishes. Launched the witch in her apartment and film crew.

She showed her secret room, which stores magical attributes. Her main weapon is the hands with which she makes various passes and repeats combat movements. She conquered the subjects with her ability to look into the deepest corners of memory and see through objects.

It seemed that for her there are barriers.

The brilliant passing of tests at the beginning of the battle turned into constant failures in the second half. Darius admitted that during this period she was worried about her husband and felt that things weren’t as good as she would have been. The second marriage was crumbling before our eyes, and the battle witch was powerless to do something.

The magical influence exerted on a loved one, would affect the child, and this was not allowed. Forces left her, and two children waited at home, who also demanded control and care. Having missed the test because of the illness of the child, she found the strength to return and resume the battle.

Swami Bothi Dashi

The spectacular appearance of a psychic at the trial in a Sufi dress shocked and intrigued. Twice he found the hidden man and remembered as the most extraordinary character of the season. The psychic himself claims that he lives in the body of a man who is just over 20 years old.

The very mystic 57. The line of his life has to be built in fragments, because Swami Dashi himself is not in a hurry to tell about his past. A man named «No» was born in Leningrad in a family of scientists.

He spent his childhood in a sports boarding school, where he was an outcast. Swami under 14 years old stuttered and was suppressed by an authoritarian father. He overcame himself and began a completely different life.

Mystic says that he engaged in esotericism in the 80s. Later he received his first name in Samarkand. Going on the right path and leading the way — it translates. The mystery that surrounds everything connected with this person, attracts attention and keeps in suspense.

The method of his work, zikr, helps him to brilliantly complete the task and indicate the person with gay. Breathing practitioners shocked both the leaders and the heroes of the trials, but they certainly led to victory and helped to reveal the details of personal life and events.

In India, Swami made a family. A father with many children has 4 children, and he took each child himself. His personal life is also shrouded in mystery.

The state of trance, which includes the esoteric, is not new to members of his family, and television viewers are intrigued by extraordinary gestures and actions. He conducts seminars where he teaches the practice of Sufism to everyone. Swami admits that he needs a battle not for glory, but because he is a gambler and is not used to losing.

He intends to go to the end and return home only with a victory.

Marilyn Kerro

The return of a principled Estonian created a real sensation. Her past failures and second place gave impetus to the final stage in obtaining a well-deserved main prize. Tension among the participants grew every minute. The witch’s brilliant abilities gave no chance to weaker rivals, and they left the battle one after another.

Experienced Marilyn repeatedly proved her place in the battle and in the final. Witches rituals are rooted in ancient voodoo magic. Her visions in a state of trance are strange, but always accurate.

Participants unanimously claim that the success that she makes is truly wonderful. But all is not well. Detractors staged a real persecution of Estonian women and questioned her abilities.

The Internet is replete with evil headlines and accusations that the place is bought. The witch herself stoically suffers humiliation and tries not to succumb to provocations. The proof of her strength, viewers have been watching for the third season, and the power is only growing.

Mary admits that despite the fact that their paths with the psychic and fiance Alexander Shepsom diverged, she still loves him and secretly hopes for a reunion. Dreams of family and children are not yet feasible, and the witch pours out the accumulated energy into a brilliant test. For all the years she spent at the cameras, she never learned to hide her emotions and captivates the viewer with her spontaneity and naivety.

4 challengers and one winner

The counting of votes has been completed, and the presenter has voting results in the viewers’ hands. Psychics last time gathered together for the announcement of the most important and long-awaited verdict. 1 million 346 thousand 794 votes were given by TV viewers for their favorites.

4 place is taken by Dariya Voskoboeva. 3rd place viewers gave Nadezhda Shevchenko. 2nd place was traditionally taken by Marilyn Kerro.

The long-awaited first place and the hand took the esoteric Swami Dashi.

Viewers voted and rendered their verdict. It remains to wait for the new season and new discoveries in the world of magic. Develop superpowers and pay attention to the signs of fate.

Attention to detail will help to avoid trouble and be on top. We wish you well-being and prosperity, and do not forget to press buttons and

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